Delegitimizing EPRDF using a bogus story from 25 years ago

In my earlier article titled “BBC is getting comical” concerning its assertion that Dr Negaso Gidada is a popular figure in Ethiopia, I predicted that the west through its media outlets will come up with more outlandish stories as election gets closer. Lo and Behold! BBC dug up unsubstantiated story from 25 years ago to delegitimize TPLF/EPRDF.

The question of why now after 25 years is obvious to everybody.  As election date nears, the same forces that brought CUD to the scene behind the scene in 2005 are burning midnight oil to replicate their achievements come May 23rd, this time propelling Medrek to the status of “the most powerful opposition coalition to challenge EPRDF”. Never mind that it is a dysfunctional coalition of recycled politicians who change their color like a chameleon whenever it suits them. BBC’s vile and factually inaccurate report on “AID money being diverted to buy weapons”(as if TPLF was short of military hardware thanks to derg itself) needs to be seen in the context of the next election and the desire by some in the west to emasculate EPRDF.

Interestingly, if you read any of the western media reports from Ethiopia, the other opposition parties are rarely mentioned if any. They don’t seem to factor in. Clearly the west has invested a lot on Medrek. I hope EPRDF has learnt valuable lessons from the last election because the four horsemen of the apocalypse will leave no stone unturned to create chaos and mayhem.  

Dereje M