Yonus Ismael 02/01/10



Ato Siye spent a good part of his life as a member of Tigray Peoples Revolutionary Front (TPLF) fighting for freedom, democracy and good governance. He was a high ranking official both during and after the struggle until he left the party by himself. He went to the field primarily because the people of Tigray were deprived of their basic and fundamental rights and because the people of Tigray that he previously cared about were discriminated against; because they were constantly harassed and that their language, culture and even their dignity and personality as a people was undermined.


 Ato Siye had a solid principle that he followed and adhered to then when he was under the TPLF because he was guided by the core principles of his party. He was a good man then because he wanted a peaceful, democratic Ethiopia governed by the rule of law, by the constitution of the land and he wanted a Ethiopia where Nations, Nationalities and Peoples and that includes the people of Tigray are respected and a country where there is unity in diversity. Recently however, one wonders and wonders and wonders why Ato Siye is behaving the way he is behaving. One wonders what has happened to the principled Siye Abraha?


What has happened to the then Siye who scrupulously fought against aristocratic and dictatorial regimes; regimes he detested and fought against very hard? Regimes that destroyed the sole of the people of Tigray; a nation and people he deeply cared for? What happened to Siye who detested those individuals and groups who were determined to destroy the people of Tigray, the aristocrats, the fascists and the likes? What really happened to Siye? One wonders and wonders and wonders? I leave the answer to Ato Siye himself as I could only speculate. Does that mean or is he telling us that he was wrong to defend the people of Tigray then? Or does he mean that the aristocratic and/or dictatorial regimes were right and his long term struggle against them was wrong? Does that mean that the late emperor’s parliamentary system was correct and perhaps even that of the dictatorial military regime’s? Does he mean that the Ethiopian people do not know whom to choose and whom not to choose during elections because they do not know elections and that someone perhaps Ato Siye should tell them what to do and what not to do? Does he mean that the constitution he proudly approved was wrong as his current colleague: the former president Dr. Negaso tried to reiterate?


  Is he telling us through his constant press releases, interviews etc. that he and only he is right and the rest of the world is wrong? Is he telling us that the electoral Commission has no business what so ever and if he doesn’t win then the whole thing is a flaw? Is he telling us that those over sixty-five different political parties that sighed the code of conduct in order to conduct a peaceful, free and democratic elections are simply useless and he and only he is correct? Finally isn’t that an insult upon the intelligence of the people at large and an insult upon the people of Tigray he then cared and did everything he can to defend them? What a pity! The French have a gentle saying “ il ne comprend pas tres vite” to mean he does not understand things very fast: a gentle way of saying he doen’t get it!