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“Removal of TPLF will be a determinant factor to bring peace for Eastern Africa”, Abiy Ahmad Ali.


“Removal of TPLF will be a determinant factor to bring peace for Eastern Africa”, Abiy Ahmad Ali.

BY: W.Yilma February 13/2021

To start with, Ethiopia at this time is in the hands of incapable man who thinks too many bizarre things, but accomplished nothing! For many people who closely follows the situation in Ethiopia, it become a daily routine for many to comment frequently what, Abiy Ahmad, a politically immature prime minster has said every day about local, regional and global events. As always, he posted in his twitter page good words as smooth as butter, but in his heart is war; his words were softer than oil, yet they were drawn swords. If what a person say has a stronger impact on other peoples than what he/she do, what Abiy posted on his twitter this week regarding TPLF would have been true. But as always, Abiy is not the man of his words. A question of self-determination (if needed up to cessation) and/or bringing peace and security in our region is not and should not be related with the absence or presence of TPLF. These two very important issues could achieve with good governance. Unfortunately, Ethiopia under Abiy does not have either of them. Oftentimes Abiy and his teams will say one thing and do another. The daily lies coming from the prime minster office and his teams has contributed to rapidly declining of the Ethiopian people’s social, moral, legal and religious norms. Unless the regime in power, and the society at large understood the danger the country is facing today and come to their God given conscious without delay, the final stage of these declining will lead to societal collapse. In particular, if the prime minster supporters continue in their denying the reality on the ground with the aim to save the reputation of their confused prime minster, the country called “Ethiopia” will become not only the problem for Africa, but also to the world at large.

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In fact, what Abiy want to say the public by his twitter page is not about TPLF, but about the people of Tigray. Abiy is certain that the Eastern Africa region will get peace when he and his cohorts either scrambled Tigray territories, or eliminated the people through extending warfare and using starvation as a weapon. Because Abiy is not only delusional, unable to think critically the crime he and his lieutenants are committed against the innocent people of Tigray, but also his entire circles, including some religious personalities have destructive power of hate against the people of Tigray. The recent “visit” by the deceived female president, who loved to jock on raped women’s and children, the so-called elders “Shimagille” who are attempts to conduct public meetings in Mekele, and the recent Ethiopian Citizens for social Justice (EZeMa) public statements regarding the war in Tigray and the attempts to justify the involvement of Isayas mercenaries, are an example to show to what extent these groups have deep hate against the people of Tigray.  After the arrival of the above three unwanted groups in Mekele for damage control purposes, they became the cause of arbitrary killing of many innocent Tegarus at the hands of Abiy and Isayas mercenaries. Hence, the world communities should take this seriously and prepare for the worst in weeks/days to come. 

I know some portions of Ethiopians societies has given a higher value to their history, culture, traditions, and religion. But looking what is happening in Ethiopia today, and understanding the attitudes and behaviors of some portion of the societies, we can easily understand that this perception is wrong. In any circumstance, a society who advocates unjust war cannot be considered as a religious society. At some point we have to call a spade a spade. Ethiopian societies at large advocates and approved war instead of peace and economic development, unable to force its own government to solve political differences through dialog and negotiation, a corner stone to bring sustainable peace and economic developments for any given country. The people of Ethiopia knowingly show tolerance when Abiy and his cohorts lies every day in particular on issues regarding Tigray war. Because of this what name can we give to the Ethiopian societies, other than calling them collectively IGNORANT, LIER and worshiper of dictatorial regime?  Tigray war is not a war of Abiy alone. The Ethiopian people at large express their approval for killing, rape, arbitrary arresting of civilians and military personnel’s, looting and destroying of public and private properties, and deliberate exposing of the people of Tigray to famine. In every Ethiopian hand there is Tegaru blood! 

As many of us witnessing, since Abiy came to power what was the reputation of Ethiopia, both in terms of economic, peace and security? And where is the country’s status now in these aspects? I omitted politics because with no doubt, everybody was agreed the need of political change in the country during the EPRDF time. With all its shortfall, Ethiopia during EPRDF has been by far in a better place than today, both in terms of economics, peace and security, and diplomatic arenas. Ethiopia played a leading role in the African continents in all aspects. What is important to note here is that, Ethiopia was the anchor of peace and security in Africa, in particular in Eastern African region. Most importantly, Ethiopia during EPRDF has managed to handle a bad boy’s hooligans activities Spearheaded by Isayas of Eritrea and Farmajo of Somalia, which both are considered as a failed state. Now adding Abiy to their group, they become the bullies of Eastern Africa region.

