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Basta, you are a hater to your core

Basta, you are a hater to your core


By Gebru Boj’Boj 06-23-20



Basta, you are a hater to your core: there is not even an iota of acceptance and trust left for you any more from us Tegaru for your leadership. Lead others, not us. We are beyond your little-minded leadership. You are too little for us and we are too much for you. Let the truth be told. PERIOD!

“If you cannot swallow your pride, you can not lead. Even the highest Mountain had animals that step on it” Jack Weatherford

“A leader is like a shepherd. He stays behind the flock. Letting the nimblest go out ahead, whereupon the others follow, not realizing that all along they are being directed from behind” Nelson Mandela

A father’s advice to a married son” You will never win if you fight a kid’s mother” Anonymous.


It will be an utter mistake, amoral, unethical, and unscrupulous not to say something briefly about our most observed day of the year: the observance of our Memorial Day which is yearly falling on June 15(EC)  to remember and thank our giant martyrs that we cherish lovingly and highly proud of. Thus, may I take this very opportunity to pass the following brief message? design, our Memorial Day observance is planned to honor our braves who paid their ultimate lives fighting for us and for our freedom. We are and we should be obliged to recognize their families as well that they left behind believing that we will take care of them who continue to work to ensure the continuity and preservation of our hard fought and prohibitively expensive  common freedom. Let us watch after them, recognize and support as much as we can. Let us say thank you to them too. Let us tell them how proud we are that their blood family members gave their lives for us. After all, they are the real and first-order family members of them. Finally, let us also expand and widened our Memorial value and understanding beyond our TEGADELTI who died for us.

We have also many martyrs before and after the TPLF struggle. We have people who died for us before and after the seventeen years history. We need to go all the way back to the times of Abonna Yohanes, General Raa’Essi Alula, Abonna Blata Hailemariam, etc. and beyond. We have also Tegarus who died bravely in prison ( I was jailed with them in Ma’Ekelawii and Alem’Bekagn and I have firsthand knowledge about them and their pains) ; to name few Desalegn Asgedom, , Dr. Mengesha Gebrehiwot, Nugusse/Gimmel Berahle, Mahteme Selassie, , Aklilu Mewa’ee, Tegadalay anbessa Mullie, etc. Let us also be reminded of others as well such as Meles/ killed by derge and others who died struggling against tyranny. Let their pictures or names be hanging along with their brothers and sisters. The difference is only the time and circumstance of their death. Our Memorial Day observance should be for all who died for us regardless of the time bracket. Our observance must be collective observance. Most of us have the mind set of like we are only observing the over sixty thousand Ayatatnna lives lost during the seventeen years of struggle. It should not be minimized and narrowed like that. We are a society full of so many people who died for us from time immemorial to this day. We are people with rich history of braves who dare fully paid their lives for us. They are our diet or food for continued resoluteness to keep our hard-won freedom and rights.

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Back to my very topic: According to Newton’s third law; for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In layman’s term, it simply means that there are two reacting objects with equal forces and reaction. I have a serious problem when I try to apply this law to social science and everyday life unless it comes as “for every action, there is more and stronger reaction”. In physical science or world, an action to unprepared object could give equal reaction. However, in real life and in social science, when an action takes against another target it depends on the degree of preparedness of the reacted and nature of the action. A case in point is when Colonel Abiy takes action, which I doubt,  against the vigilant and always ready Tegaru, the reaction will certainly be not equal but also stronger, wider and deeper that will entice or allure  us to go in to another stage of struggle. Case closed. That is how I can accept the third law in real life. Anything less, is implausible and debatable to me.

As an opener to my short article, let me introduce Colonel Abiy (by the way do not misunderstanding me for not giving him any respect to him. He is a guy who said many ridiculously irresponsible things against us. He has never shown any respect for us as a society. As such it is my prerogative reaction of quid pro que. It is the karma effect. He is the cause for my reaction) to my very older brother who fought under TPLF for 16 years with an imaginable determination like having more than one life and paid his ultimate life. He joined his fellow comrades when I was a very young boy in elementary school along with his four friends who all died while fighting against derge 1.0.

 In the early years of their fight, he sustained a very serious injury and as a result lost his part of jaw, teeth, and most part of his lips. After long treatment, he re-joined his comrades. TPLF leadership advised him to stay in the base and support the trainings, administration, and other duties. He disagreed and continued fighting back and forth along with his fellow fighters with his limiting injury. He was not abled to feed himself naturally. He was not able to eat and swallow solid food. His natural fingers were not of help either to feed him. He was forced to be fed only by using spoon. Thus, he was forced to carry spoon and soup bowl everywhere he traveled to feed himself. He could only eat soup like food. So much so all his TEGADELTiI used to call him Gebru Boj’Boj. Boj’Boj is a name given to wet and soup like food. He continued this life for over ten years. To make long story short, he lost his life during the neck to neck fight with the enemy in Guna/Gondar where senior TEGADELTI decided to join and lead the fight for a decisive victory.

