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Swarthy Tigray!

Swarthy Tigray!


Black Tigray burned face,

How many times were you bed

bound in throes?


How many times did you die,

Buried in an unmarked burial places,

Only to miraculously rise,

The indomitable enemies to face?


Swarthy Tigray, beauty full of grace

How many times did you face

The executioner trying to pierce

you with his lance;

Only to discover you are made of

a liquid fire in midair that prances;

To deliquesce in an instance

Offensive Lances;

And the culprits go in trance;

Hoisted with their own petard-

o less but comeuppance?


Bronzy burned face;

How many times did you stand

in defense of the children you gave birth;

From time immemorial against all wroth;

Be it nature or manmade malice?


Black Tigray gracious mother

At a time of excess or dearth,

You did give birth

Gallants sons and daughters in success

To stave off enemiesí policy of

Scorch  to earth,

To deface and leave you in disgrace?


How many times did they pollute your rivers;

Burnt your forests?


How many times did they plundered your wealth;

Trampled your fence?


How many times did they rip off and slash your flesh,

Only to discover an unremitting proud-flesh to resurface;

To stave off the intruders afresh?


How many times have the obstreperous

sons †of yours,

Been cunningly enlisted;

To undermine your sovereign place,

and your good name defaced;

Only to discover

Your divine power

Is beyond their militaristic hardwires?

Swarthy burned face

Mother of the relentless;

Never I have I hesitated your resilience,

And your rock harden endurance!

I am blessed;

I am one of your race

I have been away for so long I confess,

But never have I slept in peace

Amid the aliens, moiling  with my fists,

To make ends meet;


That one day the nakedness

and brutality you & I now face

Shall properly redressed!!


Temesgn Kebede


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