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Free Jawar Mohammed!


Free Jawar Mohammed!

By Aesop


It is time for the Oromo people to extract their leader, Jawar, from prison. Regardless of his political ambitions, Jawar is too young to languish in prison. Anyone who opposes him should debate him at the political arena, not starve him to death. On May 31, 2021, Jawar twitted: “Abiy hasn't become, Abiy always has been. The few of us who called for extreme caution when he first came into the fore were dismissed. Look at him now.” Well, Oromia, LOOK AT HIM NOW! What are you going to do about it? Tigreans are facing him and his allies face on at the battlefield!

The Oromo people are lucky- for their leader, Jawar, is still alive. He’s weak but still alive. Jawar Mohammed has been forged in the best intellectual furnaces of the world ready made to lead his people out from oppression and humiliation. I do not necessarily agree with many of the things this leader uttered about Tigrai and its leaders. But I can understand that a leader must do whatever it took to promote the interest of his people. Nobody can deny that Jawar is fighting for his beloved people: the Oromo!!

To put it simply, Jawar is someone the world cannot afford to lose! He is somebody oppressed people in Oromia, in Ethiopia, in Africa, and the world needs not just to voice their grievance but debate at the world stage to argue their case. Jawar is a treasure that oppressed people of the world need in this cold world for nobody gets to have the opportunity that he had to develop his/her critical thinking skills and still deploy it to serve oppressed people. The people of Oromia, you need to snatch your leader, Jawar, from the Diocletian sword oppressors place him beneath. Jawar is young, he has a bright future he deserves to experience and cherish along his wife and child.

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Nobody can deny that Jawar has the potential to help lead Oromia at least 20-30 years down the line. His intellectual caliber has blinded all oppressors North and South. I am not implying that Oromia lacks intellectuals equaling or even exceeding that of Jawar. But nobody except him has paid whatever price it took to emancipate his people from oppression. And what is most tragic is the fact that Jawar gave in to his own kin. Jawar’s sin was trusting his own Oromo kin leading Ethiopia. Jawar ended up in this dire circumstance because he placed too much faith on Oromia’s leaders- who betrayed their own people. Jawar never suspected his own kin would incarcerate him. But this not something unique for Jawar. Remember that it was Judas Escariot who led the Pharisees to Jesus’s camp who in turn took him to Pallet Pontius to be crucified. Great leaders are betrayed by nobody but their own kin- same thing happened in Tigrai.

When Jawar was asked why he repatriated to the Ethiopian empire, he said that he trusted the Oromo people. His trust was not misplaced for we have seen that, when necessary, the Oromo people can move mountains. Today, Jawar and his compatriots have taken the last measure against their oppressors. They have resorted hunger strike despite underlying health conditions. The oppressors have counteracted this measure by highlighting the war in Tigrai. They are killing tens of thousands of people in Tigrai-hoping to cover up the silent murder they are exacting on Oromia’s true leaders like Jawar. So, Oromo need to ask one question: Why is the world silent as oppressors kill our PRECIOUS leaders? PERHAPS YOU NEED TO STEP UP YOUR GAME for you cannot afford to lose JAWAR!

Oromia needs to study and device an effective means to mobilize and deploy her children as Tigrai is doing. That path will be steep and require sacrifice as Tigrai. But if Oromia’s children step up boldly, nobody will ever undermine Oromia’s interest ever again without thinking twice. It is all about reading. It is all about organization. Assess your conditions and craft your STRATEGY and test it against your enemies on the GROUND.  Then, mother nature will upgrade you through PRACTICAL (often bitter) feedback. Its all about sacrifice. Your own experience showed you that: NO PEOPLE IN HISTORY EVER GAINED FREEDOM WITHOUT PAYING SACRIFICE! It is all about resilience- a belief that it is better to die than surrender! I’ll argue that Jawar has passed his true twit by resorting to starvation. JAWAR has proved that its better to die than surrender. Pay him back before it’s too late!!



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