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Colonel Abiy Ahmed has the shameless audacity to state: “Toward a Peaceful Order in the Horn of Africa” published in Project Syndicate on Feb 6, 2021. It is ironic that Col. Abiy Ahmed has the unmitigated gall to write on peace when he is responsible for waging a genocidal war on his own people, and turning Tigray into a blood bath. It is absurd to paint a regional vision for economic development for Ethiopia when he has failed to create peace and stability in the land, which is the most essential basis for development. He is continuously spreading lies trying to deceive the International Community by providing rosy pictures and false statements to minimize and even deny the violence and destruction that is still being carried out against the people of Tigray, and then highlight relief and restoration efforts that were never made. AP reported that although the government claims, “its embattled Tigray region has ‘returned to normalcy,’ new witness accounts describe terrified Tigray residents hiding in bullet-marked homes and a vast rural area where effects of the fighting and food shortages are yet unknown”. Many concerned politicians are beginning to realize that Col. Abiy Ahmed is a psychopath and pathological liar, and some even doubt his sanity.

Mr. Bruck Kebede has adequately addressed the contents of the report and presented a solid rebuttal indicating the empty rhetoric of Col. Abiy. The main purpose of Abiy’s report was to divert world attention from the crisis facing the country as a result of the war in Tigray. But the war is not only in Tigray, there are wars in many fronts: Oromia, Sidama, Wolaita, and on the border with Sudan from Begemeder, Gondar in the north, all the way south to Benishangul-Gumuz.  

We believe that all responsible Tegaru in a concerted effort with the International Community should focus and concentrate on finding ways to respond to the Abiy-created humanitarian crisis that is devastating the people of Tigray. It is unfortunate that many of Abiy Ahmed's supporters and followers have failed to grasp the gravity of the problem the country is facing. It is time for people to realize that the country needs new leadership with a clear vision for future economic development. Most international reports have indicated that the war in Tigray is a disaster for Ethiopia as well as for the entire Horn of Africa. As for Tigray, the future lies on the united commitment by all Tegaru to support the legitimate struggle for self-determination. 

Tigray will prevail.

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