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Mr Chairman, Thank you, but NO! A Big NO!

Mr Chairman,

Thank you, but NO! A Big NO!


Chairman of the African Union commission Mr
Moussa Faki Mahamat


(Zst-Tig) 03-12-21


Ethiopian government rejected mediation efforts by the then chairperson of African union, President Cyril Ramphosa.  President Ramaphosa appointed a team of ‘Distinguished States-persons’ to help end the conflict. The group consisted of 3 distinguished former Presidents (former Mozambican President Joachim Chissano, Liberia’s ex-President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and former South African President Kgalema Motlanthe) and were sent as AU’s special envoys to Ethiopia. Ethiopia rejected their effort for peaceful resolution of the conflict.


Individual African leaders, including leaders of Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, DRC, Sudan, Djibouti e.t.c also called for a peaceful resolution of the conflict, but Ethiopian government rejected their calls.


Chairman of the African Union commission Mr Moussa Faki Mahamat was either quiet, or at times supportive of the campaign of Genocide on Tigray by Ethiopian and Eritrean governments and Amhara expansionist Genocidal forces. His reelection was what he cared for, and he chose to sacrifice Tigray and the horn for that.


Mr Moussa Faki simply enabled all the atrocities, the war crimes, crimes on humanity, Genocide committed (and still ongoing) in Tigray.


When the going goes tough, when the evidence about the grave crimes on humanity slip out of the hands of the government who wished to "dismember and finish Tigray" in the dark, and surfaces to the wider international community; and, when the pressure on the forces of Genocide mount, Chairman of the AU commission- the enabler of the Genocide in Tigray- Mr Moussa Faki, comes for a mission of saving the Genocidal forces in Ethiopia and Eritrea. The chairman tells us that the government of Ethiopia is to engage with certain ''Africa Commission on Human and peoples Right (ACHPR)' in the investigation of the alleged human Rights violations in Tigray".

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AU commission, under its “African Solution for African Problems" scapegoat, intends to give additional life to the Genocide in Tigray, and impunity to the perpetrators of the crimes.


Africa (and most profoundly the African Union Commission) has failed Tigray as it did to Rwanda, Darfur and many others over the years, and having a chairman proven to be "Genocide Enabler" has aggravated the problem. 


The international community shall take serious note of all of these. And hence, the international community shall deny this body(ACHPR) and the Chairman of the commission(a proven Genocide Enabler) an opportunity to be the instruments (better referred as "useful idiots") of the criminals in Ethiopia and Eritrea who are on a campaign of Genocide on Tigray.


Mr Chairman Moussa Faki, we thank you for this "effort", but, NO! We only humbly request you to back off from this issue now taking a perfect course.


Please stay away!


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