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Aksum Rises!

Aksum  Rises!


from where I stand,

I look ahead

And look back:

I need to sever the link

And change track


Only to remind myself of one

Simple fact, so to speak:

An adage;

That an old dog never learns a new trick!


I am a civilian 

I carry no weapons 

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Nor do I sit on a pillion

Behind a pommel 

Looking for trouble fantods;

Please leave me alone 

I am not contrarious,

Nor cantankerous,

I wish to live in peace

Praising the Lord!


Forty years to be exact

They came back to reenact

The same crime they committed:

To execute me in public 

As they did my older brother erewhile back!


Oh Aksum,

Historic maxim;


What wrong have you done

For the two twin ግራኝ

To came back

And repeatedly attack;

The age old historic rucks,

Line by line,

To  grind,

And turn you blind,

Hoping to crash your creative mind!


Aggressors appear,

Advocates for peace,

Being adinfinitium oblivious 

That they are hideous carnivores.

Who  shoot dead regardless!


Carpe diem is their motto,

With blood of innocents,

Full throttle blottos

In the grattos!


That was what did happen

150 years back

When Menelik

Headed North on a mile’s back

Flesh of Tigrians to rack

So we are told by word of mouth 

For feudal warriors never dear 

To tell the truth.


As to the extent of their wrath,

It continued uninterrupted 

As time passes;

When myself became living witness

An aggressor shot bullets

To my chest,

With clear intent to leave me dead.


I am here not as an advocate peace,

Or truce with such nemesis,

Perish the thought to see their faces

Let alone to share same bed with 

Such Devil cursed rabies!


Aggressors are never satisfied

To engage  against armed adversaries in battlefields,

But they show insatiable appetite 

To ransack and destroy any thing that moves and standing Stellate!

Even with their own silhouettes,

They swivet,

For fear it could be an invisible combatant,

Lurking behind;

Deranged paranoids 

That is what they are 

We are dealing with!


Young, old, men, women

And even domestic pets

Are their targets,

They have to put out!


One wonders how do

They sleep at nights

Or interact with the people

They claim on whose behalf 

They fight;

And what does it mean their presence attend,

On this planet?


Yared Huluf



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