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Tigray Adey: let it be at any cost!

Tigray Adey: let it be at any cost!

Hailemariam Abebe



For the past some forty-five years, the top political leadership of the TPLF, had a sort of a gag order on Tegaru from advocating for their history.  The gag order was something like “do not write the truth about our history or do not tell it like it is, for it would create animosity with others.”And that “others” was no one else but the Ahdawee clique which had been appropriating our history for a good long while. And if it was not for the late Professor Pankhurst’s(RIP) scholarly work, the click would have had its way.  But Tegaru have had it! It has been, way long overdue to unmask the Trojan horse which had not only appropriated our history, but it has been after our very existence as a people, for a very long time!

No, it did not start with “Yekegn Jibotch!”  Or, “Tigre wede Mekelle, Guenzeb wede Kebele! “It did not start with “Tigre Gueday” either!  Its roots in fact go back to the start of that hoax, that fraud peddled as the Solomonic dynasty, and that “three-thousand-year history,” a history without a shred of archaeological evidence in its neck of its woods, to back it up!  No written record, no pieces of pottery, no coins, noobelisks, no remnants of castles and houses, no rock hewn buildings and churches, no alphabet, no language of its own, no trace of anything of historical value! Nothing!

And here is the truth of all truth which must be told.  For a long while, the Ahdawee clique, had used Atse Tewodros as one of its own.  During the ethnic cleansing of Tegaru from Gondar, that ANDM mob was waving Atse Tewodros’s placard as it committed those crimes against humanity.  But what this mob were not taught was that Atse Tewodros (son of Ato Hailu Woldegiorgis), like Atse Yowhannes, are Tegaru. Atse Tewodros’s family not only are alive and well in Tigray but also in Washington D.C.! And the fact that Atse Tewodros always spoke of “Tigray Adey” throughout his reign, is a fact etched in the collective memories of Tegaru!  But it is not only Atse Tewodros but also Atse Fasiledos was from Tigray too! The late Bgirewond Kestela, father of Tegadaly Dr. Atakilti Kestela, and many other Tegaru elder statemen, have taught this historical fact all throughout their lives! And Atse Fasiledos himself called himself “Fasiledos Ze Axum!”

Two more additional points.  One, finally, it must be clear once and for all time, that Axum built Gondar and saved it too! Secondly, Amharigna? It was born and raised in Axum and used by the Royal Court of Axum and its military, as a code for secret governmental communications! Given the factual historical realities, there is nothing foundational what so ever or anything of historical significance anywhere remotely close to anything of the caliber what Tigray has contributed to Ethiopia (world), that the Ahdawee clique can, except for flag waving, show for! These are the facts!

And so, how does the illegitimate try to earn legitimacy to rule over others? One way, was through historical fraud, and the other was through sheer savagery the likes which makes the most depraved Aryan, cringe! It would be beyond the scope of this piece to document the complete criminal footprints of the Ahdaweeian.  For the purpose of this piece though, those apocalypses of the last century or so, are enough to bring to light the sheer degree of barbaric monstrosity so committed by this Ahdaweeian monster.

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In his 1899 book entitled “Tarik Ethiopia,”author Deftera Fiseha Ze-abiyegzi from Adowa, contemporaneously chronicled the sheer savagery of what Emperor Menelik had imposed on the people of Tigray.Not only did he carry out a scotch-earth policy which rendered the people of Tigray prone to a cycle of biblical famines but also,his other policy of extermination had called for,for every male child born he could get his hands on, to be castrated!T his was followed with a hundred year long historical, cultural, economic, cultural, and educational genocide, to the point where, having pillaged and destroyed just about all aspects of Tigrayan society, the Ahdaweeian even claimed, what would turn the late Professor Pankhurst in his grave, that,the chauvinist clique without address, had founded Axum!

But it was not just to Tegaru this clique has inflicted so much untold horrors.  In 1993, I interviewed two Oromo compatriots of national prominence.  These were the late President of Ethiopia, Dr. Nagasu Guidada (RIP) and Ato Hassen Ali, both of whom were also top OPDO officials.  And what they told me was a horror story I never knew, and I doubt if any other ethnic group other than the victims, knows the magnitude and depth of the holocaust committed upon our Oromo people.The “Neftegna” brutality and dehumanization I learned was one which would make the most racist European or Apartheid crusader cringe!  Black on black crime is too mild to describe it.  It was something worse, something beyond the physical pain and devastation, humiliation, denigration and degradation, and beyond the breakup of families and fragmentation of communities!  It was a “total war” on the mind, attempting to erase it clean and replacing it with a new one!  It was an abomination bent on recreating a new man complete with new identity! It was about the destruction of everything Oromo and replacingit with Ahdawee identity! Never was seen such a horrific black on black social reengineering in the African continent!  But these were not all.