He fought elbow to elbow along his fellow TEDALETTI and died honorably that we are cherishing the treasury of sacrifices he made for our freedom along with his selfless comrades. He endured over ten years without eating any solid food except soup like food and “fit’fit”. A fellow tegadalay who fought along with his in Guna broke the news to me during my very visit to Addis after few years of derge’s debacle. He was buried along his feeder spoon and soup bowl in Gondar. Bless your soul my brother and thank you for your double sacrifice. We all Tegaru not only we will not forget your sacrifice but also keep the objective of your ultimate sacrifice at any cost. The moral of the story is that mentioning my brother’s brief life is to pose a question to you Colonel Abiyot; how are we going to abandon the sacrifice and prices paid by our TEGARU TEGADELTTI?  Is that not going to be amoral, an utter irresponsibility and mammoth shame for us not to defend and deconstruct what they bult? It is our treasure that we will kept for ever and ever. That is where our full determination is coming from besides to our long history. It is a burden of responsibility that we are and will be vigilant and sharp-eyed all the time against any threat and attack.

I know for fact how you abandoned and ignored the prices paid by your Oromo brothers and sisters who had been fighting for the preservation of their rights, self-determination, and equality. You are playing withthe sweats, pains, bloods  and sacrifices of the great Oromos like ( to name few) Yirgu Assfaw, Mulugeta Mossisa, Tsegaye Nemerra, Gutema, Fikru Kebede, Daniel Daffa, Aberra Tola, Aba Biya, Dereje, Kebede, Ebssa, Hailu, Habte, etc. who were imprisoned all the years derge was in power and most killed before released. I had the opportunity (I can it opportunity because they were great people to engage with even in prison) to be imprisoned with them.

Colonel Abiy, please also be reminded about cell number “1” that used to be in the upper section of Ma’Ekelawi that was housing about twenty-eight Oromo elites and intellectuals. Most were University students and graduates, high ranking officials, some were ministers and directors of institutions. Their room was being used like library. At any timeyou go in to their room, there was always a pin drop silence and perfect for reading and focus. They were always reading, day and night. It was a pleasure and opportunity for us to go and visit them as fellow prisoners and they used to welcome us and share their deep knowledge. One Saturday afternoon most were gone, taken away for good. That room was almost empty and very scary to pass by after the action. Their only crime was standing for the rights of Oromos.

When I was young with fresh mind, these great people had thought me about politics, self-determination, self-rule, identity preservation, the values of reading veraciously, etc.  They were my first mentors about societal responsibility. They were strong, resolute, gallant, and heroic. To see you killing their brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and Cousins behind them is the grandest crime of all crimes.It is mind-boggling and sad. It is a lesson for us Tegaru. If you are doing this to your very people, if you are true Oromo, we can imagine what you can do against us.

Back to my brother’s story, the story of brother is just one example. Every household in Tigrai has lost one or many family members during the fight against derg. We have lost over sixty-thousand ( I have always doubt on this number as it looks very low and may not have counted all Tegarus who died in prison, cities and other places fighting for us .) lives and over one hundred thousand become disabled. All these fights and sacrifices weremade at least for a minimum goal of self-governance. How more one could be irresponsible to try to take this very right of us that we paid more than enough price for.

When Tigrai decided to run the election, you had spewed a war declaring words against Tegaru and you said there will be lost lives, buildings destructed and mothers to cry. By the way, I was not caught off-guard when you uttered these nonsensical war mongering words as I have been following you from your USA visit all the way to the infamous Bale speech and again now this warmongering utterance. These words showed me how illiterate and unprepared and also how quite deficient you are in leadership skills and knowledge.These inconsiderate and hateful words have put you in a situation where you won’t be able to dig yourself out of the hole you have made for yourself. These words are inculcated in our minds forever; impossible to erase and forget.

As far as I can go and imagine, Ethiopia in general and Tigraiin particular are in their worst situation since the beginning of your leadership. Our Tigrai is an eternal State and one of the richest and most beautiful entities to be ridiculed, minimized and mishandled like that. We will save her through and through like our ancestors and compatriots did before us who were always winners. So, protecting her is our solemn duty and fighting for its preservation is our obligation. We have seen enough of you that you are a hater of our people and state.

Basta, enough is enough with you Mr. Reference dependent (reference dependence is a phrase used by students and scholars of economics). We are not prices of commodities. You are depending on the references you have in your mind and a reference continuously given to you by your hateful advisors. Your reference dependence is going to be only a dream and fallacious. Your dream and vision of dismantling the Federal structure in general and the self determination and administration of Tigraiin particular will remain only a dream. Have noan iota of doubt on this.

