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Wolde S. 03-10-21


The Joe Biden Government, faithful to its internal and international obligations and commitments, is wholeheartedly endeavoring to redress the Trump government’s reckless involvement in the war of Tigray.


Tigray is grateful to the USA’s new administration. The pretentious ‘spiritualist’ Abiy is slowly but surely exposed as a bloodthirsty dictator who indulges in deceits and innuendos to kill innocent people wave after wave in open war and by Mafia-style murder squads.


The way the dictatorial regime in Addis Ababa organized his military attack on Tigray was discreetly supported by the Eritrean dictator, Isaias, who sent to Tigray 42 Divisions (three hundred sixty soldiers) ready to bounce. Their partners in crime were the weird combination of Amharas. They were a mixture of intellectuals, expansionists, extremists, militia, special forces, and the Fano, with a total of over 150,000 soldiers that roared to attack Tigray. The tragedy was that the two evil leaders (Abiy and Isaias) had synchronized this military showdown with the sophisticated drones of the United Arab Emirates; about three thousand ill-trained Somalia (Mogadishu) governments’ contribution was used as cannon fodders in the war.


On the Ethiopian side, the FDRE had prepared for the shock and awe with over four hundred thousand soldiers albeit, 17% Tegaru of the Federal Defence Force were excluded; most were and still are imprisoned some are under house arrest.


Some forces from local regions were assorted from different regions to give the flavor of “unity.” All rushed their military forces and war armaments (including drones and internationally band payload of chemical weapons (e.g., recently applied in Gejet, Samre, and other towns).


On Nov.4, 2020, they declared war on Tigray. However, it took three years of clandestine coordination to plan and execute the project until the war started. The blatant falsehood that “The Tigray Defence Forces attacked the Northern command” on the 3rd of November was a pretext to confuses ordinary people’s innocent minds.


Even the Amhara Orthodox church leadership in support of the extremists was told that it was unnecessary to depose Archbishop Mathewos a week before the war was declared. (23 of Tekemt Geez Cal.) Shemeles Abdisa and Temesgen Teruneh  (high ranking Officials of PP) advised the diocese meeting that “it was unnecessary to depose the Archbishop for the war on Tigray was going ahead as scheduled soon.”  It seems that some people knew the war was ready to start at any cost. However, it needed a spark to trigger the populous emotionally.


Eritrean dictator took 20 years of preparation while pickled with Venum, waiting for an opportune moment to revenge his previous humiliating defeat in the war of Badame (1998-2000).


That said, however, his three hundred and sixty thousand emaciated soldiers had a stark choice between death through starvation or going to war against Tigray. Except for five hundred brave soldiers who refused war against Tigray, who chose to go to the 360 dark undergrounds of Eritrea’s resting place before the ultimate final day.


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The European Union did not hesitate to condemn the hideous war on the innocent people of Tigray either. The UK and many other non-European governments were also voicing their concern about the war situation in Tigray.


Few but significant powers (China, India, and Russia) have decided to ally with bloodthirsty dictators rather than the universal declaration for human rights, justice, and humanity. Some hesitating to either serve their national interests or stand with the victims as if it contradicts their national responsibilities. When millions of people are at the mercy of other people’s moral support, to hesitate to render such support is tantamount to betraying oneself more than the victims of rough justice.


Col Abiy Ahmed’s regime had been working day and night to destabilize Tigray as a matter of utmost priority. Addis Ababa’s regime cut off the annual budget allocated to Tigray on the weird ground that Tigray should not have conducted a democratic national election. This democratic election was conducted on time as the constitution permitted, that an election should be held every five years before the calendar month of September. Constitutionally, it was the ‘Rubicon River’ that should not be transgressed. The government of Tigray, true to its loyalty and respect to its people, the election was conducted with five parties competing in the General Election.


In no way did the constitution stipulate that the election should or may be postponed. TheThat is what the constitution stands for, and that is what the people of Tigray adhered to preserve the Federal Constitution. All the current war was in part, Tigray remained loyal to the constitution of the country. The Abiy regime was planning to change the federal arrangement and bring a unitary system., Abiy said his mother dreamt that he would be “the Seventh Emperor.” It can only be one by tearing the FDRE constitution of the land and replacing it with a unitary.


The Federal Government is a body in charge of managing the inter and intra highways running throughout the Federal Administration. The main roads that connect Tigray to the rest of Ethiopia, mainly the Tigray Gonder and the Tigray Dessie highways, were blocked for over two years. The main collaborators and allies for these were/are Col Abiy’s Government, who knew the roads’ blockage, the Amhara militia, and the extremists’ Fano terrorists, who are the culprits. A government was on an economic war to cripple the social structure of Tigray. Blocking investors from starting a business in Tigray, (Indian, Chinese, and others) were refused entry to Tigray. The catalog of abuse and systematic economic strangulation had been going on for years.


Abiy and his disciples like Mekonnen, Gedu, Daniel Kebret, the whole Amhara extreme expansionists, were engaged in concocting a blatantly open confrontational, provocative, and abusive approach. From the outset. Demeke Mekonnen, at the end of October, went to Benishangul and declared that the few settlers of Amharas had to be armed against the Benishangul people. It was a declaration of war, intent on tossing the country into a permanent war footing that a few of them stayed in power. The government of government is without ethical and moral values. It lives by spreading lies and innuendos and prefabricated fables to survive every day.  It does not cost Abiy to lie, but it does to the country!