For the past two years, Oromia has been, once again, in the receiving end of that same inhumanity which devoured fellow Oromos just about everything they hold dear since some one hundred plus years ago! And as of two weeks ago, Oromia had been deprived of her extraordinary artist, an artist, Hacaaluu Hundeessaa,endowed with eyes and mind which could see what most of us cannot, and one who spoke truth to power, was gunned down and unceremoniously buried! This act of supreme barbarity culminated with the mass arrest of leading Oromo political leaders and the death of hundreds (it may even be thousands) of Oromos grieving the loss of their shining star! And it is getting worse!

The crime had extended elsewhere too.  Some fifty years of bombardment of our Eritrean brethren, the crimes following the Bale, and Gojam uprisings, and the marginalization of our compatriots in Gambela and Somali, are some of the other atrocities etched into our collective memory. And these crimes here and stated elsewhere, do not include those devastations which were born out of their utter incompetence and corruption! Thanks to this national liability, it would not be an exaggeration to say that, during the reign of this headless monsters, Ethiopia had never seen peace and development but a 125 years long tyranny, shame and poverty that had earned us the title of the “misery Index” of the globe!

Some two years ago, a bloodless transition of power took place. But then, it morphed into bloody!  For the first month or so, the man talked of peace, love, brotherhood and democracy.  But then, not only peace, love, brotherhood and democracy, transitioned into war, hate, fratricide and dictatorship, respectively, but also, we found out that Abiye Ahmed had been a foreign spy embedded at the National Intelligence & Security Service (NISS) of Ethiopia! And it did not take long for the Ahdaweeian to make use of this compromised man child, and once again, they push for that same old mission of annihilation. That characteristic thirst for blood of the Ahdaweeian, is now in full display not only in Oromia but also elsewhere too.  What is happening to our Qimant and Aguew people (incidentally, our Qimant and Aguew people are historically Tegaru), our people in the Benishangul Gumuz and Somali regions, is appalling! And yet, the Ahdawee government is still on Menelik’s horse, pursuing, like its decrepit mind, decrepit policies of selling out country and people to the lowest bidder, death and destruction which have made citizens refugees within their own country, sowing the seeds of ethnic divisions and poverty, peddling amoral and unethical filth as national goal, financial corruption rocketing through the sky and economic collapse hitting a bottomless pit! And yet, these mindless thugs are busy refurbishing Menelik’s palace and doing more of that inhumanities which brought so much grief to so many of our people across Ethiopia!

For the past several years too, this clique has waged crime against humanity against the people of Tigray, too.  Nothing new here.  It is a continuation of the past horrors.  It started with the murder of many and ethnic cleansing of about one hundred thousand Tigrayans from Gondar! And for the past two years, food as a weapon, has been was used to starve Tegaru in Tigray.  This policy was enforced by closing the roads from Gondar and Wollo to Tigray.  Other crimes include the dispatch of commandos to kidnap and assassinate Tegaru political leaders in Tigray. Currency manipulation was used to crash commerce and other business activities in Tigray.  There was a media blitz too.  In a parallel to what took place in Ruwanda, “documentaries” were broadcasted to set off ethic apocalypse! Moreover, the Ahdawee clique had also waged “disinformation” campaigns on social media to create havoc upon the Tigrayan people.   And these do not include the territorial designs against Tigray! Never mind who is actually in whose territory for now but those squatters have done everything for Tegaru to throw them out! All these was accompanied with imprisonment and firing of ethnic Tigrayans for nothing else but because they were Tigrayans! Despite all these crimes though, the people of Tigray have been patient while at the same time alerting the peoples of the Nations and Nationalities of Ethiopia of the resurging plague in our country. And yet, the crimes of the monster continue unabated!

Just last week and at a time of a global pandemic, the Ahdawee clique had executed another blockade, mainly the shutdown of Tigray TV and Dimsti Weyane TV.  This act, like its food as a weapon policy it has imposed upon the people of Tigray, is another form of conducting genocide!  At a time when the communication of vital information on the Covid 19 is a matter of life and death, the Ahdawee clique had knowingly executed a media block out on the people of Tigray! As this clique declared a campaign of genocide upon the Tigrayan people, its tentacles both at home and in the Diaspora, have openly too, advocated the elimination of the Tigrayan people!  Even those Ahdaweeian woven into VOA, BBC, DW, Reuters, AP and other media outlets are misusing these resources for their evils ends!

