Dear Aiga's,


This is just a humble rejoinder to the comments by Zeru and Zersenay but with some practical experiences that may help shed to the dilemmas about writing the history of the struggle against the center. Surely we have to acknowledge that some efforts have already been made in the last two decades or so. John Young's book, Gebru Tareks' old book (I have yet to read the new one), Teraroch yanketekete Tiwlid (although later developments seem to hint that there were lots of distortions), currently Tsinaat (in Tigrigna and focusing much on the H. E. Seyoum and his family's dedication to the struggle particularly during the early phase of the struggle), several other journal articles (not books by Western and non Western authors, etc have been published.


Yet I agree also that all added do not tell enough and more needs to be written. Dr Aregawi's new book is an important addition in this respect but again I have yet to read it. My worry and this is a practical one is that documents and personalities who know much about the struggle are not accessible and at times senior members of the TPLF do not seem to appreciate much the importance of writing such vital moments.


Many researchers coming from abroad as well as from within the country complain frequently that such documents and personalities are not accessible. This obviously is going to have serious impact on the quality of the writings. Researchers are not going to stop writing but as the evidence that can be obtained from TPLF sources gets less and less accessible, there will be distortions. I guess that is the stalemate we are currently in and Prof Gebru's new book as presented in Addis Ababa University is a living evidence for we know already one of the debates centered on issues related to that.


I humbly urge those senior members of the TPLF to open up a documentation center where researchers could have access and also assign someone to have frequent access with researchers.