If we discussed seriously, who is the destabilizing factor in Eastern Africa, with certainty, it is the government of Eritrea. On the contrary, today Ethiopia is at the hands of foreign adversaries, and its territorial integrity was violated, unseen in the entire history of this country. Ethiopia currently is an example of failed states, in particular in the fields of economy and political uncertainties. What is humiliating for Ethiopians at this time is that Abiy, is under the full control of Isayas Afewerki. Everything what is happening in Ethiopia today, including the war in Tigray is under the control and direction of Isayas. Started from its war planning, preparation, and implementation of the war it is controlled and managed by Eritrean military and security personnel’s, and the expenses are covered by Abiy. Because the entire Ethiopian financial administration and allocation is handling by Abiy and his circles. In general, it is better to say that Ethiopia military and security apparatuses are not only imbedded, but fully controlled by Eritreans. This means Ethiopia at this time is ruled by Isayas, a person who ruined his country and now in the process of ruining Ethiopia. Imagine, Isayas don’t have sympathy for Eritrean people. He uses them as his personal tools to fulfill his egoistic dreams to become the King maker in our region. He is now surgically, disconnected Tigray from the rest of Ethiopia and doing his best to annihilate the people of Tigray. Make no mistake if he could manage to execute what he dreams in Tigray, either he will expand like an ameba to engulf others or he will play dirty games by dividing the country into mini states. This is because, Isayas is one of the cruelest and ruthless persons our modern history Has ever known!     

As we know Eritrea capital, Asmara under Isayas served as a final destination for many terrorist personalities and groups. While, “Mecca” is a symbol and destination for millions of Muslims around the world, Asmara is a center and final destination for many terrorist groups to be trained and armed by Shabia lieutenants to cause havoc in their countries. It is not secret that Abiy graduated as early as possible to prepare the ground for Eritrean mercenaries to invade Tigray. Since, Shabia came to power in Eritrea, all neighbors of Eritrea were a victim of Shabia’s war of aggressions. Thanks, the then EPRDF/TPLF role, it is only Ethiopia, which managed appropriately Shabia’s war mongering behaviors in two fronts. The first is through getting upper hand diplomatically and second is through military strength. For the last 20 years Shabia was restricted in limited cage space, and thanks to Abiy, currently Shabia is in a loose, and wake- up from his hibernation state and start biting his neighbors like a rabid dog. After the humiliated defeat of Isayas by Ethiopians defense force in Bademe war, Isayas was occupied in organizing, training and equipped various terrorist groups (including some groups who are working closely with Abiy currently) to use them to conduct a proxy war against his neighbors in particular, Ethiopia. To achieve this mission, he uses all Eritrean financial and human resources. Leaving the rest aside, one of the renown terrorist group who was organized and trained by Isayas was the Union of Islamic Court of Somalia (UIC). This terrorist groups were latter split in to two group, in which one of them is Al-Shabaab, which is currently active in terrorizing Somalia, and beyond. This organization have a closest tie with Al-Qaida. It is better to say that, Shabia is the main cause what the entire Eastern Africa is facing today in terms of security issues.  By any standards Shabia should or will not be considered as a peace maker in our regions. One cannot expect dove from sneak egg!    

Last, but not least. As we all know the atrocities committed by the Ethiopian government and his external collaborators are immense and beyond explanation. If the international communities get access into Tigray, and start collecting the crimes, the atrocities, and destructions committed by Abiy and “animal” Isayas against the people of Tigrasy, the world media outlets may need more than a year to fully publicize it to the world communities. This is because every Tegarus have his/her real stories to tell to the world. Harassing of people is still continues throughout Tigray by Abiy, Isayas, and Amhara Hutu militia criminals. They killed the people of Tigray indiscriminately, raped infants and adult feminine, looted and destroyed properties, as if killing with weapons is not enough, they are exposing the entire people of Tigray to famine by closing access to foreign humanitarian agencies. What is very important to note here is that the current government of Ethiopia and the people around him are one of the cruelest, unfriendly, and the ardent enemies of the people of Tigray. Therefore, other than fighting for survival there is no other options left for the people of Tigray, in particular to the youth. It is imperative to raise arms for self-defense than dying helplessly at the hands of the cruelest invaders who came to Tigray to hunt down and kill anyone, including minors like animal. Therefore, use every means of struggle, including arm to effectively neutralize your enemies who are at your door steps. This fight is legitimate, and a universal right of people who are under occupations by enemy forces. Freedom cannot be achieved without sacrifice, in particular for Tigrawai this is not new. We never accepted any kind of subjugation by anyone before, and there is no reason that hindered us to do the same today.  Fight, fight and again fight until you liberate yourself and your people. Look your helpless child, mother, sisters, elders, who are tormentingly abused by the enemies of Tegarus who tactically united to eliminate your people. It is better to die instead of allowing yourself and your people abused by Isayas, Abiy and Fota lebash mercenaries. No people or country enjoyed freedom without sacrifice.  

 Finally, few words on two issues. One is few humanitarian organizations with limited number of their staff are now got permissions to go to limited areas in Tigray. This is because of the international community’s pressure on Abiy’s regime. The people of Tigray should take this as a good opportunity, to pass credible information to members of these agencies (with great cautions) to relay to the international media outlets to show the world communities the suffering of the people of Tigray in the hands of the criminal, Abiy and his external collaborators. And, second, the regime in Addis recently has announced through its ministry of education that 12-grade examination will be conduct in Tigray in the coming weeks. This shows the true nature of the government in Addis, to deny Tegarus from joining higher education. I am sure all universities in Ethiopia will not see a single first year student from Tigray. This is what some sectors of the Amhara elites, Abiy of Ethiopia and Isayas of Eritrea want to see. It is not secret that Tigray is at all-out war declared by Abiy since November 4, hitherto.  I do not think the minister of education understood the meaning of education, and the preconditions for learning process. He should resign if he has guilty conscious.  

Tigray will prevail!

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