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Will Joe Biden and other world leaders repeat the 1994's grave mistake and Bil Clinton's 'Sorry' or decisively act to stop the Genocide in Tigray?

Will Joe Biden and other world leaders repeat the 1994's grave mistake and Bil Clinton's 'Sorry' or decisively act to stop the Genocide in Tigray?



Z.Alem- Mekelle 02-09-21


In 1994, the world saw one of the most shocking human tragedies in Rwanda. Between 7 April and 15 July 1994(100 days), members of the Tutsi ethnic group and some moderate Hutus, were slaughtered by armed militias.


The world was very much reluctant to act on time and prevent the human tragedy.

On March 25, 1998, President Bill Clinton expressed regret for failing to halt genocide in Rwanda, saying that he didn’t “fully appreciate the depth and the speed with which [Rwandans] were being engulfed by the unimaginable terror”.


27 years later, history is repeating itself- and this time in Ethiopia's Tigray. Ethiopian and Eritrean armies, Amhara forces (Special forces, militias, Fano Genocidal youth squad) and another foreign accomplice (ex. Somalia, UAE) launched 97 days back an overt Genocide on Ethnic Tigray and the international community once again appears to be reluctant to act and stop the #Genocide in Tigray.


- More than 50,000 Ethnic Tigray innocent civilians are killed, so far.


- Tens of thousands of women and underage girls are raped.


-Ethnic Tigray throughout Ethiopia profiled, indiscriminately arrested for months, fired from their workplaces.


-More than 75 % of Health facilities, schools in Tigray looted, destroyed, burnt.


- Almost 100 % of Crops in the fields in Tigray burnt; food items and house utensils looted from households.


-More than 75 % Domestic animals in Tigray killed (so that Tigray's traditional farmers would not oxen to plough with for years to come).


-Private and government factories, enterprises in Tigray are looted, burnt.


-Villages and small towns are bombarded with missiles from drones and burnt to ashes.


- Magnificent world heritages in Tigray like AlNejashi Mosque, Debredamo monastery and many others are destroyed.


- More than a million people in Tigray are displaced: 4.5 million in urgent need of humanitarian aid.


- People already dying of hunger.


-And Ethiopia continues to block humanitarian aid to starve millions in Tigray to death.


Ethiopian government, Eritrean Government, Amhara Genocidal forces continue to kill innocent people in masses, rape women and underage girls, and systematically starve people to death, unchallenged.


They are doing this in the dark, by denying access to the media and to aid agencies to the most part.


The deafening silence of the international community is perpetuating another Rwanda-like (if not worse) scenario in Tigray, Ethiopia.


Would world leaders like Joe Biden, Xi Jinping, Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel Justin Trudeau, Boris Johnson, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, etc. repeat another useless 'regret' after millions would have perished due to their inaction, or act and stop the ongoing #Genocide in Tigray, Ethiopia- time will tell it all- but, there is very limited time left- very very short!

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