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Because we are black

Because we are Black!!


We hide in nooks and foxholes,

In despair

But to no avail 

We do not escape the wrath 

In cold blood we are still murdered;

By invaders!


Indiscriminate orgastic spell,

Videos From Around The World

Young and old,

Were forced to surrender

And gang raped

Until our vaginas torn asunder!

But no one seems to care,

Because of what we are; 

Black skinned destined to bear,

For we are subhuman creatures,

Inferiors considered!


As we walk in the streets,

To visit neighbours,

We are kidnapped 

And put in a jail and tortured

Because we are black,

Meant hardship to bear,

No one gives a toss and care,

For we are subhuman creatures,


Hundred days passed,

Invisible for world to notice,

Without food and water,

Medicine or shelter;

Living in the dark 

As if to the Stone Age,

The world has gone back!

But who cares,

We are black,

Hardships meant to bear!


We are Tegarus, abide,

We take pride;

We live within our bounds

And trespass nobody’s land;

But walk freely around,

We are denied;

Because we black

It does not matter amenities

If we lack;

The world wishes to get rid of 

Conveniently by home grown black wolf!


We take no umbrage,

As a matter of fact pleased;

And encouraged,

That Myanmar’s people once ravaged,

Deserve salvage;

And the world has done just that;

A sanction is put in place!

Oh; we wish we were another race!

We could have gotten out of this mess!

But we are black,

The world feels to see our backs,

Pressed and cracked!


Concerned, oh yes concerned!!

Is what we hear fly?

When we appeal and cry,

Our bellies awry!

Witnessing a son,

As that a shay,

I front of her shot to die!!


Yared Huluf




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