By Sisay Hishe (Advocate for Ethiopia)

Toronto, Canada

May 25, 2009


At one time in the long lived history of Greece, there were some orators, with an ability of twisting any thought to deceive others. Those people were known as sophists. They were a group of teachers of philosophy and rhetoric.


Sophists argued with people based on speculation than applying logic. In philosophy, thoughts that could not be verified by everyday experience of the physical world or by scientific method are considered to be manifestations of speculative philosophy.


My intention is not to lecture about the subject matter, but to criticise the very speculative speeches of the Eritrean President, which its consequence is harming the country, and puffing out “bad air” to the region. No one has problem with believing and telling what so ever he wants to believe. The problem begins when a person with a power to lead a country comes with such an ideology and when he tries to impose the failed approach.


Eritrea as one of the impoverished countries in the world deserves a competent leadership that can take it out of that situation. Instead of detecting and tackling the causes of the poverty and backwardness, the dictator leader of the country is waging terrorist groups in East Africa, particularly in Somalia to destabilize the region.


I don’t see any optimism in his philosophy, and such an approach doesn’t comprise consent of the majority of Eritreans, at all. Eritreans are people of great value, demonstrated in their day to day life. Though things look difficult to solve I believe that Eritreans are brave enough to stand up for their rights. My apprehension is not to explain the magnitude on the mendacity of the politics of the country versus its people. My interest is to divulge to the world the danger-ness of hypocrites to the safety and integrity of those who are not directly involved.


I am writing to show how the leader of Eritrea wants to support terrorist groups in Somalia, to create chaos in my motherland, Ethiopia. He wants to put his people in a state of animosity. In order to continue on power, he should put the country in state of war and emergency. He should put millions of young Eritreans in military camps, instead of sending them to universities, and colleges.

The world still understands the mottos of their neighbour. Ethiopia will never attack Eritrea, and never did. So why is the leader recruiting almost all young and bright citizens of Eritrea to be soldiers? The simple answer is to confuse the people. He knows the limit of the country to invade Ethiopia, and he understands that drawing the “horrific card” will bring his reign to an end. So why is he helping every terrorist group in the region to attack Ethiopia? It is simply based on wrong calculation, which was derived from that defective philosophy.


From his speech and from his day to day activities, it is easy to “diagnose” him as a sociopath. Because, according to the constitution of World Health OrganizationHealth is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.  Sociopath or psychopath is also defined by Encarta Dictionary as “Some body affected with a personality disorder marked by aggressive, violent, antisocial thought and behaviour and a lack of remorse or empathy”.


This president has a great deal of undermining every effort of countries and international organizations, including the UN, by calling them different names. It is not because of the “perfect-ness” of UN that leaders of Ethiopia are cooperating with the UN. It doesn’t imply that Ethiopia is pro all American policies, when it works together with the United States to eradicate cross border terrorism. The terrorist movement in Somalia is a direct concern of Ethiopia. It is a regional threat that needs an urgent response of the country, for the sake of Ethiopia and Ethiopians only. Other than that, the Ethiopian government have never worked to please any government.


Though the country is poor and temporarily needs external hands to execute some projects, Ethiopia has never compromised its rights to design the path for growth and will never surrender for transitory challenges. The leaders have already distinguished the provisional problem to the basic challenge, and are tangibly applying a practical remedy.


Long time ago, they knew that the only way towards economic liberty is to begin working on agriculture that will lead to securing food, and development of agro-industry, and then on the next phase to deal with what is possible to do then. During that time, the leaders of Eritrea miss-calculated the potential of their country and were undermining Ethiopia’s Poverty Reduction Strategy. “The Orai” (the hours of ancient Greece mythology), which are believed to open the gates of heaven, and are carriers of the future beyond the prediction and imagination of human psyche, put Ethiopia on the right path, by proving the correctness of the strategy. Because, the existence of the twilight of the three hours (orai)… Eunomia (Harmony), Dyke (Justice) and Eirene (Peace), transformed Ethiopia from a sagging and stagnant, economy in to a quick growing strong one, in resemblance to China, India, and other south East Asian countries. This is true, and Ethiopia would enjoy it with the brotherly people of Eritrea, if there was good leadership in Eritrea.


I believe on the basic principles of mutualism in autonomy. The world knows that Ethiopia always and under any circumstance is against oppression and terrorism. This is a great stand of a neighbouring country, which the leader of Eritrea should be proud of, instead of working against such significance. He knows the gallantry and aptitude of Ethiopians, to defend their territory. However he is serving the evil, and leading his own people, who have unbelievable love and vision for their country, towards failure. He is disgracing millions, who have paid their beloved ones hoping for freedom and prosperity.


In some cases, it’s hard for me to agree with the unrefined definition about the decisiveness of the mass. Sometimes the phenomenon behind the essence gives unpredicted opportunity to very dangerous individuals to hold a destructive power in surplus of the genuine public faculty. The network of the devil has a power to darken hope, for “not-short” time.


This is “lucky generation” that has seen what cruel people could do, from crimes committed by Alberto Mussolini, Adolph Hitler, Idi Amin Dada, Mengistu Hailemariam, Saddam Hussein, and others. Those people are not by any gauge a reflection of their own people’s interest or belief. That’s why I want to believe the mightiness of majority, under difficult conditions could stay latent. Ofcourse, an awakened and organized people has the ability to navigate history to the needed direction.


The pessimist, extremely chauvinist and hypocrite president of Eritrea does not have any resemblance to the praiseworthy people of the country. The people of Eritrea have a dream to see peaceful and wealthy country. They want to send their kids to higher education, not to military training camps. I believe that Eritreans strictly oppose and condemn any form of terrorist movement, and they will maintain that forever. Nevertheless, the leadership is messing up with all neighbours and leading the country towards collapse.


Recently the AU called for Economic Sanction on Eritrea, which by effect will victimise the poor and the innocent. In order to bring down such an autocracy, they have to apply all possible embargoes, though many will suffer. This was the prediction that was missed by President Esayas of Eritrea and few beneficiaries of his power.


When leading a country, assumption doesn’t always match the genuine results, and wisdom demands understanding the valid facts than hypothetical contemplation. This person and very few people of interest are damaging the reputation of the brave people of Eritrea. I know very well that ordinary people of the country are peace loving who want to run strong foreign policy that endorses brotherhood and peaceful coexistence, with their neighbours. Eritreans had never worked and prayed for confinement and suffering. The whole world should work against the tyranny, not the innocent people of the country.


As an advocate of my motherland, I would like to tell all people of the world that Ethiopia has never viewed Eritreans as enemy, and will never work against their national interest, and will offer them all its possible resources to succeed.


At the same time all Ethiopians believe that the fate of Eritrea should always be decided by Eritreans and Eritreans only. The propaganda of oppressors, which distorts the above stated factual beliefs of Ethiopians, is simply not true.


Our enemy is not our brother (neighbour). Our enemy is poverty and we are eradicating it by working hard, in peace. Peace (Eirene) is the key ingredient for success. We will never allow living in war and disturbance, from generation to generation. The next generation should inherit love, peace and prosperity. Suffering should come to an end on the shoulder of this generation. May God Bless Ethiopia! May God Bless Eritrea! Amen!