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Isayas Afewerki‘s & Abiy Ahmed‘s ethnic cleansing war on Tigray

Isayas Afewerki ‘s & Abiy Ahmed ‘s ethnic cleansing war on Tigray

Aman B 03-04-21

In the Night of 3rd November, a long planned and well-prepared war against the people of Tigray was triggered by order of Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed Ali as a reaction of an apparent attack against Ethiopian Northern Command forces by forces of the TPLF administration.

What exactly happened during or before that night is unclear to the public, but the war starting date couldn’t have happened by coincidence. Chances are that the war was chosen deliberately as it was election date in the United States of America. It’s quite obvious that for the Ethiopian forces to conduct the order of their Commander in Chief immediately they must have mobilized and put their divisions in strategic places. So right after the announcement of the war by the PM who BTW appeared in US military uniform and tried to look caught by surprise & furious the shelling and aerial bombing of many places in Tigray started while the ground forces started marching towards many cities of Tigray simultaneously. So, for someone who was surprised with bad news during his sleep the reactions on the ground seem to have happened with the speed of light as everyone knows how long mobilizing troops to a war zone might take.

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Four months to date the whole story of the war was marred with lies and cheap melodrama from the outset. Using the mainstream media, the rubber-stamp parliament and parts of the civic society as his own mouthpiece Abiy Ahmed has tried to divert the reality and present the war to the world and the Ethiopian public with his own alternative reality. He did so successfully by keeping Tigray in absolute darkness in terms of power supply or communication of any type be it telephone, transport or any other.

As there was no any independent media to observe and tell what was really happening during the war he had a free hand to stage his drama from time to time. While many innocent citizens were being killed brutally; their properties looted; women and girls as young as ten raped in a terrible manner; essential infrastructure, universities and hospitals leveled down with the ground; Abiy Ahmed was telling the public that during the whole operation not even a single person was killed. By then Ethiopian citizens of Tigray descent were killed in thousands simply for being Tegaru and he knew this thus was rejoicing silently as it was mission accomplished for his ethnic cleansing project. However, lies after lies distorting the details of the war on Tigray were presented to the Ethiopian public much of which was consumed by the majority willingly for lack of integrity or inherent hate against the people of Tigray.

His mentor and guide Isayas Afewerki in all these war crimes against innocent people of Tigray has been waiting for such a moment for many years to kill and humiliate as many Tegaru as possible and to destroy & disown all what they have built diligently. The rise of Abiy Ahmed was a perfect timing so from the first day of their meeting the apparent peace deal they signed was in reality a war deal to punish and exterminate the people of Tigray for staying behind their administration. The hate against the people of Tigray was extrapolated from the deep-rooted hate against the TPLF administration which both Abiy Ahmed and Isayas Afewerki had overwhelmingly. The root causes of their reasons for hate might differ but they have one thing in common which is the fear not to be able maintaining their dictatorship next to a strong TPLF administration.

Therefore, they chose to destroy the TPLF administration by destroying the people of Tigray as such following the motto drying up the sea in order to kill the fish. To make their ethnic cleansing agenda a success story they have prepared more than two years involving the Amhara elites and Amhara militia, who in their part were filled with inexplicable but inherent hate against Tegaru and of course claimed land within the borders of Tigray as their own. All these conspiracy against Tigray was orchestrated by Ethiopian federal government, neighboring regional administration and the government of Eritrea led by dictator Isayas Afewerki.

One has to keep in mind that the two Ethiopian administrations federal and regional conspired with the once archenemy of Ethiopia to attack the people of another Ethiopian region. This is absolutely strange and beyond perceptions for everyone from Tigray and some Ethiopians with conscience thereby creating a huge challenge for Tegaru to consider & associate him/herself as Ethiopian while being killed looted and humiliated in their own homeland by united forces of Ethiopia simply for being Tegaru. How and in which form a lasting solution may come for the people of Tigray in part and for the people of Ethiopia at large the future will unfold but one thing is of paramount importance and must happen at any price.

Justice must be given to the thousands of victims who were killed for no apparent reason but indiscriminately just because they were from Tigray. The masterminds of this ethnic cleansing war on Tigray must face justice if a lasting solution is meant to come. Otherwise, the people of Tigray will never stop to fight for their rights whatever the prices may be. They have never bowed to foreign invaders nor did they bow to the military regime of Derg so there is no reason they would surrender to such unprincipled traitor who has nothing in mind but secure the kingdom his mother has prophesied him at his age of seven.

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