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Latest internal U.S. government report and Ethiopian Human Rights Commission


Latest internal U.S. government report and Ethiopian Human Rights Commission


Governance Forum Ė 02-27-21


The latest internal U.S. government report further consolidates the concerns that we have been reflecting for quite some time. It cemented the fact that Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC), EHRC's Director Dr Daniel Bekelle(a close confidant of the Prime Minister), and the rest of the hierarchy down in the ladder(and the entire organization) cannot be trusted in matters related to Tigray.


Let the international community know that they were all collaborators in the Genocide on Ethnic Tigray. They are party in the conflict, and accomplices in all the war crimes, crimes on humanity and Genocide. EHRC cannot and shall not be taken as an "independent organ" that can carry out "an independent, fair" investigation in the war crimes and crimes on humanity(including Genocide) committed by Eritrea and Ethiopia on Ethnic Tigray.


A Tigray-phobic Director Daniel Bekelle, and an institution repeatedly shown to lack impartiality, fairness and credibility, cannot be trusted, especially in matters related to Tigray region and Ethnic Tigray that they they wish to get exterminated. Never!

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It is a known fact to the public in Tigray that Dr Daniel Bekelle is one of vocal voices who have have been conspiring for the Genocide in Tigray.


It should be remembered that Dr Daniel and his EHRC needed only few days to conclude that "the massacre in Mai-Kadra was conducted by Ethnic Tigray and the victims were all ethnic Amhara"; he come up with this report just from his office.


The well- planned, well-executed massacre in Mai-Kadra was conducted by Amhara forces with the full knowledge and guidance of Ethiopian Federal Government and Ethiopian Human Rights Commission. Through distorting, twisting the fact, and amplifying the false narrative, EHRC galvanized anti-Tigray sentiments, creating fertile ground for the crimes on humanity that followed. Ethiopian Human Rights Commission and it's chief Dr Daniel Bekelle engineered, enabled the Genocide in Tigray.


Dr Daniel and his EHRC's made-up report even misled Amnesty international through his brother-in-law that he injected using his connections while he was heading Africa's Division on Human Rights Watch. Dr Daniel and EHRC intentionally distorted the fact, misled the world, and enabled the Genocide on Ethnic Tigray.


Lately, there are unverified reports that Dr Daniel of EHRC is closely working with Amhara forces to conceal possible evidence of the massacre in Maikadra and ordered the entire town to burn it to ashes. The latest (Feb 13-15) massive fires in the town to destroy the town and the evidence there, were set under his guidance.


He guided, enabled the Ethnic cleansing on Western Tigray through his cover-ups, distortions; he enabled all the war crimes, crimes on humanity and Genocide in Tigray by Eritrea's forces, Amhara's forces and Ethiopian army.


He has zero credibility, and he has deep-seated hatred for Tigray and its people. This is not just a rumor or a wild guess, but something proven over the years.


Although only his misleading report on Maikadra is what is known to the international so far, it shall be known that it was just a small example- just tip of the iceberg.


Dr Daniel and his EHRC shall be excluded from anything related to Tigray; he shall be kept at armís length from anything to do with Tigray.

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