A million words could not change Satan (Shabia) to Saint!


By: W. Yilma 07/09/09


I read Dawit Woldegiorgis, and his likes opinions posted on ethiomedia website. The same as his comrades, he tried his best to convince Ethiopians that, it is ok to work with Shabia to shape the future of Ethiopian politics.

I disagree totally with Dawit suggestions, because his opinions are full of lies, contains many distorted information. I do not understand what motivated Dawit, a previous “proud infantry army commander” to confessed at eleven hours that Shabia is not working hard to destabilized Ethiopia. Who is the host country for notorious terrorist groups at this time? It is Shabia who is training, arming and providing logistic supports to terrorist groups that are determined to destabilize Easter African regions, in particular Ethiopia. How Dawit failed to understand this reality while he was in Asmara many times to meet Shabia’s leader to conspire against his own country. He also lecturing us as a failed professor the importance of good neighborhoods with Eritrea. No one is opposing people to people relationship, especially between Ethiopian and Eritrean. The bond is not simple, it sealed with blood. However, I do believe we need to look separately the majority of Eritrean population from Shabia and its hard line supporters who hated Ethiopians, and still claiming that we are their enemy. If we truly believed to make lasting peace between these two brotherly people, NO engagement is necessary with Shabia, until the government represented by the people become to power in Asmara. This government is a rebel group and do not have legitimate right to establish reliable agreements with any external forces, especially with Ethiopia. I do not think joining Shabia, who is ruling his own people with iron fit could bring lasting peace between these two people. The government who deprived freedom to his own people do not have a moral ground to preach about democracy for other people. It is unthinkable to get pigeon from sneak egg!.

Opposing this idea is not a matter of supporting the EPRDF. The notion generally is not genuine to bring a positive changes both for Ethiopian and Eritrean people.

The idea of working with Shabia at this stage is not only betrayal of the Ethiopian people, but the Eritrean people too. The cruelty of Isayas is not comparable with any one in our time. Even he is the cruelest person than Col. Mengistu! This is not personal, this is based on what he had done in the past and what he is doing now! A million word could not change the images of Shabia. How Dawit failed to understand the feeling of Eritrean? Why not he discussed with the ordinary Eritrean at home or abroad? I have an opportunities to discuss with many ordinary Eritrean, and the majority of them openly admitted that life, and relative freedom before “independent” were by far better than today. This is not because of their independence, but the abuse of power by their own “government” . Mr. Dawit this is uncontroversial fact, and you are advising us to join this mafia gangster group who failed to satisfy the basic necessity to his own people, and deprived them a basic right?

As far as I know, Shabia would have more advantages than the EPRDF to exercise democracy in Eritrea. Because, the social diversities in Eritrea is less than Ethiopia, Eritrea have less total land area than Ethiopia; loyalty, and willingness of the Eritrean people to do whatever is necessary to their government, and good and peaceful neighbors. However, not as Dawit want to lecturing us, Shabia abused all these chances, and missed the opportunity to be part of peace maker in our region.

We Ethiopians should deeply think beyond politics the root cause (after independence) of the conflict between Ethiopia and -Eritrea. It is an economic war instigated by Shabia. This is an open fact which was confirmed by the third parties. Therefore, as long as Shabia is sure that he will not get an opportunity to exploit Ethiopian economy as he has done during a honeymoon era with the EPRDF, this government will not hesitate to do whatever is necessary to destabilize Ethiopia. Shabia could not be a good friend, as many oppositions are advocating now. Isayas is still the same Isayas! No medication will change his mind to think good for Ethiopia.

Although I do not support the way the EPRDF has handled the Eritrean case from the very beginning, one thing has become clear. Shabia, and the people of Eritrea understood that they could not survive without Ethiopia! All this up and down about Bademe (which for Dawit and his cohorts Bademe is nothing, but a dusty tiny village) is nothing but a pretext to cover up the real intention of Shabia. Shabia do not have a willingness to make peace with Ethiopia (no matter who is in power), until he make sure that Eritrea should be a primary beneficiary from Ethiopian economy.

I do not understand either what Dawits woldegiorgis motive is. If he is persuading us to work with Shabia now, why then he defected from the military government who served as loyalist for more than 12 years (Idget behebret yeserana ewket zemecha Mikitel Astebabary, Commissioner for Relief and Rehabilitation, vice minister of foreign affairs, governor of Eritrea)

As if he was just wake-up from hybernation state, Dawit go further by confessing that he together with Shabia was the one who organized the failed coup led by known military generals. How far he was sure that Shabia did not sabotaged the coup? How a military personnel who clamed he got the most education in military science failed to understand this? Shabia always dreams to see weak Ethiopia.

