Strange World: Collaborating with the criminals to expose their crimes.

Kalayu Abrha 03-19-21

A brilliant friend of mine always has words to describe all of the observations he makes; but when it comes to what sometimes happens in Ethiopia, he frequents a very interesting expression. He would say: "Ethiopia is a land of 13 months of surprises". This says it all! We have by now become used to the surprises taking place in Tigray which bewilder any logically thinking person. The dictionary is too weak to express it in words and communicate effectively. This week someone on interview in some Tegaru media outlet rightly said, "What is happening in Tigray is hard to process in the head". Ethiopia's notorious experience with generating surprises has reached its peak this week when the enablers to perpetrators of the crimes being committed in Tigray are mischievously posing as investigators of the crimes, they themselves instigated.

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I have always found it hard to understand where the human element in world diplomacy dwells. My understanding of why international organizations are established is conventional. I feel that they are there to protect the value of life humanity holds dearly but is often violated by individuals and groups. In this cruel world of vice. This job requires dedication and self-sacrifice, a vow to serve humankind. Those leading and working in the international bodies are like missionaries who are devoid of concealed personal agenda behind their service. If an international organization turns out to be just a golden opportunity to be located at the highest salary scales, then everything is lost.

In the four months of "dirty" war in Tigray we have seen and heard the world diplomatic community making sense and losing sense at the same time. While the EU, notably Ireland and the USA made the Tigray issue a family affair of their own and are sleeplessly fighting to end the tragedy, others are locked in callous diplomatic routine of engaging with the very government in Ethiopia which has unleashed the forces of evil on Tigray. Instead of conducting independent investigation on whether or not Eritrean troops are in Tigray violating Ethiopian sovereignty and committing atrocities on a biblical scale, they prefer to call and ask the government of Ethiopia if it has allowed Eritrean troops into Tigray and turned blind eye to the atrocities they are committing. They know the answer before they pick up the phone. In their sane mind how can they expect a criminal to admit its crime to a foreign government or to a chief of a world organization? What they are doing is just transferring the burden on their backs using the business-as-usual diplomatic list of chores.

Now we have come to yet another more troubling negligence of the international community. The world human rights commission preferred to be too conventional in collaborating with the Ethiopian government wing of "human rights" to investigate the human rights abuses and war crimes committed in Tigray by the same government that pays monthly salary to employees and allocates annual budget to the human rights commission it fully controls. The world human rights commission is assuming that there is a democratic government in Ethiopia which has freely functioning checks and balances as it is in the USA and Europe. It is clear to this World human rights commission that this is not true. It knows already that the results of the investigation will be that the government of Ethiopia has been blessing and embracing and caressing the people of Tigray. The World commission must stop such insensitivity to the plight of the people of Tigray. Which government in Africa would do self-censure, travel to the Haig on its own free will, and face the ICC?
I cannot imagine the ladies and gentlemen in the World Body are oblivious to this simple truth unless they intend to engage in lip service to Tigray. The AU chief is another hypocrite who now turned into an investigator of a crime he blessed let alone try to prevent it. The World body of human rights and the AU have deviated from serving the truth the world expects them to do. They are busy with coverups for an undisclosed reason. Tigray will survive and thrive, but those that failed it in this time of need will live with thier wrecked conscience if they have got any tiny bit of it.

Tigray will triumph!!

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