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A predator Turned Prey!

A predator Turned Prey!


A day will come!

And that day has come 

You are the victim of your own scheme!

Blame no one,

You brought it on to own,

When you injected poison

Victims to die in agonizing pain

You raxed  entertained, 

Watching blood drain

Of those you have slain,

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Blood thirsty demon,

As if you have no human brain,

Leave aside compassion,

You failed to see, let alone to vision

The depravity  of your incursion

Stained with barbaric derision!


But what you did will come round 

And pound you to ground

Sooner than later, you will be made humble

For every reckless rumble & stumble; 

A game of skimble-stumble gamble,

You played on lives of innocent people;

There will come a steeple,

Impelling you as a hapless flying anguine;

Quaquversal flopped 

Bleeding to the very last drop

With no one wanting or wishing to help!!


When you fall from grace

It becomes oblivious 

There won’t be a resting place

You will end up in the depth of an abyss!


What more can one say:

A predator turned prey!



Yared Huluf



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