If our politicians do not understood the felling we Ethiopians have regarding Shabia, their attempt to join this brutal government will be a failure. What is not clear for me is, if some oppositions want to work with Shabia, a government who do not have a constitution, economic, cultural or educational policy, what is the problem to engage with EPRDF? Whether the oppositions like it or not, EPRDF is a government who have a legitimate power to decide the future of Ethiopia. This government is representing Ethiopia in international arenas, and made international agreements. This government have (although we do not agree with some of its policies) a constitution, have economic, cultural, educational, social and political agendas. Unless some oppositions have their own hidden agendas, I do not see the reason why they failed to do so (I am not defending the unwillingness of EPRDF to handle political differences, but the oppositions need to exploit all opportunities offered by the government).

When we speak about Ethiopia, we need to take into consideration the diversity of its citizens. When we said about unity, we need to take into consideration the right of its different nationalities. Crying for unity or peace will not bring us a miracle solutions, unless we know how to handle, and solve our political differences. We need to look our problems very deeply, patiently and honestly. To solve our problems by joining Shabia is not easy as Dawit and his likes are advocating now. They only want to create more complex situations if their group interest is not addressed. We as a people think and sensed the danger. Only dead fish go with flow. How many times the Ethiopian people are asked to pay sacrifice? Who is going to sacrifice his life? For whom and to get what? The Ethiopian people deserve to get a clear answers from the oppositions.

Now a days Dawit and his cohorts are busy in teaching us about Ethiopian history, who protect Ethiopia from external enemies. History knows who protected Ethiopia from her historical enemies. No one denied the role some Eritrean played, but Ethiopia was protected by Ethiopians. Don’t try to distorted history. We Ethiopian should not be blamed for all problems Eritrea is facing today. Shabia is the primary problems what Eritrea is facing today. They fought us for the last 40 years to get their independent. They got independent, but after “independent” do we get peace from Eritrea? The answer is NO! Even after “independence” Shabia become a headache not only for us, but also for the entire world.

From my childhood up to now, Eritrean problems grown up with me. I do not want to pass to my children’s the same very tormenting problems. We need to solve it. But to solve, we Ethiopians should restrain from taking irrational decisions, a decision which Dawit and his likes are advocating now.

Dawit desperate attempt is not limited by joining Shabia. He also advised Ethiopian religious places to conspire against their own country. He want churches to become a place of hate, instead of peace, forgiveness, tranquility, among diverse Ethiopian communities. This is a desperate call from an old man who lost hope within himself. It is shame for me to see a former “proud army” as he claimed himself, conceded with the bandit government to harm his own country. Where is the pride of Ethiopiawinet? I advised people to read Balu Girma book “Oromai” to know the true personality of Dawit.

Mr. Dawit, stop preaching us a Machiavellian doctrine, repeated lies will never become truth!

Dawit also said that “Woyanne has made Ethiopia technologically the most backward countries in the world” This is what I do not like from Ethiopian politics. Every politician or successive Ethiopian governments blames their predecessors, as if nothing was done in the past. Every past and present governments have their shortfall and achievements. It may not be to the level where every one is expected, but there are acceptable economic as well as technological achievements under this government. Any one can refer the World Bank, and IMF reports. However, one thing must be clear here. No matter who is in power, the multifaceted Ethiopian problems will not be solved as long as we are not willing to solve our political differences in civilized way. It is not secret, economic, technological and socio-cultural development is unthinkable if there is no sustainable peace.

I understood, most “politicians” could not control their anger when it comes to the present government. This have three reasons. One is simply hate, the second is eagerness to seize power by any means, and the third is to see in Ethiopia a real democratic system and free societies. To me the first two sentiments are wrong (it must be clear here that some Diaspora oppositions hate is not limited to EPRDF/TPLF. It goes to a specific ethnic group. We as a people need to fear this danger, and take precautions not to get in their trap). No matter how the EPRDF is wrong, we need to pursue a decent and peace full politics. The Ethiopian people are a huge potential to make a decisive social and political change if they get a party who listen them and work for their interest. Unfortunately, the ethics of Ethiopian politics is not country first, but group politics first. I discussed with many individuals, and attended numerous communities forums, I read many articles posted in various journals and web-sites. My conclusion is, nothing good comes out of Diaspora politicians.

It is sad to see how we Ethiopians become more vulnerable to manipulate easily by external enemies. At one time when I discussed with one Eritrean friend, he told me that Eritrean will never turn their guns against each other no matter what differences they could have. I asked him why? He told me simply it will never happened. I understood him, because they knew how foolish we are, easily turning our guns against each other.

Lastly, Shaleka Dawit, if you choose Shabia than the Ethiopian people to solve the Ethiopian political problem, I wish you a good honeymoon, and Enjoy your journey to Asmara!

Long Live Ethiopia