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We Commend the USA; Thank you, but No Thanks for the OAU Interference!

We Commend the USA; Thank you, but No Thanks for the OAU Interference!



The message of Support: on the resolution of UNSC on 11/3/21


The Government of the USA’s position expressed by its foreign secretary, Antony Blinlken, has incontrovertible evidence ethnic cleansing is taking place in Tigray by the joint forces of Amhara, federal-state forces, and Eritrean army. Based on the United Nations human rights Charter, this is an act of genocide committed against the Tigrian people. This act of genocide has been happening daily since the 4th of November 2020. 


Innumerable young, older men and women have fallen victims to such acts; a few examples of the gruesome crimes have come out to light for the world to see. The question is an urgent quest: how long can the Tigrian people endure the unendurable before their existence as a wholesome entity become a nonrealty. 


The decision that the aggressors and violators of human rights need to leave Tigray immediately is a commendable course of action and a much-needed boost for Tigrians. We, a Diaspora Association of Tigrians in Europe appreciate the USA for standing with the victims, as ever, we have no doubt the USA is the land that extends its hands for other people all over the world at the time of their needs. That asserted, we likewise, call up on other nations to follow the USA path taken to stave off the Tigrains from total annihilation by external dark forces.


The level of Atrocities and crime committed against the people is incalculable shut off from the rest of the world by design to conceal their inhumane acts of evil, we ask the world to come to the rescue before it is too late and regret it later.

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We call up on freedom living people of the world to act now! and save the people who have not committed anything against other people. In fact, the people of Tigray are known for disregarding their interests to defend the Ethiopian people from the brutal regime of Mengestu Hailemariam and others in the past.


The aggressors now appear to be a bit worried that their genocidal crimes are exposed in the eyes of the world. That said, instead of retreating to their camps, they are reinforcing and intensifying their evil and egregious acts to mopped out Tigreans sooner than planned in case for fear of being compelled and forced to leave the region.


Thus, whilst the USA’s position is a light at the end of the tunnel. Paradoxical, it is doubling the pain and losses of lives and wonton distractions of assets, including the uprooting of orchards bearing fruits, looting crops, and domestic assets. It is a point in case of staving to the extinction of the people depending on the soil and plants for a living.


Act now do not procrastinate, giving ample time before these demons fulfill the evil mission to wipeout Tigray of its people. Act Now, if you do not you are culpable, and history won’t forget!


 We have a suspension Abiy Ahmed will not leave no stone unturned to hide and perpetuate the crime unleashed, but we not let him do so! ዝዕበኽዋ ከልቢ ነኽሳትኒ ክምዝብሃል The OAU has now reared its head to lead peaceful negotiation between the warring parties. But behaviours of the past few months have taught us a bitter lesson who this Organization is in favour.


The OAU is not working to alleviate the misery of the people; its deeds are to the contrary - enriching dubious leaders hanging on using the barrels of guns as a means.


The turn of face and appearing as a peace maker Is a shunpike designed by OAU and cohorts to buy time whilst the people of Tigray are waiting in eagerness to see action taken to end the nightmare! Whilst time and conditions were conducive to settle the conflict, Moussa Faki Mahamat, as the head of the Organization declared it was it was an act of “Law and Order Enforcement”; an internal matter no one has a mandate to interfere! Now the crimes committed rose from the graves and the world is made to note, Janus-faced Moussa Faki Mahamat and the organization he leads wish to get involved, is this once again a ploy to help Abiy, his friend to buy time and prolong the suffering of Tigrians. It is. We know better and humbly tell him to stay away. Thanks, but No thanks for your dubious efforts.


Diaspora Association of Tigrians in Europe

March 13, 2021

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