Your irresponsible remarks have changed us for good, brother: We all Tegaru are in together when it comes to Tigray’na. We have different opinions, beliefs, political opinions, etc. However, when it comes to its preservation, we are one and one, PERIOD. Its Citizens are people made in the name of GOD who solemnly have the power to take us in to extinction and our soul ascending not by you as we can fight you with an utter resolve all the way. How could you say that you will be waging a war against us? How could you say that its Citizens will be killed, its building will be destroyed, and mother will be awash with tears? Is deciding to run an election in accordance to the constitution a crime? Is this a good reason for you to declare war against its Citizens? You are pathetic, little minded and unprepared leader. I have never neither read nor heard a leader declaring war against its Citizens like you did. The only difference I see between your administration and that of the Derge’s is that you are not equal opportunity killer and jailer like derge. You areselective fool dictator. And, foolishly, you have selected the wrong people who have unparalleled resolve to fight off what they see is unjust and against them. You are inadequate, piteous and pitiful.

Your unflinching base is continuously sticking to you like glue even if they know that you are unfit leader and we Tegaru know why and you know it too. Primarily, it is the hatred they have against us, the nostalgia and wishful affection for the past.

I know you are trying to be a “number cruncher” and you have clearly been so and that is how you understand democracy anyway. However, when it comes to determination, absolute determination, and resolute to fight for our rights please multiply us by infinitude. We are way beyond our numerical numbers when it comes to such affairs. The mathematical law of 1 + 1=2 is not always right anyway. I know you have firsthand information about us when you were in Tigrai for three years in the late nineties. Do not forget about what you learned and saw during your stay In Tigraias it will be very helpful lesson for you.

FYI, I do not think that there is anyone who hates war than Tegaru since we had been through it. We had seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity, and its mercilessness. There is nothing good in war. However, we can revert to it as a last resort if we do not have any alternative. If it is coming is inevitable, make no mistake that we will defend our interests, whatsoever the cost maybe. We will fight in every field, in the streets, in the hills, in towns and cities, and in the wilderness. Our bushes, mountains, rivers, hills, and rural areas will fight along with us like before. They are our protectors, savers, covers, defenders, and co-fighters. The sacred land that have the remains of our braves in its womb will fight you as well.

From what you have been saying against us including the war mongering words, it is obvious that your words lacked humanity, civility, leadership, and decency. Do not be like a typical “shithole” country-in-chief.Your mindless words of war have cut sharply against my core values.  I have been deeply shaken and disgusted by your inflammatory and disrespectfully statements. Your words were incendiary rhetoric.They are rabble-rousing, provocative and subversive. What you said against us is maddening, unsettling and infuriating. Your words will permanently be written in our history. We will never forget them.

You better learn from great leaders such as Emperor Ashoka great of the 268 BCE times leader who had moved his country from war ravaged to peaceful and prosperous country, Mohandas Gandhi to Mandela. Leadership is not at all like you are exercising it, not even close. Your leadership style is well below mediocrity. It is only, if anything, dictatorship in the making.

Your time is very limited and do not waste it living the life of the next leaders. Do not forget that you are living with the results of other people’s thinking and works. When history is written after you leave, what you said against us will be one of the most defining moment of your leadership time.Your leadership is rotten to the root. Your history will be written by us, the victors, not by you the loser.

PM Abiy, the most vexing question I have for you is, why this path? What you are planning for us could be a blessing in disguise. We may once and for all break our historic vicious circle that we have never been good at breaking through. Please do not push the most tolerant society into the no return edge. You may be taking the honored people in to uncharted territory like never in their history. We have duty weapon to draw too. The genesis of your problem is at-all-cost super love of power. You have not shown grace and respect in listening. We solely said we will elect our leaders which is the supreme expression of our self-rule. You do not think all the price we paid entitle us to this elementary democratic right? Do you think it is too much to ask? Do you think we are people to accept our leaders selected by you from aratkillo like before?  You want to send us Tefera Woldetensay II, Fekadu Wakunae II, Sileshi Mengesha II, Mulugeta Hagos II, like during the derge era? You are fool. You better listen to our demand and stay away. We will never flinch from this very decision no matter what. You better be seeking national unity and harmony and stop your nonsensical leadership. If you do not, GOOD LUCK!

And, a special message to Tigrai: During the time of the COVID-19 there were two U.S. Citizen who lived as married couples for close to seventy years and unluckily wife was infected with the virus. They were forced to be separated for the first time in their close to seven decades of married life. The husband found it almost impossible to be parted away from his wife and finally said take me to my wife and let me be infected and go out with her to where ever the virus wants us to be taken to. He joined his wife with all the risks. He was asked how he is feeling after the reunion. He said much better than our wedding day and I am glad I joined her.

Tigrai, our mother, we, your children, will join you too regardless of your situation be it in war or peace, in your misery or happiness, in you good times and challenging times. Especially, during your attack, we will join you like a worker bee. You are our Queen bee. Just keep producing your chemical scents to help us regulate our unity and keep laying your golden eggs. The rest leave it for us. We know how to protect, preserve, and save you. It has been done before and it will be done today too. Thank you for keeping producing your Golden children. After all, we are the great grand kids of Yohannes and Alula and the first order families of our selfless Tegadeltti. And be assured, we will never abandon or desert you. We will never give you to your eternal enemies. We will endure any pain and sufferings to protect you no matter where we are. They can only take you after the final Tigraway is martyred.

You will always be protected by your children at any cost. Peace, prosperity, and integrity to you, our TIGRAI.


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