Twenty Fifth Anniversary of Books for Africa Celebrated

Twenty Fifth Anniversary of Books for Africa Celebrated

Tsehaye Debalkew, Washington D.C., September 22, 2013

Books for Africa /BFA/ Initiative colorfully celebrated its Twenty Fifth Anniversary in the presence of over seven hundred invited guests, Sponsors, partners, employees, Board and Managing Leadership of BFA and the Honorary Chairman of BFA, Ethiopian Ambassador to the US Girma Birru, in Minnesota.

Girma Birru, Special Envoy and Ambassador Extra-Ordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ethiopia to the US, Resident Ambassador to Canada and Mexico and current Honorary Chairman of BFA in his resounding remark on the occasion thanked the founder and initiator of BFA, Mr. Tom Warth for walking the walk by playing an exemplary role and other Board and Managing Leadership of the enterprise.

In an evening reception event hosted last Friday featuring The Books for Africa Summit Society, the Honorary Chairperson also gave a vote of thanks and due recognition to Mr. Patrick Polanski, the Executive Director of BFA, and Mr. Norm Linnel, Board President of BFA.

Ambassador Girma also hailed the quintessential support for the success of BFA'S mission of the entire leadership, the untiring and indomitable spirit of all employees, partners and primarily the unreserved support of the Sponsors.

In recognition to the huge, colossal and timely humanitarian task of donating critically needed books to the African continent by the Books for Africa /BFA/ Initiative, he recognized BFA as the global leader engaged in the provision of books to Africa since 1988.

The Honorary Chairman of BFA, Special Envoy Girma Birru flanked by hundreds of Ethiopian members of the Diaspora drawn from the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis proudly and eloquently cited Ethiopia standing tall as the second recipient of books from BFA in the continent trailing Ghana and expressed the resolve of the Ethiopian government to enhance its support for the bold and brilliant initiative of the enterprise.

He further vowed by expressing the Ethiopian government's readiness to allow the delivery of the books by BFA to enter Ethiopia free of Taxes. He paid special tribute to the Ethiopian Diaspora members who have proactively played a positive role as sponsors of books to BFA Initiative and called upon them to redouble their effort in this pious endeavor.

Ambassador Girma revealed on the occasion that presently the student population of Ethiopia covers a whapping quarter of the populace estimated at Twenty Two Million Students encompassing all the way from the Primary to the Tertiary education levels. This surely underlines the need for continuous partnership between Ethiopia and BFA ", he stressed.

Denoting to the donation made by BFA to Ethiopia, the Ambassador spoke to the crowd present during the event about the importance of getting even more books into the hands of Ethiopian students of all ages, for learning institutions use academic books as one of the critical inputs in their relentless effort to improve the quality of education.

Under the Books for Africa/BFA/ Initiative it is estimated that over 29, million texts and library books and close to one thousand computers have been shipped to 48 African countries since 1988.


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