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Spitfire Dragon!

Spitfire  Dragon!

Yared Huluf 06-19-21


Once upon a time, It is reckoned 

There was a paper dragon 

As long as a steam engine 

Running fast than faster,

Spitting fire,

Puffing and huffing vapours 

That gathered in to cumulus 

Resulting in galley washer.


Then the dragon thought

It was real, God made

Destine to rule the world

And a thought came to mind

It could leave the truck blade;

Sway and Glide;

Take off to the air unaided

Spiting fire, twirl hooked tail

It hovered around and about 

Asserting it was there to stay

Come hell or high water

Its reign over the  subjects 

Have to be obeyed!

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That said, In the high skies 

Feeling comfortable 

It overestimated the strength 

Of its muscles 

But suddenly the little cogs

And ratchets 

That help swirl the wheels tight

We’re not as strong as once thought

As they came  off and dropped like Dumbledore, 

That lost its aerobatics gossamer.


Desperate to stay looking majestic

After losing the centipedes that help it once walk,

the paper dragon 

That was the cover, began to mimic 

An eagle; the sky king;

It soared higher and higher

Passed the outer hemisphere 

But then unlike the eagle 

It was unable to deal

With  the gravity rules

And got  blown away out of control;

Not to be seen again;

Customarily to entertain 

Around the Great Wall 

Where it once began to crawl.




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