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Amhara's laughable imitation of Nazi Germany's 'super-race'

Amhara's laughable imitation of Nazi Germany's 'super-race'

Kalayu Abrha


There is nothing under the Sun the Amhara would not attempt to do to prove their inflated self-concept except development and poverty eradication. Out of the endless proverbs, idioms, and sayings the Amhara produce for almost everything, one is most appropriate to my opening statement: They refer to someone who behaves like an overlord but has little for lunch as የለማኝ ኩሩ "proud beggar". This is not intended to be an insult; it is a compliment. They hate to see a poor beggar who does not hold his head high. These are cultural values of the Amhara that hold dignity, however empty it is, over and above economic security. Amhara culture has been glorifying carrying the gun for killing and revenge than farming, commerce, and artisanship which are better sources of income than a gun under the pillow. Yirga Dubale the late Gondere vocalist had a stanza in one of his most popular songs which praises killing as a virtue while debasing farming as cowardice. Here it is: "ገዳይ ገዳይ ያልሺው አባትሽ አይገድል፣ አርሶ ያብላሽ እንጂ ሆድሽ እንዳይጎድል" Literal translation is: "Don't boast about your father as a killer (hero); he is just a farmer (coward) who fills your belly".


The Amhara militia flocked to Tigray in the middle of the harvest season because for the farmers, who turned into poorly trained militia, harvesting is less honorable than the golden opportunity to kill a "Tigre Woyane". If they return alive, which they were very sure about, they will be received with cheers and 19th Century songs: "ጉሮ ወሸባየ...ገድሏል ገድሏል ዝናሩ ጎድሏል...". No questions about who they were killing! They may have killed unarmed children, raped women, looted property, and burned churches and villages, but they would tell their admiring folks that they killed hundreds of Woyanes. Members of their family will be proud of them and those families whose fathers stayed home will be ashamed of their fathers for tending their cropland and livestock instead of going to the "land and Woyane-hunt".

Historically, rather than trying to improve the productivity of the land they already own the Amhara prefer to follow their feudal lords and migrate long distances and use their guns to rob fertile land, turn the natives into serfs and servants, and spend their time on religious affairs, inventing proverbs that degrade natives, hunting wildlife, exchange festivities, and sing love songs and war dances. The Amhara belittle skilled labour as a sub-human occupation. They alleged beastly character on artisans and handicraftsmen. They outcasted them for centuries as evil spirits that would possess them. They even debased merchants as "መጫኛ ነካሽ", ("donkey loaders"). The bottom line is, the Amhara think they are the only selected people in Ethiopia and gun ownership and use is what selected people must do to stay honored. Such gun loving culture, similar to the friends of Trump (American Gun Association), does not imply bravery above everyone else. Unfortunately, this is what the Amhara think of themselves: "They are the bravest of all Ethiopians". 

