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Tigrai Independent Party: Vision and Mission of Durable and Lasting Solution of Tegarus

Tigrai Independent Party: Vision and Mission of Durable and Lasting Solution of Tegarus


Gebre Selema 9-5-20


We cannot keep on struggling to exist on this planet as humans. We are all human, equal, and no man or woman is above or below another one. No tribe or ethnicity is below or above another tribe or ethnicity. No race is above or below another race. No color is above or below another color. No identity is above or below another identity. No language is above or below another language. We are all born naked and free people.   No human has right over other humans.  Every human has a choice to choose how to live.  If one chooses to live in darkness, it is his or her or their choice.  We are not tied up to any group of people to be tethered like dogs.  If you do not want elected leaders, it is choice.  But you cannot choose for others or impose blindly yourself on others and that is what reduced us to be the poorest country in the world.  Ethiopia is a human given name, before that Ethiopia was called Abyssinia and before that Ethiopia did not exist.  The scripts written in Axum do not mention the name Ethiopia as we see today, but it is recorded as a region in today’s Sudan.  Thus, Ethiopia is not divine.  If you decided to worship it, it is your choice.  Do not push the dirt in your mind through our throats by gun.  You cannot force me to be Ethiopian at gun point.  You are pushing people to reject Ethiopia.  It is counterproductive, you pull people by force and people push by force.


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No country can progress if there is no just system.  It is a pipe dream to think of prospering people by suppressing, repressing, oppressing, subjugating, murdering, assassinating, killing, genociding people for no reason except stupidity.  No country can fare by high degree and unbounded infinite stupidity.  Albert Einstein said: “Two things are infinite: human stupidity and the universe, but I am not sure about the universe.” I see this infinite stupidity in Ethiopia.  I can dare Abiy Ahmed is a lunatic, neurotic and mentally unhealthy man.  I really wonder why TPLF collected to begin with such rubbish people to the helm of power.  TPLF must be blamed for creating such human looking monster who feed on people’s blood.  This man really a demon or possessed by demon.  I do not believe an iota he is a healthy person.  He is mentally unstable. If he was in the west, he would have locked down in a Psychiatric hospital because he is dangerous to society.  Therefore, people locked, it is because they are danger to the public safety and security.  


Tegarus needs a durable and lasting solution.  This must have been done in 1991 instead of recycling mistakes done by Emperor Yohannes the 4th when he left his peaceful government to protect Amhara which made him perish.  TPLF just repeated that the same mistake.  Ethiopia can never be a viable state because the people who live in it have many incompatibilities.  For some people who live in Ethiopia good is bad and bad is good.  For some good is virtue and excellence. There are people in Ethiopia who   believe darkness, bad thing is virtue. Jealousy, laziness, hate, molesting others, degrading, defaming, blackmailing, slandering, blaspheming others is virtue for them.  There is tangible incompatibility. You cannot fix this by staying in Ethiopia.  The reason Ethiopia is the poorest of the poor is not without reason.  Poverty did not come from vacuum or from the blue sky.  Poverty has cause.  I know TPLF say poverty is our enemy. But TPLF did not know that poverty is an effect which means poverty has a cause.  That is why TPLF was focused on development without paying attention the cause of poverty.  Even now, the people Tigrai must move forward fast without Ethiopia because this is the right choice.  The coming of Abiy Ahmed is a blessing in disguise because his evil action has made us ask deep question and think critically.  We were brain-washed by Nephetegnea and we were worshiping Ethiopia and we have been dying and starving to death without questioning anything.  Thanks, sometimes enemies are good because they wake you up.  We cannot be held hostage for the name Ethiopia which is idolized by primitive people who value a name that human.


Thus we cannot continue fighting to exist on this planet until Jesus comes again.  We have to rediscover ourselves and restored ourselves.  We must pay the ultimate price required if necessary. I know if this was done in 1991, it could have been a leap forward 30 years by now.  Alas, a mistake was done.  We cannot fix the past, but we can at least learn the lessons and move forward.  Our people wishing to be free is their God given right.  The riddling of General Saere with 15 bullets and the closing of road to Tigrai for 3 years now must be mandatory signature of free Tigrai in the form of restored and rebuilt Axumite.  There is no other durable solution.  This will also end the endless conflict of interest.  Restoring and rebuilding Axumite is our lasting durable solution, and this must be our guided vision and mission.  If we do not do this we will be lost in the sea of others; we will be assimilated and lose our trace.  We cannot already speak our language properly without mixing other people languages.  Losing your own language is the first stage of assimilation which means Agazian identity will lost.  This was the reason we have been under constant attack.


I am not saying we must hate anybody.  No, we must not hate any human.  But we must be free from any human yoke slavery imposed on us.  We must be free society from others imposers and from even within ourselves.  A society that is not free will never progress. A society that has no just system can not progress.


We have to be free from others who wanted to impose themselves on us by gun and then we have to clean our own house.  We cannot afford to keep on falling to the same trap that has caught us in darkness for centuries.


We do not want an Ethiopia that starve our people to death in front of all human race.  We do not want an Ethiopia that riddle one of our members with 15 bullets just for speaking the language Tigrignea.  General Saere’s crime is speaking Tigrignea only.  He did nothing wrong.  General Aman Andom’s crime is only speaking Tigrignea because he did nothing wrong to deserve his house to be bulldozed with tanks.  We do not want an Ethiopia that blocks road for three years on purpose to starve us in mass again and now in the 21st century.  There need to be more mobilization resources to restore and rebuild the prosperous kingdom of Axumite.  Some people say kingdom is old. No, Kingdom means government.  We wanted Axum kingdom to restore and rebuilt means we wanted an Axum government.  Axumite was modern, the thing that Axum did not have is internet and computer, planes.  It had ships, all kind of trade, all kind of today’s modern metallurgy and including the most modern technology plasmonic. Restoring and rebuilding Axumite would mean modernizing our way of living conditions in par with the rest of the world.  Axum is our model or reference or our starting benchmark.  We must not keep on weeping, fighting to survive with people who do not even wish us to exist on this planet.  There are some Amhara elites who do not even wish us to exist on this planet. How can you coexist with people who do not wish you to exist?  Some people say they are few.  No, it is few who triggered genocide in Rwanda.  It is few Nazi who triggered Holocaust of 6 million Jews in Germany.  On top of that few elites leads, controls, manipulates, misguides an uneducated majority.  It is always few people who destroyed nations because they mislead the majority.  It is few Americans who immersed American in Iraq war.  The Amhara elites have been entertaining genocide, and this must not be over-looked and but must be taken seriously and a solution must be formulated.


 Time to wake up and rally behind Independent Tigrai Party.  I suggest Salsay Woyanes and Baitona to join TIP because the idea of confederation is not a durable and lasting solution. Tigeans can invest, work in the rest of Ethiopia after independence with their property and their lives  legally insured and protected.  The current and future Ethiopia will never ensure the safety of Tegarus.


I am not Ethiopian. I am Axumawi. I am Damotawi. I am Yehawi.


Please vote for TIP.

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