Red Carpet Day  On the Roadmap to Democracy!!


Tsehaye Debalkew  Nov 02 2009

Washington D.C


It is only a few years shy from the four decades when the imperial order was assigned into oblivion with the much vouched sanctity and infallibility of the monarchy abated and cemented by the landed gentry the top brass of the military oligarchy and the tip of the echelon of the papacy and clergy.


 And it has  only been a mere thirty five years  since the ascendance of the military putsch into the helm of political power in our  country consigning the nation to a seemingly perpetually entrenched ruthless and merciless dictatorship which clamped down upon  all conceivable rudimentary human and democratic rights thereby condemning  Ethiopia in to a gigantic prison cell of nations, nationalities and peoples and upholding the motto "Chauivinistic might should be imposed on the right of the majority" by the utter and sheer power of the barrel of the gun.


   Eighteen years  after the demise of the much hated military junta and a little  over thirty years  after the feudo- bourgeoisie was defiled and since  the genuinely  heralded millennia years of sovereignty and independence of our nation, its proud history has all the more been embellished today which yet  another shining and  startling crescendo of success and achievement.


An old chapter of the history of Ethiopia wherein the bristling bravado and patriotism coupled with centuries old aboriginal civilization and valor was brandished with modern values of farsightedness, peaceful co-existence rapprochement, conversation, patience, multilogue, civility accommodation, tolerance, diversity, understanding, mutual respect and trust.


Gone are the days of mutual destruction, attrition and hate. With the signing of the historic Election Code of Conduct has ensued a bright chapter of the orderly and peaceful political contestation to ascend the ladder of political power through to the pinnacle in our country.


The hitherto prevalent modus operandi of “Might is Right and my way is the Highway” is relegated in to smithereens. With the inking of this historic document, the victors are not only the four political parties, ie. EPRDF, AEUP, EDP and CUD, but the real triumph goes to the Ethiopian people, who have demonstrated the acme of civility and magnanimity by expressing their will and support for this landmark resolution to shine upon divisiveness, hate and evil.


The advent of  to- day's Ethiopia has surely opened new vistas for its people to be all the more respected by the international community for being seriously committed to hold upcoming elections for posterity with the will and political maturity and modern standards upheld  and hailed by any democratic election any where on the globe for being free, fair, just, peaceful and credible by all accounts.


A striking lesson that could certainly be drawn from such a behemoth of political score is the irrevocable and inevitable drainage of the champions of mayhem, diatribe, and hatemongering advocated by the vitriolic and acrimonious few in the ranks of the Diaspora Ethiopians.


Wielding the spear and virulently showing the election card are only two antagonistically irredeemable avenues. In  to- day’s Ethiopia, peaceful vista is the only and the surest way to Democracy and the watermark concord among the four parties has certainly pierced the last nail on the coffin of the extreme vocal minority and advocates of terror and horror sealing their fate either to recant or be thrown into the dust bin of history and obscurity for eternity.