Unholy Trinity

Poem by Kidane Girmay

December 22, 2009


In the name of Dollar, the Father; and Euro the Son;

Spirit, Politician.


Unholy trinity of the avarices:


One head god in three and three gods in one; what a confusion!!

Mysteries are the Europeans; maybe they the are broods of cane;

In exploiting the poor and the helpless man;

Forgive us the Africans; for poverty is our sin.

We are of the world, the world is one;

You enjoy the gain; but we suffer the pain.

If you forgive none; Unholy Trinity, freedom is gone!!

How come we can always say Amen?


We pray and pray; but, you don’t hear; you have no ears! …so why?

Your pity may listen to us and hear our cry;

We pray and pray to your super-power sky; Stretching our hands high.


From your super-power mighty;

We are the people; forgive the Human dignity;

You the almighty may consider Africans’ Sovereignty.


From the evils colonial legacy;

We are in pain; still, fresh is the wound; Give us your mercy;

We pray to you in the name of Democracy.


Let me say something of the truth if I can;

 No mention, no mention is not a solution;

Leave it alone! Africa is for the Africans.

“My way or no way” no, it is not democratic motto anyway.


Democracy is a process, but not a package;

Nor is heavens’ plant or is spoiled cabbage.


Democracy is not a vineyard created by you, the dreamers’ god;

That you send by mail to someone could;

Plant that plant in his backyard;

Tripled headed god, you know what you did;

Evil one indeed colonizing deed;

Fragmented, you left Africa divided; Because of you all that hell happened;

Wife without husband; Children without dad;

You gave Africa chronic pain, ever healing wound;

O lord, o Lord! After all, Africa is tired;

No more Africa to obey your word;

Unholy trinity, we wish it could; our voice heard.


Dollar, Euro, Politician mighty;

Mosaic bland Africa’s Unity;

Unity is also Africa’s beauty.


O Lord!! O lord, your mercy we ask;

We are none; but, just for your name sake;

Poor Africans can pray and talk;

No more no less, your mercy we ask;

Leave us alone; yes, you can if you like; Give us a break;

Exploitation is the name of the yoke; you loaded on us to smash our neck;

The load is heavy; too much to carry, uneasy to walk;

After all, yes, yes, we are awake;

When Africa is wake, the world will shake.

Unholy god, if you were God, why behave freak and act a trick?

Why did you enslave our people and treat them as if we were cat and dog dragged around by neck?


You preached the Gospel, pretended Jesus;

But why do you mislead the mass?

 You crossed the Cross; and, used it as a mask;

Why unholy god? Why did you enslave the mass?

 Why do you steal Africa’s resource?

 You left Africa broken in pieces.  So how can you be god?


You gave the Africans chronic pain, and a permanent scar;

Unholy wicked and lazy is you, not Africa, sir!

You are hard and uneasy master; yes, your are a cruel spirit, greedy creature;

You come only to harvest and gather; all vice is you evil doer;


No, neither direct nor indirect colony;

That is malicious spirit bologna.


But now, we are who we are;

And do what we do anytime, anywhere.


Come on! Unholy god, here is the truth;

We all are from mother earth;

That gave us our birth.


Earth is our mother, nurturing us together;

It is time for us together to taker of her;

The ascent of our past should give us the properness of our future.


Unholy trinity, leave us alone;

Give us time to absolve; and forget what has happened;

But of your due of the past sin, wish you repent if you can.

It is not too late’ yet, you have time to repent. If you repent, no revenge no hate.


We don’t know about you; but, we forgive;

In give and take we believe;

 Because, in doing that we heap a burning coal on the greedy head;

Enough is enough!!

That is all we ask.