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United Nation Human Right Commissioner, Michelle Nichols, Puts Woods on Tigrean Wounds

United Nation Human Right Commissioner, Michelle Nichols, Puts Woods on Tigrean Wounds


Gebre Selema 03-21-21


 Albert Einstein said: “Two things are infinite: Human stupidity and the Universe, but I am not sure about the Universe.” I think Albert Einstein did not only know special relativity but also human stupidity.  I am still reeling from the impact of her excellency’s irresponsible, insensitive cruel, inhuman, illogical, irrational statement that she will investigate the Tigrai genocide jointly with the illegal, illegitimate, genocidaire ex pm Abiy Ahmed Ali. Everyone knows Abiy Ahmed Ali blacked out Tigrai since Nov 4 by cutting off electricity, water, telephone, internet, banking, transportation, mobility, trade, all life activities, and sanction on Tigrai curfew with clear intent to conduct genocide on Tigrean in darkness so that the world will not know. Take note, this is still going on.  Accordingly, Abiy Ahmed Ali invited Somalia, UAE, Eritrea, and used all Ethiopian states militia and the standing army of Ethiopia to implement his genocide of ethnic Tigreans. He has bombed or destroyed or dismantled or looted the entire Tigrai, all villages, towns, cities, universities, factories, lives-stocks and he has not even left grain in homes in barrels. He is still conducting  active genocide using parallel war of rape, looting, extrajudicially killing, mass murdering of teenagers boys on broad-day light, burning crops, shooting or looting all live stocks he comes across. There is nothing left of all kind of atrocities Abiy Ahmed Ali has done in Tigrai.


It is deeply puzzling and disturbing why her excellency Michelle Nichols, have decided to entangle herself in a crime against humanity by blindly cuddling with world known genocider Abiy Ahmed Ali? Is this because of incompetence or corruption? I like using verses from the Bible. There is a verse in the Bible that says corruption blind the eyes, deafens the ears, hardens the heart, pervert’s justice and truth. The verse urges believers to flee away from corruption. I hope that what I am thinking is wrong that this nefarious and infamous statement of article released by her excellency Is perhaps due to incompetence. But I have heard many times UNHRC is corrupt. There are indicators the organization is corrupt because it has been chaired by countries who do not value human right and democracy. I can quote from this article Saudi Arabia loses vote for UN Human Rights Council seat; China, Russia win (, “Elected directly by secret ballot by a majority of the U.N. General Assembly, the vote has for years been criticized as being plagued by back-door deals.“ To be honest, I am smelling grand corruption here.  Guess who was there for two terms and on what standard? Guess who has a seat now there. This is human miscarriage. This like going naked in public sphere and exposing yourself to the public to see. This is not only an insult to about 14 million Ethnic Tigreans in the horn but also an insult to all humanity on the planet.

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It is like her excellency would have been willing to investigate 9/11 attack on USA soil jointly with Osma Bin Laden. If she can say she wanted to investigate Abiy genocide with Abiy himself, what would stop her from investigating 9/11 jointly with Osma Bin Laden. My tons of questions, how did degrade herself? What happened to her?  Is not the illegal, illegitimate Abiy Ahmed Ali the commander in chief who give orders his low-class soldiers to rape baby girls of age 4 to Catholic nuns? Is it not him who give order churches to bombed, young boys to mass murdered and thrown the cliff? Take note, when the recently interviewed prisoner of war was asked by TDF Journalist why they allowed Eritrean to do what they have been doing to Tigreans. He said we have been ordered from above to do nothing. Was her excellency involved in the Bosnia crime against humanity investigation? Did she investigate the war crime against humanity in Bosnia jointly with Radovan Karadzic?


I personally cannot believe this real one. Something is wrong with her excellency or someone has wheedled her to release this morally wrong press statement article that she will investigate the crime against humanity in Tigrai.  This does not make any sense in anyway or in any society, in any culture or in any religion. The statement in itself is irresponsible, corrupt and lacks integrity.


Take note, the Ethiopian Human Right Commission is as illegal as Abiy Ahmed Ali himself. This EthioHRC is set up by Abiy Ahmed Ali himself and Dr. Daniel is picked by Abiy himself. EthioHRC means Dr. Daniel Bekele. Dr. Daniel Bekele means Abiy Ahmed Ali. Dr. Daniel Bekele is also an Amhara man. Dr. Daniel is directly involved in the Mai Cadra genocide. Dr. Daniel has immediately misrepresented, misreported to the world by misinforming the world that genocide or massacre was done in Mai Cadra and he did in 2 or 3 days after the genocide, very fast and he lied by misrepresenting and misreporting that the victims of MaiCadra were Amhara while the truth Mai Cadra is a Tigrean town, and its residents were 98% Ethnic Tigreans. His lies have been exposed by eyewitness and survivors those victims were Ethnic Tigreans. This was verified by Somali medical personnel who was in Mai Cadra when the killing was taking place. He saw by his own eyes when Fano Amhara were going house to house killing Ethnic Tigreans.


Therefore Dr. Daniel Bekele aka EthioHRC is directly involved in the Mai Cadra genocide. It is because it is involved it tried to blame the victims.  Dr.Daniel Bekele did not mention anything about Fano in Mai Cadra. Reason, he was directly involved and a player in the genocide drama he played.  Take note, Dr.Daniel Bekele aka EthioHRC has said a word about all the destruction and genocide across Tigrai while the entire world is talking about it. Instead, he has praised and proclaimed he is happy about what is happening in Tigrai. Is there anyone who is happy about what is happening in Tigrai now? No one is happy, only Dr. Daniel aka EthioHRC and Abiy Ahmed Ali are the only happy by shedding of Tigreans.


I suggest the European union must not be silent about the mess UNHRC and UNDP are creating in Tigrai. UNHRC and UNDP are advocating genocide. They have to be stopped.  He EU and USA must say no to open broad day light corruption. We have heard similar low-level communication by UNDP administrator to the UN general Director.


Right now, our focus is to stop the active genocide. This is our priority, and the rest is secondary.  Investigation can be done only after the crime is being stopped. One cannot investigate war field. If investigation does not require peace why her excellency did not go to Tigrai to investigate in the past four months? First thing first, second thing second, third thing third. Talking about investigation while the crime is ongoing is like putting the horse behind the chariot or cart.


Investigation must be done by neutral body.  Criminals never investigate themselves. This is weird. The investigation must be done by external parties who have no connection with the crime or who have no vested interest in the crime. We better have no investigation than to have a fake one.  We wanted investigation to be done by new neutral investigation commission that will involve European Union and another external none-partisan. We cannot trust now even UN as we see them now, they lack integrity. 

Therefore her excellency Michele Nichols must retract her statement and must apology the Tigrean community for causing to hurt and pain by putting woods into Tigreans wounds. Human Right must start from home. 

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