By feeding the public negative propaganda, hate, and falsifications for over 27 years, it was apparent that Isaias’s mission was finally accomplished. For the layman, it was a question of when the war would start. The gang master, however, had penciled the date for a time some would notice. 4th of November was selected.  People all over the world would be preoccupied with the American election.  Thus, after the Ethiopian rainy season, when the festive season is over, the “Shock and Awe” desert storm type of military attack was planned for the 4th of November 2020. The mafia boss was excited to finish off the Eritrean youth in another aimless war of retribution. The meaningless war of Bademe was about to start where it stopped; Today, the human loss, tragically, is far more significant than the first Bademe.


The reason was given to wage the war to Establish “Law and Order,” however it was not.   “Law and Order” was the smokescreen. The bitter hate inherently built-in most Amhara psychics was clouding the average person on the street. They would not want the world to know of the real reason.  - Hate of Tigray and its people had no cure, but coordinated ethnic profiling and mass genocide, by any means including starvation, war, chemical bombing villages, burning crops, destroying schools, mosques, universities hospitals, pillaging anything of use, and wiping out the people of Tigray from the face of Africa / world!


What could be the reason for nearly one million soldiers to descended to Tigray and pulverize it! Abiy Ahmed Ali and Isaias, with their cohorts, declared the war would be over in two or three days. With all the technical and human preparation for the war, the dictators knew that they would finish Tigray for once and for good.


Abiy, Isaias initiated the war, and Formajo, UAE, which currently evacuated from the base of Assab), but financially lubricating the war of Abiy. The war was, in effect, a war of scotch earth policy of criminal gangs bent to maim, loot, and destroy. Even domestic animals in the name of “law and order” are not spared.


For the Tigray Defence Force (TDF), it was merely ‘a survival issue’. It was a modern example of the biblical narration of David vis-à-vis Goliath. Abiy is personified by the biblical icon of the oxymoron Goliath’s bullish character. He was defeated by a young and dynamic David, who used his mind rather than his bodyweight to defeat the prodigious enemy.


Col Abiy believes and behaves like a delinquent child.  As a minuscule dictator, but fantasies, the part-time Bible preacher dreams of prefabricating fairy tales and lies, feeble to rule over Ethiopia, is but Pollyanna! Abiy Ali, the past master of illusion, thinks he can cheat and swindle his way to remain in power. For the ordinary observer, even the ‘damn and stupid’ Amhara extremists will not let him mock on their behalf concerning their dream of expansionism is realized!


Although he believes that people have a short memory, which he feels could be used in his favor, on the contrary, it is his illusion that other people fall victims of, when in fact, it is he who suffers from such a shortfall that traps him down to his dislike!


In conclusion, then, we see to a certain extent how we as a people are not lucky to have such an elusive leader who betrays his people and annihilates one of the core population by conniving with external enemies! By any standard, this is called treason.


It can only explain this unpredictability. Abiy befriends the most notorious psychopath of our area. The three billion dollars (3 Billion dollars) that the Arabs gave each to Abiy and Isaias during the make-believe ‘Peace’ Agreement of 2018 was a douceur to wage war on Tigray. It was a Mazuma to strengthen the personal dominance of the inadequate and without forwarding-looking leadership of Abiy and his cliques.


In the name of a make-believe accusation of “law and order,” Tigray was devastated but not defeated. The AA criminal government raised the idea of “law and order” to ascertain its genocidal crimes on Tigray. The ethnic cleansing pursued is not limited to military institutions and civil employees like Ethiopian Airlines, telecommunication, municipality employees, and many other places within the country’s corners and abroad. Ethnic cleansing and genocidal crimes are also transcended by economic disruption at all levels. Starvation is used as a means to mass extermination.


The declared refusal to let international support to the needy people is a confrontation with the International donors. The closure of banking service, power cut, telephone disconnecting, and email blocking, depriving clean water are the same strategies to degrade Tigray. Anything that moves and installs worth of value and life is targeted in Tigray! If these are not genocides, what else could be?


The questions to ask:-


1.What was the relationship of cows who depend on the grass with “law and order”?


2.Why do the enemy soldiers cut hundreds of thousands of Mango, Papaya, Avocado, Banana all over Tigray?


3.What was the reason for looting Churches, Mosques, Monasteries? Did Abiy Ali want to introduce his new religion of “law and order” in Tigray?


4.When the mercenary soldiers of Abiy stand next to the mercenary soldiers of Isaias, and gang rape children, women of all ages from age seven to 80-year-olds, nuns, were they teaching each other “law and order”? Or they sent the lowest human beings to teach us “law and order”?


5.Is the burning of crops, 500 houses burnt to the ground in Gejet and more in Samre, the murdering of 48 priests in Ahsea, the massacre of over 750 people in Axum, the massacre of over 700 in Mai-Kadera, the deliberate cutting a hand and a leg of young girls, was it not the “law and order” of Col Abiy and the mad dictator Isaias Afeworqi?


The “law and order of these mentally sick leaders with their mercenary soldiers will hopefully face the real “Law and Order” in the International Court to redress injustice with justice and society to grieve for its loss and continue what sene societies do. To live harmoniously, forget but never forgive the criminals till eternity. It is not the tragedy of a few women, girls, and babies. It is also the society that has been gang-raped by primitive people far lower than sub-human values to life.!!!



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