Yohannes Gebresellasie (Ph.D)Canada



A bad weather man often makes a bad reporting about weather conditions outside his office. As a result, the public at large can be confused and mislead by the bad weatherman’s bad, unrealistic and false reporting. A bad weather man often says that it is raining when in fact it is shining outside and he says it is shining when in fact it is raining outside. This bad weatherman may be conducting his report from his closed office and may be his office hasn’t got a window or two thus, he can not see what is going on outside his windowless office.


Some international institutions such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and American and German based media outlets such as VOA and Deutsch Welle Amharic radio broadcasting services have on the daily basis been solitary advocates of extremists, terrorists and few disillusioned Diasporas. These infamous unions of destructive forces and foreign based radio stations that are operating within the Diaspora sanctuary continue to misuse those countries’ tax-payers money for unlawful, illegal and irresponsible activities. They have failed to live up to the basic standard of responsible journalism in general and to their duties, responsibilities and journalist obligations in particular. As a result, they continue to be sources of violence and anarchy through their biased and unethical provocations that instigate illegal and un-constitutional activities in a country far away from whence they operate. In fact, these two self authorized advocates of extremist opposition parties from within and abroad have declared war against the constitution of the land and continue to spread unfounded, irresponsible and illegal news in order to create lawlessness and anarchy within a country far away from their residence. Thus, VOA and Deutsche Welle –Amharic services are doing the same mistake like the bad weatherman by simply focusing on false, inappropriate and unrealistic news making Ethiopia a victims of their preposterous and irresponsible defamation.


Whereas Ethiopia has been doing tremendous progress in the socioeconomic and political arenas such as for example in agriculture, education, health, transport and telecommunication, hydroelectric power and whereas it has been exemplary in the humanitarian field where Nations, Nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia live in harmony despite their ethnic, linguistic and religious differences and where tolerance-linguistic, ethnic, religious etc. has become a norm within the country, these mediocre reporters of the so called Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International on the one hand and  VOA and Deutsche Welle Amharic services on the other are doing the same thing like the bad weatherman. In fact, they have made their daily business defaming a sovereign and internationally respected nation with their reckless allegations what a shame!


These self authorized media outlets namely VOA, Deutsche Welle and few disillusioned Diasporas such as the Infamous Genbot 7 or whatever extremist group are knocking at every foreign government doors and are operating from their safe heaven sanctuaries in North America and Europe using tax-payers money in order to create bloodshed, anarchy and terror over innocent and peace loving Ethiopians. Terrorism has a significant negative impact on the economy of any country damaging infrastructure, causing a decrease in aggregate private investment and employment and income and consumption to decline. Therefore, any level of terror is simply unacceptable and nonsense. It is non-sense because democracy is a mater of survival and not a matter of choice to the Ethiopian people. More importantly, Ethiopians fought very hard and paid dearly with their blood and soul against former dictatorial regimes in order to secure democracy, good governance and human rights within the country and now, their hard won battle is bearing fruit. As a result, the Ethiopian people are enjoying those fundamental rights since this government came to power. Also, the Ethiopian government and the Ethiopian people fought rigorously for the prevalence, maintenance and enhancement of peace, democracy and human rights in this country not only because they believe on those fundamental issues but because they fought for them and therefore, they value them dearly. Thus, the Ethiopian people do not need foreign institutions such as those mentioned to impose or lecture  them on democracy, good governance and on human rights issue simply because they know it; they value it, fought for it, they watch it and they safeguard it as it is a matter of survival. Therefore, they do not need a foreign lecture or report from Human Rights Watch or Amnesty International to remind them.


Human rights within the Ethiopian context is entrenched in and guaranteed by the Ethiopian constitution; therefore, it is reinforced on a daily bases because democratic rights, human rights protection and respect for the dignity of the Ethiopian people is the number one priority of the government and the people of Ethiopia and will continue to be so in the future. Therefore, international governmental and non-governmental organizations alike must not be mislead and must not be confused by few mediocre Human Rights watch, Amnesty International, VOA, Dotche Welle reporters and few disillusioned diasporas, hard core terrorists from within and abroad that make their daily duty to defame this beautiful nation called Ethiopia. Instead, they should rest assured that democracy and human rights are alive and well and are here to stay because they are matters of survival and not matters of choice and because they are hard fought for. Whereas the objective reality within the country is so, these hard core extremists are busy preaching violence and anarchy in the country and at times, they even play high court and justice departments giving court decisions on Bertukan and others from their hideouts in foreign land very far from Ethiopia. What an irony! While they are enjoying the fruits of democracy, peace and stability in foreign countries where they reside, they want to deny those values and democratic norms and the rule of law to their own people back home by disseminating poisonous seeds to kill innocent and peace-loving Ethiopians and destroy development infrastructure back home; what a shame! When one questions their motive, it seems that there is either a hidden agenda that would persuade these few people to do what they are doing using tax-payers money or it is simply some sort of sinister idea that simply preaches destruction and that can and will not help any people in any country least their own birth place Ethiopia. Healthy people with healthy minds who care for their people and their country will put the interest of their country and their people first and foremost thus do the right thing and the right thing is not exporting weapons of mass destruction or targeting government officials, entrepreneurs and business people within the country. The right thing is sending educational and medical materials, technology transfer, investing within their country of origin that will have a positive impact on the economy of the nation particularly during the current global economic crisis, conducting voluntary activities etc. and definitely not exporting terrorism with the help of tax-payers money. Exporting terrorism from anywhere to create bloodshed and destroy investment and development endeavours or generally to disrupt peace and stability and to create tension on the daily lives of ordinary and innocent citizens within any country is not only irresponsible but indeed illegal that must be stopped. Also responsible reporting dictates among other things that any manuscripts emerging from the collection of facts or from within facts themselves will cause tremendous variations within the end value of truth. Therefore, the responsibility of a reporter is to be as accurate as possible when reporting events. However, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and the self authorized and biased VOA, Dautsche Welle Amharic service radio stations from their sanctuary hide outs have been reporting their personal judgments on the issue of human rights in Ethiopia on a daily bases. As a result, these reporters have failed innocent Ethiopian citizens badly, especially on issues of human rights in Ethiopia. From the very outset, they have taken sides and they have without any doubt declared what they are all about: biased and irresponsible. As a result, they have forgotten the essential elements of honest reporting. Further, they have altered the overall truth prevailing within the country and failed to measure up to the truth by playing fast and lose with the facts and by distorting the truth beyond repair.


The Ethiopian people are very busy and focussed on fighting poverty and backwardness and they are doing well thank you very much in that regard. Further, the Ethiopian people specially the youth have embarked on variety of developmental activities committed and ready to put and advance the country forward in a multifaceted manner and that includes but not limited to democracy, human rights, good governance and sustainable development endeavours. As the majority of Ethiopian Diasporas love to contribute to the overall development of their country of origin, their enhanced, organized and systematic assistance in that regard can be an asset to the overall development endeavour of this nation. It is time therefore that destructive forced from within and abroad refrain from evil dids and do the right thing and the right thing is to help the motherland. Let us all take the lion’s share of peace and prosperity. We need no war mongers and terrorist armed traffickers and defaming mediocre reporters. It is time majority of peace loving Diasporas tell few disillusioned Diaporas to come back to their senses and do the right thing: helping the motherland.