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The Call must be Cease Genocide, not Cease fire.

                       The Call must be Cease Genocide, not Cease fire.


Gebre Selema 06-04-21



I think the world is playing word game such as sanction, visa restriction and now cease fire.  Before this we had monotonous press releases of expressing concerns, worries, deep concerns, deep worries, grave concerns. Now the word game has evolved to sanction, visa restriction and now cease fire.


What is going on in in Tigrai is not war.  It is 100% full blown genocide.  War is only fought between two or more armed groups.  In a war or in a right, land is not a target of the war, trees are not the target of the war. Rivers are not the target of the war.  Crops are not the target of the war. Factories, schools, universities, hospitals, homes, villages, women, girls, nuns, boys, old men, old women are not the target of a war. 


Ethiopia inviting Eritrea, UAE, Somalia and all the Ethiopians states and dividing Tigrai into Amhara, Eritrea, Afar, expelling 1.2 million Tigreans from their homes and killing hundreds of thousands of Tigrean civilians is not a war in any form and shape.  It is genocide in full swing.  This is genocide without ambiguity.  The US, the EU, EU members, UK, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and other countries must wake up even if it is too late now.  Later is better than never.


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The theme of the call of the EU, EU members, Canada, UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and other countries must be a call and action for Ethiopian, Amhara and Eritrean troops to vacate from Tigrai.  This call has been made for 6 months and did no work.  The call must be now for action of military intervention to stop the genocide, not the war.


The genocide watch website clearly stipulates what genocide means and sets the stages of genocide.  It also provides the only one solution of genocide which is direct military intervention. One can neither stop genocide by word play of begging the genociders, by expressing concerns, deep concerns, worries, deep worries, grave concerns nor by sanction nor by visa restriction or nor by non-existing war because what is going on in Tigrai is not war, it is genocide in black and white.


What is to be done? the EU must stop backsliding, it must do what it did in Bosnia, Do Tigreans have to be white skinned to be saved from Genocide? What has been going on in Tigrai is worse than in Bosnia, even worse than Rwanda, reason, what has been happening in Tigrai did not happen in Rwanda and Bosnia.


What is needed now in Tigrai is directly and immediate emergency military rescue operation by NATO short of cuddling, begging, babysitting baby killers.  Anything short of this will do no good except wasting time and giving the genocider more time to do more genocide.


 EU, UK, USA take action now. Remember prevention is better and cheaper than cure. Action speaks louder than words.


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