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Tigray on Fire!

Tigray on Fire!

Kalayu Abrha  02-16-21


Oh Lord the Greatest save Tigray;

By Your Might and Grace hear my cry.


People are punished for electing leaders;

As the demise of The Constitution heralds;

They are brutally invaded by evil hordes;

By an army of the dead like in the “Game of Thrones”;


Your people are slaughtered and their livelihood messed;

Virgins dishonored, Nuns are raped, and Priests murdered; 

Your Shrines are ruined and Relics are looted;

Hunger as a weapon of war is unleashed;

To exterminate millions and leave their land deserted;

Hundreds of thousands in refugee tents encamped; 

Ungrateful Ethiopians silent, traitors crazing, as the World its feet dragged;

To the tune of war as religious leaders danced;

And the cruel and aimless Eritrean troops rampaged.


The Tigray Defense Force fights as before never seen;

More than the Spartans of the ancient had been;

Leaders in the bush, suffering and dying, like their countrymen. 

Painful it may be, it may as well take longer;

Victory is certain, Tigray will emerge stronger!


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