Fiasco:  the choleric Diaspora’s Meeting in the House of Commons

By Dilwenberu Nega

17th June 2009


We have seen it before, we are seeing it now and no doubt we will continue to be ‘entertained’ by the antics of the choleric Ethiopian opposition at large outside the Homeland.   Starved of the oxygen of publicity, this toxic section of the Diaspora will go to any length to hoodwink not only Ethiopians, but most embarrassingly foreigners who can’t be taken for a ride as easily as some of our gullible brothers and sisters.   The latest political charade, this time round, came from London where our cyber-warriors have of late been jet-hosing us with naked eyes.

Postings on nearly all Ethiopian opposition websites advertised about a Meeting to take place at the British House of Commons on 16th June 2009.   We were told, were we not, that the objective of the Meeting was to censure the Ethiopian Government.  We were also called upon to attend en masse because the Meeting – which was “going to be attended by Ambassadors accredited to Great Britain” – was going to be “broad-cast live on the BBC, ITV and CNN.”

What transpired is nothing but the drifting out of control the choleric Diaspora’s cosmic hyperbole.   No one laid bare the hallucinations of the organisers of the Meeting better than the veteran anti-EPDRF activist, Getachew Alemayehu, when he posed “Why are we here, what’s the purpose of the meeting, and which of the opposition parties pose a viable alternative to the ruling EPDRF?”   The one and only British MP to attend the Meeting of close to 90 mainly Ethiopians, chagrined by the fusillade of anti-EPDRF smears, reminded some of the vitriolic speakers “Ethiopia has never been a British colony, and, therefore, there was precious little that the British Government can do to alter anything in Ethiopia. Instead go and talk amongst yourselves and then tell us with your solution is.” This was no slap on the back of the Ethiopian toxic Diaspora, but a naked insult to the intelligence of organizers of this shambolic Meeting.

Well, there were no cameras from the BBC, ITV or from the CNN, but hereunder I have posted you a snap shot taken by one of the opposition’s own.   And when you realise the identity of this person it is then that you will, no doubt, cry   “Erri-bey Ethiopia!”



The man sitting on the left is none other than Comrade Alemayehu Dessie former First Secretary of the Ethiopian Workers Party (Derg) in Debre Tabor, Gondar, who was sentenced to 17 years in absentia for the atrocious crimes he committed against the people of Debre Tabor.   He now has become the new ‘human rights activists’ of the toxic Diaspora!