Mass Exodus of Eritreans is simply saber rattling !


Procrastination and Externalization for the

Mass Exodus of Eritreans is simply saber rattling !


                     Tsehaye Debalkew, Washington D.C. December 29, 2014

A certain Mr.Amanuel Beidemariam,  in his recent write up, has tried in futility to point out his accusatory finger at the current Ethiopian government, which he likes to call, the TPLF regime by scribbling,

       " after the war of 2000 failed to do the job, the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) regime and their handlers developed schemes to yank Eritrean youth-out of their country, homes and livelihood. They targeted the youth to deprive Eritrea from the workforce necessary to build a nation and, to degrade the military’s capacities in order to launch one major assault and decapitate the nation when opportune"

 The true story says otherwise. The UN says it is the modus operandi that is prevalent in Eritrea which is responsible for the exodus. Recent arrivals have told UNHCR staff that they are fleeing an intensified recruitment drive into the mandatory and often open-ended national service.

According to the story heard from the horse's mouth it is the open ended and mandatory national service, I. E. obstinate  policy of the regime of  Issayas Afewerki that is to blame for such an exodus of the Eritrean youth.

The story continues,

" The number of asylum-seekers in Europe from Eritrea during the first 10 months of 2014 has tripled compared with last year, with large numbers of refugees from the country also fleeing to neighboring Ethiopia and Sudan, the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) said recently.

The  nearly 34,000 people this year that makes Eritreans the second-largest group – after Syrians

One of the  Ethiopian regime handlers according to Amanuel is the US government.  It is true that in a speech he gave at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual meeting on September 25, 2012, President Barack Obama said, “I recently renewed sanctions on some of the worst abusers, including North Korea and Eritrea.  I simply could make a head or tail of the gentleman's argument.

What the US did was what the UN has done through its Security Council  by imposing punishing sanctions on Eritrea, the foster child of East Africa. So who Should we trust? Is it because  of the one man regime in Eritrea or the TPLF regime and its handlers, in this case the US and Europe that we  continue to observe the mass exodus of Eritrean youth?  

Because the UN report of asylum seekers speaks another story. The UN narrative says,  "Thus far in 2014, nearly 37,000 Eritreans have sought refuge in Europe, compared with almost 13,000 during the same period last year"   Amanuel Beidemariam,  please stop procrastination and externalization when you could summon the guts by pin pointing at the regime in power in Asmara to seek the solution for the unfortunate scourge. For neither Ethiopia, Europe or the US could be blamed as the case could be  clearly deciphered for yanking  out the Eritrean Youth.

 As you have claimed Eritrean youth could not be lured with incentives of access into the US, West and other friendly nations but are pushed out by the horrible and nefarious internal political suffocation.  As you might wildly conjecture there are no outer plots and sinister ploys to demonize Eritrea. You should begin to see the growing internal problems if you want a permanent solution to the problem of the Eritrean asylum seekers whose number continues to swell.







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