DC Rally exaggerations, lies and an attempt to cover up.






The demo in DC which you correctly stated on your site drew no more than two hundred people. Right after the demo Alemayehu, Obang, Tamagn and the rest of the gang released a press release stating thousands of people attended the rally. Based on the press release, the Ethiopian version of the right wing “Fox” like websites echoed this sentiment on their websites. At some point the organizers i.e. Obang, Alemayehu and the rest of the clowns reassessed the claim and released another press release stating that many Ethiopians attended the rally. They did not even want to say hundreds since many sounds more than hundreds :)


All the websites now have updated their sites to reflect the latest press release. They all have “many” instead of thousands. However thanks to a fellow named technology, the internet has managed to expose their lies via the reliable web crawler. Click on the link below for the google search that exposes these liars. The search clearly shows that they all had posted thousands. In all fairness they cannot be blamed. The real liars are those that released the press release. i.e.  Obang, Alemayehu and the Tamagns of the world.


Hopefully the westerners who attended this rally will see this lie. Since they attended the rally, they know the truth. This could help make them realize that Obang, Alemayheu and the rest of the clowns are nothing but bold faced liars. If they can lie about such an obvious thing, can they be believed about anything! Additionally, I have provided a link of a sample press release by ECAFD as an example of this lie.


Last but not least the biggest blow more than the lie is that the demonstration was heavily boycotted. Those that endorsed the demo have felt the painful sting of 100% rejection. This was a massive vote of no confidence and the last nail in their coffins. No demonstration in the west by any opposition group was as promoted and organized as this last fiasco. From now on, I really would not be surprised if the only person who reads Alemayehu's long and boring articles on Monday is Alemayehu himself. Then again he may also boycott himself out of disgust. You never know.




PDF Press release