Catch 22 politics played by DR Berhanu Nega of Ginbot 7

Zeru Hagos 05/12/09

The terror plot that did not happen, thanks to the many unsung heroes of the intelligence community, would have caused many unsuspecting parents, sons and daughters untold grief. To be honest, I thought individual killings, perfected by EPRP and Derge, was a thing of the past. EPRP tried such tactic and failed miserably so much so it never recovered from its momentous mistake of the early 70’s.   But what to make about Dr Berhanu Ginbot 7 and the recent terror plot?

 Of all people Dr Berhanu who was an EPRP member himself should have come hard on his foot soldiers the likes of Andargachew not to become squad leaders and repeat the same mistake EPRP did!  One cannot change a system by killing an individual, this must be clear to any layman not to mention "Arada" politician like Berhanu! If anyone is in doubt ask EPRP! Which EPRP you said,…well ask EPRP-D since they seem to be honest about their past!  In any case, Ginbot 7 folks may be getting all the publicity they were seeking on the eve of their one year anniversary, but,   it is going to cost them dearly.

A friend told me Ginbot 7 was looking for fame and for any “I told you story” they can use to gain more members and donors. In fact Dr Berhanu and his squad leader Andargachew were touting about something happening in the next six months time a while back. And how fitting it is the current terror plot attributed to Ginbot 7 to their make believe story!

Exalted by such news Berhanu called a meeting in Washington DC and some 200 people showed up. As usual Berhanu went on a rant and tried to appear a thoughtful and a philosopher! Little did he know that way before he was born there have been philosophers in Tigrai.   Does he not know that Tigrai is the land of  Zera Yacob and Kudus Yared and, yes, Wukro too.  It is the birthplace of real philosophers and history makers! You might ask why I jump into region politics? Well read on….

Berhanu’s idol, Mengistu Hailemariam, during his twilight time and on the eve of the mighty TPLF closing in to liberate Tigrai told his zombie followers and foot soldiers that Tigrai does not even have a flour mill and it cannot even raise money to buy chalk let alone cover its budget! Mengistu’s argument, if one can call it an argument, was that, Tigrai was poor and nothing to worry if it was liberated by TPLF! Mengistu lost not only Tigrai but the whole of Ethiopia and today lives in exile.

Today Berhanu and his foot soldiers are making fun of Tigrai’s poverty. This time they pick one of the small cities In Tigrai-Wukro! Wukro lies near a historic place for our Islam followers-Negash Mosque!  This historic mosque is near Wukro and long before Berhanu and his followers dream of cheating us as a thoughtful and what have you person, Wukro gave us heroes and heroines the like of Tegadaly Agazi and artist Kiros Alemayoh

Berhanu and company used Wukro’s development as the sign of the EPRDF economic performance and told audiences “Wukro used to have one mill but today it has two, thanks to EPRDF!” The message they want to convey is that EPRDF favors Tigrai thus the reason why Wukro has two mills!

Hearing such talk after all the sacrifices Tigreans made to uproot backwardness and chauvinist attitudes from Ethiopia makes me sad and furious. But then again I remember PM Meles favorite phrase” ye seken aEmero” when he warns against erratic behaviors! And, I said to myself, I am from the generation of can do’s… I was not born and raised to talk with forked tongues… I am part of the generation that is making history and shall not be sadden nor furious about this. However allow me to say this  to Berhanu and followers: Wukro will have not only two mills but hundreds of mills, and with such kind of thinking you all will run your last mile on this earth in exile and in pal talk rooms and may be on top of Pennsylvania mountains!

According to some western media the terror plot was a plan to overthrow the government.  So typical of “Arada” politician, Berhanu, who is trying to convince us, this plot and his hate of “perceived” Tigrai domination of Ethiopian politics with that of “military discontent” to a well thought out plan to overthrow the government. Berhanu thinks there is discontent within the military thus why some Generals left for Shaibiya and some got demoted. Our forefathers were truly amazing people when they invented the term”….lam alechin besemay wetetwam alay” in short it means wishful thinking. Berhanu is day dreaming and trying to fool us that he is able to plan and execute a coup d’état from Pennsylvania! Come to think of him, who can fault him, he told us “hulgeb tigel” by all means necessary!  “NeriE Belete Ewerti” I shall see says the blind lady!

Berhanu did manage to have his 15 minute fame over the last few weeks but one cannot say the same about Poor Andargacew (Andy). He is still waiting for his 15 minute fame. In fact Andy does not seem too happy by Berhanu's notoriety. During a recent VOA interview Andy forcefully registered his displeasure with all the attention Berhanu is getting. Do you sense what I sense ….split in the making!

Ginbot 7 may have liked the news of the terror plot and individual killings but word is Berhanu is becoming too uncomfortable by the association of Ginbot 7 and terrorism. Almost all international media has covered the news and all covered the news with terror and killings as sub heading. Word is while Andargachew wants to continue plotting more terror Berhanu is hesitating. Though unconfirmed it is said the US State Dept is unhappy about Ginbot 7 and Berhanu. The US Government is committed to fight terrorism and the Ethiopian government is a key ally in this fight. Berhanu seems to sense unless he distances himself from such tactics, his organization may be dropped all together from MEDREK and along with it UDJ. The US is pampering the newly formed MEDREK to replace KINJIT for the upcoming election and with UDJ joining MEDREK and Ginbot 7 affiliation with UDJ the US is not happy at all with the latest news.  It is catch 22 for Ginbot 7, and the temporary fame may indeed cause irreversible harm!