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In the Age of Satellite Remote Sensing and Vision no one can hide Genocide.

In the Age of Satellite Remote Sensing and Vision no one can hide Genocide.


Gebre Selema 03-01-21


�� If cutting off electricity, internet, water, telephone, bank account, food, road, budget, salary, killing, bombing, looting, raping women from the age of 4 to 92 years old, burning of crops, looting of live stocks, bombing of factories, universities, schools, churches, hotels and extrajudicial killing of people of all walk of life cannot hide the genocide of ethnic Tigreans, the fake facade of sovereignty will not hide it.


The new USA administration has started to hold the bulls in East Africa by the horn which I believe is the right step in the right direction. It must be known the Donald trump Administration specially SOS Mike Pompeo, Tipor Nagi, and Michael Raynor and Mousa Saki of AU who openly served as spokesmen of Terrorist Abiy Ahmed Ali has Tigreans blood in their hand. According to me, there is no selective justice, justice has no color or race or nationality or status. Injustice on any human is injustice on every human being.� I hope all those who have their hands drenched in Tigrean blood such as SOS Mike Pompeo, Tibor Nagi, Michaeal Rayno, Mousa Saki of AU and the AU itself, and the Saudi, UAE must be dragged to the international criminal court together with the extreme fascist, and terrorist Abiy Ahmed Ali and his black Nazi friend Issayas Afeworki Crime is crime. Crime has no color or race or status.�


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Now the extreme terrorists, I am calling them extreme terrorists because what they have done in Tigrai in the past three months is beyond what terrorists do. I have never heard terrorists raping women or leave alone raping 4-year-old baby girls. I have never heard terrorist shooting animals. I have never heard terrorist raping in groups women or Christians. I have never heard terrorist burning crops. I have never heard terrorist cutting pregnant women open to kill a baby boy in the womb of a woman. I� have never heard terrorist� using chemical weapon, white phosphorous that is internationally outlawed because it kills micro fauna, micro flora, pollutes soil and water. In short white phosphorus transforms the land into a waste land where nothing grows. Extreme terrorist Abiy Ahmed Ali used internationally banned chemical weapon white phosphorus in Gijet and Samre and destroyed Samre and Gijit including the surrounding area.� The crime is still on going across Tigrai as I speak and the extreme terrorists are now rattled and in panic because the new USA administration is openly telling the Terrorist Amhara militia and the black Nazi extreme terrorist of Eritrean troops to vacate Tigrai immediately.


Terrorist Abiy Ahmed Ali is now crying about sovereignty via his illegal and illegitimate foreign minister Demeke Mekonen.� Everyone must understand that right now Ethiopia has no legal government. The group in power is illegal, illegitimate, Junta group or brigand who usurped power illegally by postponing election twice by violating the Ethiopian constitution. If there is no legal government, it means there is no government in Ethiopia.� The objective reality on the ground also shows that there is no government. No legal or responsible government would invite foreign countries to do genocide on its own people. This is the reason the extreme terrorist Abiy Ahmed Ali invited Saudi, UAE, Somalia, Eritrrea to do genocide on Tigrai by blacking out Tigrai from the entire world by cutting off everything under the sun.� All that blacking out of the genocide is not working because one can only hide truth for sometimes, but not forever.� Now extreme terrorist Abiy Ahmed Ali has one last card to play with which is Sovereignty.� He is trying to hide himself and his crime and to continue doing the genocide by putting a new mask of sovereignty so that he can go on swimming in bloodshed.


The new USA administration must know there is no legal and legitimate government in Ethiopia right now. There is no sovereignty now.� The illegal and illegitimate group has violated the sovereignty of Ethiopia when it violated the Ethiopian constitution for three solid years by postponing election twice to stay on power illegally.� It violated the sovereignty when its cut budget to Tigrai, when it cut roads to Tigrai when it invited Somali, UAE, Eritrea to bomb Tigrai.� It violated the Ethiopian sovereignty when it invaded Tigrai by violating the constitution of Ethiopia. It violated when it invaded Tigrai using Amhara region illegally. According to the Ethiopian constitution, leave alone Eritrea, Somalia, UAE, even Ethiopians federal forces are not allowed to enter into Tigai without� Tigrai permission or invitation. What extreme terrorist Abiy Ahmed Ali did in Tigrai has never been done in the entire human history.�� It is like his right honorable PM Justin Trudeau inviting USA, Brazil, Argentina and all Canadian states to invade, bomb, loot, genocide Quebec State?� Think about it? It is like his excellency President Joe Biden inviting Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina to invade, bomb, genocide, New York or California State. This crime is beyond human imagination.

Thus, Ethiopia has no sovereignty now.� The illegal, illegitimate group in Addis Ababa has neither legal nor moral mandate to talk about sovereignty.


Amhara land claim is also fiction.� The current Tigrai we have is carved out by Menelick Amhara king after the death of the Tigreans king Emperor Yohanes. Menelick divided Tigrai into two. Half he sold it to Italy for 1 million Lira and for 289000 guns and he further divided the remaining half of Tigrai into Wollo, Gojam, Gonder, and he carved out the small Tigrai we have now which is Menelick Tigrai, not the real Tigrai. Tigrai has now ancestral land in Gonder, Gojam, Wollo. In short, the real Tigrai is part of Wollo plus paart of Gojam plus part of Gonder plus Eritrea plus afar. This is the true Tigrai. Leave alone Amhara to claim land from Tigrai, Amhara region itself never existed before.� It is TPLF which created Amhara region from nowhere.� If anyone wanted to know about Tigrai and Amhara history, I suggest read Professor Pankhurst book of Ethiopian history and he has put it clearly in his book Amhra rulers stealing Tigrean history, land and culture.� It is recommended for everyone to use Professor Punkrust book as reference. If we go back in time, there is no any land that is being called Amhara land, never existed. It is TPLF who recycled Menelick project and empowered them to be as dangerous as they are now.� TPLF wrong policy is costing Tigreans too much or put Tigreans on the verge of extermination.


Therefore, the new USA administration is on the right track and the invaders must vacate immediately. It must not be they should, it must be they must vacate from Tigrai immediately and pay back every penny they took from Tigrai and the main actors� must be dragged to ICC to be judged in front of the world as world class criminals. No hiding under fake sovereignty.


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