An open letter to Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International :


Human Rights Organizations are established for protecting human rights in a world wide with out any discrimination, color and race difference. They are expected to create –awareness on any violation of human and democratic rights .They monitor repression by groups, individuals or governments up on civilians in violation .the rules of law and the declarations and convention of the United Nations Human Rights Council.


How ever, the Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International are violating their own missions .Concerning Ethiopia, all most all their reports are biased and reflect unreliable, one sided propaganda of die-hard opponent political parties, terrorists and their supporters with out any check and balance from other third party.  If they are truly human rights organizations, they should contact governmental - officials, human rights and civic society organizations with in the country, foreign diplomats to reliable their reports or information.


The reports of Human Rights Watch and Amnesty in Ethiopia are always biased comments such as, to revise the proclamations of the laws of NGOs, anti terrorism, Press and suspecting like people will be arrested, torching, election was and will be abused and others based on un real future predictions. Their reports are gathered through a remote control not based on that of evidences or witness of the third party. Such reports demeaning the significant role of those huge human rights organizations which are expected to add their own genuine experience to protect the human rights.


The human rights organizations should appreciate ‘’protection is better than curing.’’ The Ethiopian government proclamed the law of anti terrorism mainly based on the International Laws and best experience of democratic countries since terrorism becomes a global issue. The movement and spread of terrorism in the horn of Africa, especially the Somalia becomes an attractive environment for hatching and training of international terrorists.


Since Terrorism is a global issue which causes a great damage of human life, property, investment, infrastructure, and psychological makeup of civilians, every body should  stand -as one man on the side of peace loving civilians.


Based on these facts, the government of Ethiopia proclamed anti terrorism law as it is sensitive to such victim of terrorists .This is the fact that the Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International denied with out any consideration the law from any other third party. Empowering and strengthen the security and police of a country plays a significant role to create a sustainable and un shaken peace and stability in and around the country .If they are true human rights organizations, how do they sound the victims of terrorists committed in New York , London, India, Spain, Indonesia, Iraq ,Afghanistan, Yemen ,Moscow ,Pakistan etc. If the security of a nation is weaken, it leads in to anarchism, instability, corruption, poor psychological makeup of citizens, frustration of citizens and expose for internal and external rebellions ,violence of the rule of law , human and democratic rights and values.


There fore , the government of Ethiopia  proclamed the strong law of anti terrorism law to alleviate the above mentioned evil deeds of terrorists from its grass root .For this reason ,as human rights organizations, they are expected to contribute ,support and add inputs  into the proclamed  law  to safe guard  the civilians.

 The anti terrorist law does not allow an illegal demonstration that causes great damage up on human life, property, investment, infrastructure, human and democratic rights. Are there any human rights organizations which support and encourage unlawful demonstration other than these Human rights? It’s mystery


The Ethiopian constitution ensures both human and democratic rights They are clearly mentioned in the constitution from Article 14 to Article 44 .The constitution is the mother of all laws in Ethiopia and it is the cornerstone and safe guard of all nations, nationalities and people .The constitution encourages the freedom of expression of opinions, freedom of speech, freedom of free press, freedom of legal demonstration .In general ,in Ethiopia there is enough environment and democracy for that respect the rule of law and the constitution at large. From this point of view, how could suspect these human rights organizations? Or they want to impose their political missions and neo-colonization up on the sovereignty country and people? This is another Agenda and an intervention in the sovereignty country which has its own state organs which are responsible for making policies. Besides, they addressed the ambition of terrorists and die hard political parties.


The target of human rights watch and Amnesty International senses sponsoring terrorism, unlawful demonstration, creating instability, paralyzing the county’s security, the violation of the rule of law and spokes man of die hard politicians and political parties.


 Finally, the proclamation of the law of anti terrorism is designed based on the International Human Rights Standard and best practices of democratic nations .For this reason, the Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International should apologize the Ethiopian parliament for their misleading the world giving comment to revise the proclamed law of anti terrorism law.


G/tsadkan  Kebede