Human Rights Watch and Its Nazi Memorabilia Collector

Ben D. 09/28/09


Human Rights Watch lately has been battered by criticism of its anti-Israel bias.  First the criticism was focused on Middle East Director Sarah Leah Whitson. Whitson went to Saudi Arabia on a fundraising trip. While trolling for Saudi money she tried to boost HRW’s appeal through its battles with “pro-Israel” pressure groups. Now it is about Human Rights Watch, military analyst, who is an avid collector of Nazi memorabilia and a closet Nazi artifact fan.


The New York Times in its September 15, 2009 issue revealed that Human Rights Watch has suspended its senior military analyst following revelations that he was an enthusiastic closet Nazi artifact fan.  The paper also revealed that the analyst was sent to investigate the recent Israeli bombing of Gaza. Considering this guy’s hobby it is not difficult to figure out the outcome of his investigation. The usually Islmofobic Human Rights Watch, has now for the first time declared , and said yes, atrocities were committed in  Gaza by Israeli soldiers.  Under pressure however, HRW was forced to eat back its own report, and now says it was committed by both sides. 


However, that was not enough and a little too late for HRW usually enthusiastic Jewish supporters in the US. They have called for withdrawal of financial support for HRW and resignation of Jewish board members.  It is no wonder HRW went to Saudi Arabia for fundraising flaunting its Gaza report and commending the Saudis for their good job on the new terrorist Rehabilitation Center. For details of HRW and Sara Leah in Saudi Arabia click here Human Rights Watch Goes to Saudi Arabia –


The integrity and the credibility question of Human Rights Watch are not recent phenomena. It was condemned and discredited for hiding its initial findings that the diamond war in Sera León was conducted by European diamond smugglers and mercenaries.  But HRW found it cheaper to blame it on the voiceless African victims. One should not wonder,  what will happen  if HRW reported the involvement of European diamond  smugglers in Sera León, and the huge corporations that were buying it.  For this so called human rights watch dog group, it is not unusual to find fake reports spinning news reports and have it aired in “CNN, BBC, AP, AFP, network TV”, news magazines and all the other corporate media. Instead the report globally was disseminated and written in bold headlines and sound bites that a Human Rights Watch investigation had confirmed "No Jenin massacre” In the Palestinian Refugee camps.  Again the voiceless with no control of global media was denied justice that HRW says it protects.


Human Rights Watch has lost all its credibility a long time ago, it is now relegated to just a tool for inept and incompetent beaurocrats  at the State Department who cut and paste HRW useless reports as their own as if they got the words from the bible.  


A few weeks ago, in its weekly issue the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry (MFA) exposed another worthless antic of HRW.  The MFA also informed us its attempt and effort to sit down and discuss, on an objective methodology in assessing human rights issues in Ethiopia have fallen on deaf ears. While that effort was appreciated by many, we all knew that they were talking with dead dogs. 


There is nothing in the organization’s history or its culture that will allow it to be objective or use acceptable methodologies.  It is not in its DNA and HRW was not formed for such purpose to start with. The fact is when it comes to Africa HRW does not even send a military analyst to justify its report or as one of its report on the Ogaden region of Ethiopia, it did not bother to send a London based terrorist group called ONLF.  Nevertheless, it deployed little white boys from New York to Google earth, who reported back and said “well; previously there were few camels, some people and not a fancy tent like Gaddafi but plastic tents that have disappeared now. There were people there a year ago and are not there anymore” and concluded they were killed during the Ethiopian incursion in Somalia or forcefully re-settled somewhere etc. Imagine the nomadic Bedwins of the Sahara, nomads and pastoralists of Sub-Sahara Africa notifying HRW and Google of their movements in searching for water and pasture. Anyhow, the disappearance of nomads from the eye of Google is not the point here.


In its current tabloid, with its customary arrogance and disregard, HRW wrote to the British Foreign Secretary David Milliband, expressing “deep concern at the potential consequences of the Memorandum of Understanding (UK-Ethiopia MoU)… providing for diplomatic assurances in respect of persons subject to deportation.  It further wrote “following the Ethiopian military intervention in Somalia, at least 90 men, children of 18 different nationalities were detained in Ethiopia”.  This by the way, are British, Swedish, American and Canadian jihadists.  HRW further continued to accuse Ethiopia and said “The fact that individuals deported from the UK may be suspected of being a threat to UK national security only heightens the likelihood that they will be subjected to arbitrary detention, torture, and ill-treatment in detention in Ethiopia. What hypocrisy.


Where was the Islmofobic HRW, when Benyam the British citizen of Ethiopian decent who was sent to Guantanamo bay in cooperation with British police to be tortured and later freed without any charges. Unlike the Benyam case, Ethiopia has since returned the foreign fighters from Somalia to their respective countries, with prayers from the Ethiopian people to keep them out of the Guantanamo Bay torture chamber. The fact is, the detainees in Ethiopia, after their returns have publicly attested to their respective country media that they were treated properly in Ethiopia’s prison system.


As if the rest of us did not hear nor cannot Google just like them, and learn about accusations made against HRW on its pretentious and moronic reports from around the Third World. They want to play an angel from the sky. For most of us the letter by HRW to the British Foreign office amounts to a cat advising and warning a rat about another vicious cat in the neighborhood.


 I guess Hugo Chavez was right when he said that “HR watch dog is nothing but a barbaric Anglo-American beast and a cold war relic”.