Dr. Arkebe breaks the record in a century old Academic Institution.


Arekebe-Oqubay.jpgThis week Dr. Arkebe Oqubay was recognized as an outstanding Scholar in the Academic circles of London. He broke the academic record of doctoral school in the university of London (School of Oriental and African Studies) for the first time by finishing the four year program within 23 months with high honor and great distinction. 


In this century old institution (established in 1916), the doctoral program is set for four years maximum to defend and finish the doctoral thesis. Most of the candidates defend and finished with difficulties and hardship (if they are lucky and extraordinary). Arkebe has finished within 23 months and surprised the department of Development Studies, the university professors and students altogether. Never heard of such great achievements in such short period of time, what a person!!!!!!!


His external examiners from Cambridge and other well known academic institutions  awarded him "PASS WITH OUT CORRECTION" on the spot; which means great distinction with great honor (never happened and never heard of). Arkebe did it!!!!


His name and his country's name is in the history book of this famous University. What an achievement!!!

We are proud of him!!! 


Congratulations to Dr. Arkebe Oqubay



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