President Isaias Says Establishing Palestine State Is not Possible nor Necessary

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President Isaias Says Establishing Palestine State Is not Possible nor Necessary .

Dagmawi T. Sep 20, 2011- One wonders, of all heads of states in the world, how could an Eritrean leader speak of denying Palestinians of their age-long aspiration to have their own independent Palestine state? Bizarre? However bizarre it may sound, the man has said it a year ago publicly in an Eritrean National radio. (listen to audio)

One question is: why is this man even bothered to address this issue when he has plenty of his own at home? That is easy to answer: President Isias has always an answer to the hardest problems of our world that no one was close to solve. And if it looks absurd in the context of an Eritrean aspiration or history? Who cares for now? The most important matter is that he is noticed as a man who thinks outside the box.

The Israel-Palestine conflict is a problem without a solution, says President Isias. No one could/can solve it, he adds, because there is only one solution that may work but nobody it trying it and nobody is even talking about it. And if you are thinking the good President is considering the “two-state-solution”, you cannot be any farther from what he had in mind. How about Qadafi’s ‘one-state-solution’? la’la!

    The ‘two state’ solution thing can be a good wish but is impossible to implement it. What about ‘one state’ solution, one state, for example creating a news country called “Isratem” where the Israelis and Palestinians live together as was suggested by Qadafi? This, too, can be taken as a good intention and appears to be acceptable.In reality and taking in to account, the amount of hostilities that have been compiling up for the last 60 years, and the hatred that has been trickling down the generations which cannot be cured in a short time, it is impossible to talk about a country that can harmonize the Palestinians and the Israelis under a single nationhood.

Presdient Isaias tells us at length that he thought over and over on the issue and he came up with the best possible and practicable solution which will bring the Israel-Palestine conflict to abrupt peace and settlement. Here below the President tells us how he arrived at the solution idea:

    I’ve discussed this with many prominent political thinkers and leaders from the Arab world. And these are people who are neither narrow-minded nor shorted sighted at all. So these are mentioned and discussed at different occasions. Someone approaches and asks you “what do you think about this” or at other time I am the one who asks their opinion. I tried usually to give ideas by thinking outside the box and tried to give my opinion on realistic and practical options.
    Most of the time, I wanted to hold back my thoughts because I do not want to be seen as if I am meddling in others’ affairs. When you speak your mind and on what you see to be workable, people may take for violating their rights or taking sides.

You still remember your friend Qadafi. But now what is this well thought unique and best solution you came up with, President Isaias?

    In my own opinion and this is only mine, the solution I entertain is the following and I hope as well this option might work. The West Bank region can be confederated with Jordan and become one country. 20-30 years back, about 60% of the Jordanian population is considered Palestinian in origin. … What about Gaza? Gaza used to be originally part of Egypt and they can go back to Egypt.

Wow! President Isias led a struggle for Eritrean independence and believing that 4-5 million Eritreans deserve an independent country as a matter of right and justice as they have suffered a lot under colonial foreign powers for decades, and succeeded. But now he owns a country, he thinks the 10 million Palestinians whose independent history and identity goes back as far as Zionism itself don’t merit aspiring for an Independent State of their own. President Isias proposes a mean offer for Palestinians even less than what Israel is agreeing to compromise. He even says, “At this time, nobody is doing the hard work of thinking somberly and wisely over the issue. But that is the idea what I see is very practical and possible.”

Now, the UNGA is reportedly to consider on voting on the statehood of Palestine although there are still last efforts by US, France and Israel itself to prevent the process. It has also been reported President Abbas has secured enough votes in the UNGA. However, America is threatening to veto it should the case appear at the UNSC. America and Israel are asking for delaying the process and, now or before, have never gone as far as writing off the Palestine aspiration for statehood. So, Eritrea in this case is an odd-man-out case in calling out loud for the kill of Palestine state dream.

President has rarely participated in the UNGA meetings before. Did he suddenly show up this time because of this unique personal mission of killing the Palestine state?

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