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Letting Ethiopian Human Rights Commission to investigate war crimes inside Tigray will only end up in one of the worst miscarriages of Justice in History!

Letting Ethiopian Human Rights Commission to investigate war crimes inside Tigray will only end up in one of the worst miscarriages of Justice in History!


Ztseat 03-20-21


Letting Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, itself a partner-in-crime, be a party to investigate war crimes and crimes on Humanity committed inside Tigray will only end up in one of the worst miscarriages of Justice in History!

A letter to Ms. Michelle Bachelet, United Nation Higher commissioner for Human Rights:


Alarmed by your announcement for agreeing to a call by Ethiopian Human Rights Commission for a joint investigation, I hereby write you this letter, also kindly requesting you an immediate retraction to the announcement:


A brief Note on the Genesis and the metamorphosis:

The May-Kadira Massacre and The Subsequent Propaganda Circus- the origins, the purpose/s;


It came to the attention of most Ethiopians and the international community that a heinous massacre of hundreds of civilians is committed in a little-known small town in the Western Tigray, May-kadra, on November 9-10, in the most barbaric ways possible.

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The government owned and party affiliated media in Ethiopia in unison already started the reporting on Nov 10 while the massacre was ongoing in a heated way and jubilantly, in unison. All of them, in one word claimed the massacre to have been "conducted by Tigrians", and "the victims being entirely Ethnic Amhara". The perpetrators were said to have a group name "Samri".


The entire Ethiopian media blew the news in unseen manner, cursing Ethnic Tigray with all kinds of insults and dehumanizing terms , and portraying the entire Tigrians as "killers", and at times "cannibals".


Ethiopian Human Rights Commission came up with 5-paged "report" which they named it "preliminary Report". Ethiopian Humans Rights🙄Commission said that "they dispatched a team to investigate the massacre 5 Days after the incident” and came up with a "report" which simply echoes what the media have been narrating since day one.  Ethiopian Human Rights Commission blamed Ethnic Tigray youth called "Samri" and TPLF to be the perpetrators, and the victims being "Ethnic Amhara".


Amnesty International (East Africa) was seen falling trap of the cooked Ethiopian government's and EHRC's reports and echoing it.


But the evidence which started to come out piece by piece after the report over the past four months showed a completely different picture. That is why the government continues to reject calls for independent investigation.


Unfortunately, Ethiopian government and its "Ethiopian Human Rights Commission" were successful in creating confusion and deceiving the people of Ethiopia and the international community for quite long time, and that enabled them to conduct the atrocities (and the Genocide) in Tigray at a greater voracity.


It can be safely said that the massacre was such an unimaginably brutal massacre orchestrated by Ethiopian and Amhara governments, and conducted by Amhara militiamen and a An Amhara youth armed squad called "Fano". The killers were Ethnic Amhara, and more than 90% of the victims were Ethnic Tigray.

And, there was never a Tigrian youth group named "Samri"; Tigrians were the victims, the Amhara the perpetrators, and Ethiopian and Amhara governments the orchestrators.


This Ethiopian/Amhara Government orchestrated massacre on Ethnic Tigray conducted by Ethnic Amhara, haven taken a completely different(opposite) picture, was in a circus of events, used as a springboard for the subsequent aggravated atrocities and Genocide committed on Ethnic Tigray.


In short, the purpose of the well planned, well-executed, and maliciously & cunningly narrated (to serve a certain purpose) massacre in Maikadra was not limited to killing hundreds or thousands in Maikadra, but rather:

1. To drive away the entire population in May-Kadra;

2. To kill, drive away an entire estimated 1 million population in Western Tigray from their homes and from their land that they inhabited for generations (Ethnic cleansing)

3. To fuel anti-Tigray sentiments throughout Ethiopia, profile Ethnic Tigray, and incite ethnic-based attacks and killings throughout the country.

4. To give Ethiopian army a convincing reason, a purpose to willfully conduct the Genocide on Ethnic Tigray; and a driving impulse to act in the way it is acting now-the unimaginable level of ferociousness, cruelty, and barbarism manifested by Ethiopian soldiers (especially those who are Ethnic Amhara) could have been come from this set up(at least aggravated by it).


More than 4 months on, Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, which claimed to have "dispatched a group to investigate May-Kadra massacre in just five days" failed to "send investigating team/group" or produce even a single page on the massacres in Axum, Dengelet, Debre-Abay, Mahbere Degu, Gijjet, Chilla, Bora Chellena etc. This is simply because there is no way to interchange the killers and the dead, and incriminate the killings into some other cause, or shift the blame to a certain Tigrian party (in the same fashion as what they did in the May-Kadra massacre).


EHRC's lack of adequate institutional capacity and experience, integrity, independence, and credibility is one giant problem on itself; but, more worrisome is that EHRC itself is a party in the conflict and subsequent crimes (including Genocide), by cooking a fake document which fueled the conflict and creating a fertile soil for the subsequent atrocities and Genocide on Ethnic Tigray.


EHRC is a party to be investigated, not a "neutral, independent party to investigate".


A UN-led independent investigation in to the war crimes and grave crimes against humanity is all that Tigray demands; and partners-in-crime cronies like Ethiopian Human Rights commission and the likes of Dr Daniel Bekelle who should themselves be investigated, shall not be let spoil, corrupt the investigation, cover up the truth, and give impunity to their allies and partners in crime, hidden in the name of "Human Rights Institution".


Stop the impending miscarriage of justice and retract your agreement with itself a party in the conflict and Genocide - "Ethiopian Human Rights Commission ".



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