Diehard to bitter end




It is sad and tragic to learn the re arrest of Birtukan Mideksa, the leader of Unity for Democracy and Justice Party. As the new generations of political personality, Birtukan Mideksa expected to chart different path than dejected feudal elites. Unfortunately the feudal lords poisoned her fragile mind and pushed her to demise. She could have been a bridge of hope bringing moderate forces into becoming real loyal opposition forces. The opportunity was there to be a shining example for generations of Ethiopian female politicians.  But that is not to be as she succumbed to the temptations and arrogance of destructive Diasporas.



With arrest of Birtukan Mideksa, the stage is set for another round of needless crises, accusations, counter accusations, incriminations and unnecessary confrontations at home and abroad.  Already the wicked Diasporas are ecstatic and jubilant as they found another rallying cause against Ethiopia. The swords are drawn; boycotts, demonstrations, fundraising, petitions and appeals of all kind for foreign interventions are in full swing (http://www.ethiomedia.com/aurora/9487.html). Anger and hate driven politics can not achieve durable peace, stability and democracy in Ethiopia. In its history Ethiopia gone through numerous cycles of destructive violence and what it lacks is the ability to mend fences and work for peace and development on the bases of common goals and nation building. Most of the Ethiopian opposition parties’ never like or know peaceful struggle. Their first and last choice is violence. They have no stamina, patience and endurance to go through the narrow tunnels of peaceful struggle which requires significant compromise, dialogue and tolerance.  The opposition refused and dislikes adopting peaceful political process as the only way of addressing democratic deficit and power sharing schemes (http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/pr/fr/-/1/hi/world/africa/7804302.stm).  As things stand know Ethiopia has no alternative except to stand firm and defeat the opposition groups’ hell bent on violence.



Defunct CUD and ONLF leaders conspiring with Payne of US congress against Ethiopia


The Diaspora which constitute criminal Derg members and feudal elites from the past are deadly, bloody creatures and skilled in sowing discord, hatred, divisions, conspiracy and violence.  The old feudal guards who represent repressive and archaic tradition of Ethiopian feudal heritage with unflinching and uncompromising stand sunk our country to the depth of poverty and destructions.  Diehard to the core and bitter to the end these cursed children of Ethiopia interested in self aggrandizement than nation building.   To them compromise is unknown term, humility is beyond their reach, national interest is non starter and respect for the rule of law and respect for the right of other groups  are unthinkable.


Tolerance and civil dialogue for the good of the nation and tone down the rhetoric for sake of peace and stability can not be envisaged.   On the contrary, feudal and Derg elites thrive in crises escalations and blood letting, deadly confrontations and empty defiance.  This is the only tactic and strategy they know. Oppose, oppose, reject, reject, deny, deny and zeraff, zeraff and kill and kill. Zero sum games and endless attritions at the expense of our people and country.  One can easily explain the level of poverty and backwardness as the direct result of outmoded and savage political process of the country among feudal and Derg elites. These diehard elites continuously and repeatedly push our country to the edge of the cliff. They continue to undermine the integrity and stability of our country by calling foreign interventions and legislations. Without regard to consequences they allied with Eritrean regime which is number one enemy of Ethiopia to grape power by any means.


These diehard outcasts successfully manipulated and controlled the opposition’s political space for the worst. Particularly, the diehard Diasporas’ grip on opposition forces back home must be defeated by any means. The opposition willingly and deliberately tied to these notorious groups of criminal cartels’ for financial and propaganda purposes.  One must bring this practice to an end and fully implement CSO legislations without delays. Financial dependence on outside forces blocked normal political process in the country and allowed hostile forces undue access and influence in political development of the country. Ethiopians should reject and must condemn political parties with ties to wicked and destructive Diaspora and hostile foreign elements. One of the problems with opposition’s members such as Birtukan Mideksa is blind faith and attachment to hostile elements and distracters of democracy. They manipulated her to stray far away and she becomes the victim to these unruly groups.


Her voluntary associations and dependency on such kind of criminal elements directly contributed to her ultimate downfalls.  Any one who allied and dependent on criminals truly could not be a leader for Ethiopia. She sealed her fate and her future political career by failing to stand against these criminal elements and distance her self from daily barrage of hatful and venomous propagandas carried out against the interest of our country.


Like her predecessors, she lacked courage and leadership skills to navigate through complex and difficult political terrain of our country and chose to tangle with non issues and empty defiance. She cannot even honor the agreement she signed and display humility and gratitude for sack of our people. Diehard, defiance and arrogance which characterized our political process trapped and engulfed the young aspirant politician straight back to jail. To appease and gather funds from despicable Diaspora, she sacrificed the interest of her party and the entire nation.  It is shame and unfortunate that some of us individually and collectively failed Ethiopia again and again. The story of Birtukan Mideksa is one of familiar and similar stories which gripped our country for the last century. It is the story of immature and failed politicians who sacrificed many innocent Ethiopians for nothing.






December 30, 2008