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Abiy’s Team of Aggressors and Isaias’ Puppies Can Never Subjugate the Heroic Tigrayans

 Abiy’s Team of Aggressors and Isaias’ Puppies Can Never Subjugate the Heroic Tigrayans: Shifting Adversity into Expediency    

Asayehgn Desta (Ph. D), Sarlo Distinguished Professor of Sustainable Development 04-03-21

Teaming up with the gendarmerie Amhara militias, the genocidal fano youth squad, Isaias’ trained butchers, Somalia armed forces ̶ under military training in Eritrea, United Arab Emirates’ drones stationed at the base in Assab (Eritrea), and by promising land to Sudan, around midnight on November 3 - 4, 2020, Abiy launched a war on the Tigray Region of Ethiopia.   

Using starvation as a strategy for warfare, Abiy’s group resorted to depriving the Tigrayan civilian population access to water and food. By killing animals, burning farmlands, uprooting gardens and plants, and contaminating water reservoirs, Abiy’s group barbarously subjected the Tigrayan people to further face exhaustion, the outbreaks of water-borne diseases, and the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.  

In addition to the looting of valuable items from the region’s residents, hospitals and clinics, restaurants, and educational centers, Abiy’s and Isaias’ armed forces inflicted damages on historically noted monasteries and mosques. They raped underage girls, women, and nuns, raided youth in the streets, and have contributed to the exodus of more than 60,000 Tigrayans to Sudan.

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 As reported by the Ethiopian government- established human rights agency, the abominable atrocities committed by the aggressors on the unarmed Tigrayans are not only ordinary crimes against humanity but would in fact be tantamount to grave contraventions applicable to international and human rights law (the Associated Press, March 23, 2021).

Disinformation and misinformation posted by the Ethiopian government claim that no civilians were attacked and killed in Tigray.  However, Amnesty International has substantiated the inhuman atrocities that were committed by Abiy’s and Isaias’ armed forces on the Tigrayans. Consequently, the European Commission has delayed financial aid to Ethiopia and also instituted economic sanction against Eritrea. Due to concerns over the conflict in Tigray, the United States government has also urged the immediate withdrawal of Eritrean forces and Amhara regional forces from Tigray.

After the various atrocities committed by Abiy’s group on Tigrayans came to    every body’s knowledge, Abiy had no shame, but openly admitted to the House of Peoples Representatives (Ethiopia’s Parliament), on March 25, 2021, that Ethiopia’s National Defense Force and Isaias’ armed forces had committed villainous atrocities in Tigray (The Associated Press, March 26, 2021).

Amid mounting international condemnation of the widespread looting, massacres, and sexual violence committed by Isaias’ troops in Tigray, President Biden sent Senator Christopher Coons of Delaware as his envoy to press Abiy to halt the carnage and facilitate the immediate withdrawal of Eritrean troops from Tigray. Caught red-handed, Abiy revealed to the House of People’s Representatives that “Eritrea had agreed to withdraw its forces out of the Ethiopian border, where, effective immediately, Ethiopian soldiers would assume border guarding duties” (Walsh, March 26, 2021).

Given that Abiy is known for inventing contradictory scenarios to advance his own position, his statement that Isaias has agreed to withdraw his mercenary troops from Tigray needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Actually, it was more recently confirmed that additional troops of Isaias, camouflaged and disguised to look Ethiopian troops on thirty-seven big trucks, were identified crossing the Eritrea -Tigray border to replace the Ethiopian National Defense Forces which have been on the verge of collapse.     

It is possible that the Isaias’ puppies ̶ taken at a young age and, raised in isolation to manifest killer instincts could generate further violence and terror on the recently downtrodden Tigrayans. Therefore, to maintain peace either a segment of the United Nations Truce supervision team or other neutral peacekeepers need to be stationed at the Tigray ̶ Eritrea border.  

At this time, the recent courageous victories achieved by the Tigray Defense Force (TDF) need to be underlined and lauded. Their victories have given a great impetus to Tigrayans and all the peace ̶ loving people of the world.  The fact that the TDF have killed, wounded, and captured innumerable perpetrators of war crimes has jacked up a much-needed surge in morale. The fact that the guerilla warfare is intensifying, not only in the enemy̶ controlled areas, but also expanding to operate in other administrative regions of Ethiopia, is highly esteem able and appreciated.

In attempt to sabotage TDF’s recent success, the three known dictators, Abiy, Isaias and Farmaajo of Somalia, are in the process of forming a “Mutual Security and Defense Pact”. However, as they say, to win a war, you must lose several battles (Rao, June 19, 2019), there is no doubt that this new Tigrayan enemy, the  Pact, will be eventually routed and suffer defeat. Since the heroic Tigray Defense Force has been purposely creating overconfidence in the aggressors, now, it is high time for the heroic TDF to use multiple strategies to bring down the morale of the aggressors.  

In addition to the patriotism and heroism of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) that started defending the Tigrayans against Abiy’s amalgamated internal and external forces, adding the forces of the National Congress of Great Tigray (Baytonna), the Tigray Independence Party (TIP), Salsay Weyane Tigray (SAWET) and other forces and individuals has achieved significant victories and must be commended.  

Attempting to actively recruit, groom, galvanize, and empower young Tigrayans under the guidance of TDF could effectively reverberate and launch a massive surge against the soon to emerge Pact.  

Finally, since a number of ethnic groups and concerned Ethiopians are getting into an up-roar and showing concern about the atrocities committed by Abiy’s Prosperity Party and more particularly about the solicited foreign fighter to dismantle Ethiopia, the Oromia, the Benishangul-Gumuz, and other fighters need to collaborate with the Tigrayan Defense Force to get rid of Abiy’s Prosperity Party before Ethiopia gets balkanized. Thereafter, the existing diversity in Ethiopia could be shifted into an advantage by democratically forming a confederation of Ethiopian states, a union of sovereign and independent states with a joint center to accomplish common purposes but that can leave the center at will (Wood, G, (1969).    


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