Asmara: A holly site of Pilgrimage for Anti-Ethiopian Mujahidins


Some years ago a disease called Shabiasis was some thing the victims of the pathology were hiding, because it was new, contagious and was with out effective medication on the market. But a group of doctors named Ethiopian national Security forces have identified the existence of this disease as soon as it appeared. The disease has the following symptoms:


From the first weeks of the infection the victim start hallucinating and imagines shabiya and its spiritual leader wedi-Afewerki as holly super powers.


The patients of Shabiasis never refrain themselves from damaging Ethiopia and its people as soon as the spiritual leader of shabiya orders them.



Victims of Chronic shabiasis never stop uttering anti-Ethiopia slogans through their life as a patient of shabiasis.


Cheating the public to accumulate the money they need for their pilgrimage to Asmara, etc.


The group of doctors have identified the first patient as a man named OLF; this man was living in Somalia when he was infected with this chronic Shabiasis. Then, he infected so many health individuals with this contagious disease. Then, many, like, Al-Ithad, ONLF, EPPF, Al-Shabab, Ginbot 7, etc became infected.


All of them denied of their disease at the very beginning. As it is not a disease that can be hidden, they were forced to divulge their sickness. Some of them get treated by the group of doctors named Ethiopian National security forces and healed of their sickness, but those that preferred to remain at the holly site of the disease, Asmara, which is the epicentre of the disease are still suffering from the disease and contaminating others.


In 2006 Andargachewu Tsige get infected and made his first pilgrimage. As soon as he arrived at the Holly site, Asmara, he get baptised by the spiritual leader. Since then he is swinging like a pendulum to get many new Converts. Recently he was successful to convert Berhanu Nega. For this he was applauded by the chief spiritual leader, today he travelled to holly site, Asmara, for arranging the baptism of the new convert in the hands of the chief spiritual, wedi-afeworki.


Berhanu will not make his pilgrimage bare hand; rather he will travel with $500 per person that he collected by cheating poor refugees and Immigrants. He will continue cheating until he will get healed from shabiasis.


The doctors gave their advices by saying avoid much contact by those already infected, as well as try to observe for yourself if the person manifests the above symptoms because there are still that hide of their disease.


Wedi-afeworki who has many AK-47 and bombs but no food and medicines for his people is happy now, because he can take all the $500 per person collected by promising kilashinkov and bombs with which the patients of Shabiasis damage Ordinary Ethiopians. But, this is just an illusion since the Group of doctors, Ethiopian National security forces are doing 24hrs a day and donít allow the shabiasis Mujahidins to damage our citizens. The spiritual leader knows this very well, but he will never stop his hope-less and foolish attempt of sending the patients of Shabiasis because he is affected by the Chronic pathology too.


So take care of this self-destructing Pathology, once you get infected you forget your life, your family, etc and you rush to make your pilgrimage like Elias Kifle did recently.  Elias is very happy to be baptised in the hand of chief spiritual of Shabiasis, and he will never sleep to transmit the pathology.


Fekede Jabecha 05/29/09