Agazi Operation the Film, a true story: Beautifully Narrated and Presented


San Jose July 18 (Aigaforum):- The story of the TPLF and that of the Tigrean masses during the Derge (military   regime in Ethiopia 1974-1991) regime be told in one movie. Multiply this by the many nations and nationalities story who suffered under the Derge and you will appreciate the challenges the current and coming generation writers, film producers, and directors who must preserve and recreate the story for the generations to come. But it has begun!

 Solomon Asmelash and Fitsum Asemlash are the producers of Agazi Operation film. It was released in Ethiopia a while back and is currently viewing in North American cities.They have done a wonderful job in preserving part of the long history of the TPLF through the film Agazi Operation!

The film was for the first time screened in San Jose California on July 18 2009. The story line behind Agazi operation is about a very successful military operation masterminded and executed under the famous, the late General Hayleom Araya, command. The film is based on a true story that happened during the Derge regime in Mekelle city the capital of Tigrai, Northern Ethiopia.

The Derge has incarcerated hundreds of innocent people, TPLF members and TPLF fighters caught in operation at the city prison garrison. The film narrates how TPLF got word about a plan to execute many of the prisoners in the prison. The wonderful and able actors told and retold how the operation was carried and how over 1300 hundred prisoners were released from certain death of which 600 joined the TPLF to fight the Derge and over 400 left to seek better life elsewhere in the western world and  the remaining going back to normal life in the liberated area.

What amazes most of the people who watched the film was that how the strategist of the TPLF was able to carry the operation without significant loss of life from both sides in the middle of a big city! Agazi Operation was warmly received and many of the participants wept and sobbed when a single mother was told by prisoner officials that her only son was killed. They also cheered and laughed when the actor who played Col Mengistu came to screen and when the elders from Raya asked the late General Hayelom to marry one of their beautiful girls out of respect and love for his bravery and kindness. The late General Hayelom was station in Southern Tigrai, Raya Azebo, area for a long time during the 17 years of armed struggle of the TPLF.

Ato Solomon Asmelash thanked Ato Getachew Guangul who helped organized the screening in the Bay Area (San Jose Oakland San Francisco, California). Ato Getachew himself was one of the survivors of the actual operation. Ato Getachew was one of the prisoner who would have been killed by Derge had it not been for the success of Agazi Operation!

The film will be screened all over North America. Check for date and time on the front page of for your nearest city screening. It is a must see film. Aigaforum thanks Ato Solomon for preserving our history!