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There is no intention here of dishonoring the Amhara if all this was a long story of the past that was closed in the past. No people have a perfect history untarnished by a generation or two. The strange thing with the Amhara is that instead of regretting and apologizing about what they did to people using the gun they value above everything else; they glorify it as a virtue and as a symbol of cultural superiority over all others. There is a huge gap in communication between Amhara politicians of this age who are busy glorifying past misdeeds of their fathers and forefathers, and other Ethiopians who either don't want to see Amhara's past brutalities presented as positive nation building effort or want to hear honest apologies from the descendants. This is where everyone is standing and facing one another: a huge stalemate! The Amhara are not ready to give up their claim of "God-given" superiority over Ethiopians and over the Orthodox Church and over the whole Country. The rest do not recognize this claim and are working for equality and mutual respect to prevail. The Amhara are using Ethiopia as card to press their hegemonic agenda forward. Every time they feel defeated they declare "Ethiopia is defeated"; every time they are alienated they "cry wolf" as if Ethiopia is going to disintegrate. They are sure to themselves that they are the only protectors of Ethiopia; but the truth they never want to admit they are responsible for tearing Ethiopia apart! During the Monarchy and Military rule, when the Amhara were at the helm Ethiopia was in Chaos because of the war in Eritrea and Tigray. Now again when they happen to be able to dictate the current ruler the Country is back again in war! For the Amhara the gun is the solution for everything; but they have always ended in defeat. Tegaru at the helm for 30 years held Ethiopia together in peace by skillfully mixing carrot and stick. Here we have the protectors of Ethiopia are becoming its killers. Their thirst for superiority and hegemony over Ethiopia is bringing Ethiopia to its end. Since the Amhara have no plan B if their plan A of hegemony on unitary Ethiopia fails (surely it will fail, but the Amhara are sure to succeed). Probably they will restore their old Kingdom of four provinces and launch the Zemene Mesafint again. That is it! Since the Amhara polity is centered around "living in the past" (nostalgia) they have no forward-looking and reality-admitting mechanism to rescue themselves with. They have no history of liberating themselves because they have never had the "chance" to be oppressed. I say chance because they cannot have it when they will need it very soon. They have put all their eggs in one basket, i.e. The past is going to come back for them. Would it? Where in the world did that happen? That would happen in Ethiopia only if the Amhara are God Himself. He has the power to restart the world. We all should be sorry for them. They are killing thousands to restore their hegemonic past; but the future will be unsympathetic to millions of them.

The Amhara horde that invaded Tigray, riding Eritrean wild horses, have proved to the world that they are not genuine heroes as they noisily claim to be. Eritreans did the job for them and they claimed the victory. They denied the presence of Eritrean troops in Tigray, not because they are worried about Sovereignty of Ethiopia, but because they want to attribute the "defeat" of the TPLF to their heroism. In addition, fear of exposure is also another reason for denying Eritrean presence. If it is known, it already is, Eritreans will have to evacuate exposing the false heroism of the Amhara invaders. They will easily be chased out by TDF embarrassed as bunch of cowards! This will have consequences on how the Amhara are viewed in Ethiopia ever after. They cannot be sure they can live peacefully in their Region let alone take land from Tigray, Oromia and Sudan. They know, TDF will follow them to their doorsteps.

While they know the end of their stay in Tigray is embarrassingly very near, they are stupidly stubborn to continue doing what they are dangerously addicted to do. As if their baseless chauvinism is not enough, they are doing something in Tigray that proves beyond doubt that the Amhara are not in a normal state of mind.   The Amhara are trying to be like Nazi Germany over Tigray. Germans during the Nazi years elevated themselves to the level of a "super-race". They were doing all kinds of experiments in the concentration camps on Jews, Russians, Gypsies, and other inmates to prove that they are really superior. After 80 years the Amhara in Tigray are doing a brutal act on Tegaru women different in the practice but the same in the idea to Nazi Germany. Like the Germans during Nazi era the Amhara think they are the 'super-race' in Ethiopia. Who knows may be in Africa! May be in the world! It is the funniest comedy in the universe when the Amhara claim to be a more superior race than Tegaru. This should not anger Tegaru because they are hallucinating as owners of the Axumite Civilization in which Tegaru have already become superior to the Amhara. In spite of this truth Tegru's decency is not allowing the claim of superiority. The silence of Tegaru encouraged the Amhara to claim the superiority as builders of the glory of Axum for themselves as if it is on a shelf in a supermarket to be stolen by a stray street boy.

After wearing the stolen super-race cloak, they are calling Tegaru (the owners of the cloak) as inferior-race. This was exposed by CNN senior international correspondent Nima Elbagir from Hamdayet Refugee camp in Sudan. The whole world has read and heard this neo-Nazi none sense in Africa. This is what the raped women reported: "He pushed me and said, 'You Tigrayans have no history, you have no culture.". That was not all! Amhara forces told them by raping "they were ethnically cleansing them, purifying them, making them Amhara". What can anyone say to this? I SAY, FOR SO MANY CENTURIES TEGARU WERE LIVING WITH WILD BEASTS WITHOUT KNOWING IT.

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