Al Mariam fired up ready to rumble? Only if the Zombies in the Thriller musical video are alive!

Zeru Hagos, 03/18/09

After reading the first two paragraphs of Al Mariam (the Al Bundy of our time), “fired up and ready to rumble” article, I remember my good friend’s word of wisdom advice when it comes to the extremist amongst us here in Diaspora! My friend told me if you see the extremist doing things based on flawed premise and bad information then say no more to correct them! Let them do as they wish, told me, my friend! The end can only mean defeat and broken heart to them. According to my friend that is good!

 An extremist with a broken heart is good because, for every extremist that throws the towel with despair, there is at least one good person that is saved. We all know Ethiopians live in a village so to speak. Every extremist has a friend or sibling that is afraid to confront him/her of his/her bad act thus if the extremist is forced to say no mas! It is good. The good person in the family can breathe a sigh of relief and continue his/her good work. That is what my friend thinks any ways. With that I wish Al Mariam….mengedun cherq!

To be honest, I yearn for the day Al Mariam will throw the towel and bring relief to his family and friends. From his latest article he seems he is almost there. Though still in denial his tone is certainly showing desperation.  His political life as told by his close relatives spans merely Kinjit life span. We all know kinjit has come and gone but the good Dr seems oblivion to kinjit fate and still thinks he can bring it back, rumbling like the dead characters in Thriller, a Michael Jackson musical video.

 Imagine all the “dead” Kinjit politicians rising up from the dead you all-- Shaleqa Yospeh, Berhanu Mewa, Solomon Bekele, Dr Getachew, All the DC Mekonenoch and few of the London abegazoch…imagine them tumbling from the grave…Neri belet ewerti!

What Al Maraim is smoking these days I do not know, but, his rhetoric to mix human right with Kinjit (ooops sorry) Ginbot 7 ideas is bemusing. As a foot soldier to Berhanu Nega the good Dr must know that the reason Kinjit died is because of his bosses Berhanu and Andaragchew (how did he end up waging the tail to these two stooges, I do not know). Has nothing to do with human right.

He should know Kinjit is dead because Berhanu Nega and company thought giving power to an "Amhara" in the name of Eng Hailu Shawel was not cool. Berhanu is on record saying he is not ready to bring down “a Tigrean dictator and replace by an Amhara dictator” So how is Al to rumble out of such political debacle? How does anyone become fired up form such debacle and rumble again? Has Al Mariam found his inner peace with Ginbot 7 or AEUP? I am sure he cannot be rumbling to resuscitate UDJ that is on 11th hour to be overrun by MEDREK?

I could say more on Al Mariam argument for his renaissance and what have you. But I will not. Let him bring his flocks together and let the world see who these people are. It can only mean good thing.-- Ready to be proven wrong for taking my friend advice if and when Al Mariam becomes successful with his latest crusade! Let alone a dead Kinjitoch to come back rumbling it will be interesting to see how the left over remnants will survive for long while they remain in the abyss.

Have you heard the infighting that has ensued within Eng Hailu supporters in the USA? I assume you already know UDJ’s fate when you read and saw Dr Yacob vs. Debebe show! It is in such atmosphere Al Mariam is trying to tell us that things are changing for the better to his camp. Does he think he is in wrestling arena? You know he has been away from Ethiopia for long and I would not be surprised if he thinks politics in Ethiopia is played much like in America. Come to think of it who can blame him if he does, after all, Kinjit went from Washington DC to Addis Ababa expecting a hand over of power in 2005! So he thinks he can rumble form LA to Addis…. Moyte deye!

Andargachew Tsige said recently that the days of cursing EPRDF is over. He told his followers by now everybody knows EPRDF good or bad. What is left is action. Reading Al Mariam one wonders if these two souls ever talk to each other? Al Mariam is laboring in vain to tell us about human right issues as if EPRDF officials themselves have not told us that there are issues here and there they are trying to address. As a growing democracy Ethiopia is obviously to face such issue form time to time. The issue is what is Al Mariam doing to contribute his share to alleviate problems? Is causing Kinjit to split into many a contribution Al Mariam is proud off? Is Al Mariam holding red carpet to a runaway mayor at US airports contributing to Ethiopia’s aspiration to become democratic with no human right issues? How is AL Mairam to rumble his way to Addis Ababa from LA when his mentors are running away?  Is he part of the action team of Berhanu and Andy? Is that why he is fired up! Stay tuned.  Oh ! Did I tell you I did not finish reading the article,yet? I did not.

* Al Bundy was a funny TV character in a dysfunctional house hold television show.