Save democracy from those axing it down to its knees


Selamawit Assefa 07/14/09


In a democratic system, democratic elections are the single way to ensure that democratic people govern themselves. Election is the means, in fact the single means, to maintain power in the hands of the peoples. All political parties should and must peacefully operate and provide the public with choices to decide which and whom to empower. Thus, the ultimate move of the contending parties is naturally to promote alternative ideas within the existing rules. In many countries opposition parties are playing a decisive role in the building up of democracy in the overall polity. They are the main sources alternative ideas for development of their country.

But what we are observing recently in the back yard of some people in the oppositions of our country is horrifying. These peoples are etching each and every ground and are trying to jeopardy when the nation are preparing for its third democratic chapter ~ national election.

Of the awful things, however, the so called ”democratic forces”  are still performing their undemocratic dram in and outside of the political space in front of our eyes while arguing on the issue of democratic space. This is of course not only a deliberate act of  manipulating the democratic arena but it is also other episode of dram of what these people had played before by employing democracy as a means to destroy itself just after the 2005 election.

It is no doubt that 1991 was a turning page in the chapters of Ethiopian democratic history.  We, as nations of this country, have observed the materialization of democratic system and the birth of free society in the country. It was also after 1991 that we saw the emergence of lots of politicians committed to run the emerging democracy in the sprout. However, the activities of some oppositions which we have kept observing today are vividly showing their hidden agenda of what had happened in the aftermath of the 2005 election, ie. Axing democracy by it self down to its knees.

Very few intransigents infamous for seditious objective have keep manipulating of the opposition network towards their own end of destroying the existing democratic system. What more concerning is that, some of the opposition parties or peoples who are leading the opposition political parties (who apparently operate in peaceful manner) have still been intertwined with those who openly operate violently in an obvious manner as oppose to the ever complex conspiratorial way as it was before.

Thus, learning from past and observing from what they are currently doing, it is really difficult to assume that some of the opposition parties will peacefully engage themselves in the coming elections unless they divorce from the marriage they committed with those who have already sanctioned unconstitutional power struggle, which is of course impossible for them.

Hence, it seems being foolish to wait them with hope and to consider them as a democratic and peaceful force in the future because they are not ready or have the vision for that. In fact what some oppositions and their bandwagons in the diaspora are doing at this moment appear to have made their bases on their iniquitous electoral strategy that had led to a bloody violence in the aftermath of the third national election in 2005.

So, the big question is how can a political party registered in the country as legal to operate peaceful in accordance with the national constitution align itself to others who have already authorized the use of violence as a vital means to overthrow the democratic political system in unconstitutional means? 

It is not beyond the mind and observation of anyone that some of the so called legal and peaceful political opposition parties, like in the past, are trying to clinch both the peaceful and non peaceful, democratic and undemocratic means towards the same end: demolishing the prevailing democratic political system in the country. It is also not outside the observation of anyone that some are aligned themselves to the worst enemies of democracy. Indeed, in this regard their deeds speak louder than their words no matter how they tried to facade themselves under the name of democracy.

The extremists in the diaspora vainly turned their axes towards the democratic means and at the same times supporting those legally registered opposition parties (whom they married with) and pushing them every time to manipulate democratic means towards meeting their unconstructive goal.

Therefore, as result of strong bond of the marriage, the hardliners in the opposition parties are still forcing themselves not to discard violence as an option to gain power. There is no doubt that they have already launched a daub campaign with an odious of baseless indictments consecutively in a distressed and distracted move to shadow on the coming election as unfair, undemocratic and free as they have been persistently doing for years following the 2005 election. In fact, some of the oppositions have recently told that their party might pull out of the coming elections.  

Indeed, if the undemocratic elements pull out themselves from the democratic means as they said and make their stand clear instead of hammering down here and there from both inside and outside the democratic space to destroy the existing democracy; it would have by far more and greater advantage than the disadvantage to the build up of democratic system of the country. But it is just words as usual.

In nutshell, to those it may concern, it appear to me that it is a must to save at least the existing democracy from those who axing it down to its knee, from those who are discarding the democratic means and goals in real terms, from those who are storming the opposition politics and roles of opposition political parties with politics of fabrication, exaggeration and distortion of truth, from those who are abusing the freedom of speech to ignite innocent people and to incite violence as was the case in the past, from those who are vividly aligning themselves to the external enemies of the country, from those who are tirelessly working to create suitable situation for anarchism,…. from those whose games are tending to end up zero sum game whatever the outcome of the coming election is.

Selamawit Asefa (DC-ደሴ)