By now, it must be absolutely clear to all that, the headless monsters which constitute the Ahdaweeian Mafioso, are, after what ESAT once called upon the 95 million to wipe out the 5 million formulas! It is not by coincidence the roads leading to Tigray are closed and why the TV stations were taken off the air. If the government of Tigray had not been ready, why, what a better way to wipe out a population if you could have Covid 19 do the job?  The “documentaries” and “disinformation” campaigns are the third arm of the “final solution!”  And let us not forget what Walta TV broadcasted the other day when it allowed Brigadier General Kasaye Chemeda, to order the gunning down of Oromos and Tegaru! And not long ago, the Prime Minister had made it plain that he will have the mothers of Tigray cry! But little does he know, that, Tigray knows that,the latest mission of making the mothers of Tigray cry, started not with cold blood murder of General SeArre and General Gezai Abera but it was ordained with the murder and ethnic cleansing of Tegaru from Gondar!

Given all these, Tigray must clearly see and listen for the obvious signs and sirens.  The Ahdaweeian could not be any clearer; their dream is to finish off what they started ever since they invented that hoax! What make this current threat even more existential though, is that, unlike some of the ones in the past, it is led by a compromised Zombie dressed inhuman clothing. This is a man who sold his country and people long before he made it to the national stage.  He is a man at the service of Ethiopia’s historic enemies in the Arab world, and he is also in cahoots with the other Zombie condemned to keep the Italian invisible wall alive, and to separate in perpetuity the one people who built one of the four great civilization of the world! He is in the service of that human shell, born condemned, to uphold that dream of colonial Italy, conceived and ordained to delink permanently, that fountain of one of the greatest civilizations the world has ever known, Axum, from its historic gate to the world- Adolis!

As stated elsewhere in this piece, the historical record and the current designs are very clear. Those architects of evil have not succeeded yet but, that, their mission is our demise as a people, is supported by both the overwhelming historical and currentrecords! So much so, that when a human rights attorney saw the evidence we presented recently, his reply was “I thought Nazism was dead some seventy years ago!” The question is, what should the peoples of the nations and nationalitiesof Ethiopia do in general, and what must Tigray do, in particular?

Tigray must say enough is enough once and for all! No more incursions or threats to Tigray’s territorial integrity and no more “Yitfu or Enitfa” threats ever against its people! No more threats to its peace and security!  No more policies of genocide! No more policies of castration of every male born!  No more ethnic cleansing and no more “Sefera!” No more assassinations and imprisonment of Tegaru because of their ethnicity! No more historical appropriation or historical genocide! No more keeping Tigray invisible from the tourism industry during bookings or by re routing them while on tour in Ethiopia, and no more economic strangulation of any kind! No more closing of roads, media, transport, power or anything else which endangers its economy or the wellbeing of its people! Tigray must never again tolerate anything and anyone that is, in any way shape or form, a threat to its independence as guaranteed by the Constitution! It must not only have its own independent government but also its own Synod and its own Islamic Affairs Council! No subordination of anything or any kind except one mutually agreed in a federation of all the peoples of the Nations and Nationalities which make up Ethiopia!

We cannot bleed forever! We have bled enough!  Going forward, it can’t be business as usual. We must never let anyone threaten Tigray with “Tigre Gueday or Tigre wede Mekelle and Guenzeb wede kebele!” It cannot be forgive and forget! No, it must be justice! Justice and Justice! And justice can only come by dismantling that Amhara Kilil and let the Qimant, the Agew, Oromos and Benishangul have theirs! But not only dismantle that “Amhara Kilil” but work with our fellow Nations and Nationalities forming any future government, to remove Amharigna and replace it with a language from the smaller nations and Nationalities as an official language of Ethiopia!

Tigray must go ahead and hold its elections!  It was for democracy Tigray had paid the ultimate sacrifices.  It must go ahead with its elections, for democracy or the rule of law is the only guarantor from the likes of the current monster at Arat Kilo from coming to power! It is also the first step for Tigray to set the stage for its options in the future. But Tigray must also keep in mind that there is no democracy after death!  Hence before all else, comes the peace, safety and security of Tigray and its people.  All Tigrayan political parties must never lose sight that,the motherland comes before all else!

As mentioned elsewhere, Ahdaweeian have closed roads and blocked TV transmission. No doubt they will try to shut down, power, telephone, transport and other critical infrastructures.  Should that happen,Tigray must be ready to put the Ahdaweeian in an analogues position by shutting down all ground, air, power transmissions into the capital or storm the den where the criminals hide to weave their inhuman designs! Tigray must never forget that “Embi Nitsere Hisbi” was what brought the Derg to its knees. But to do away with it for eternity or toblow it into the dust bin of history, “Embi Nitsere Hisbi,” although important, it is not enough! And since, once more, they have come after us for our very existence, I say, Tigray Adey, not only “Embi Nitsere Hisbi” but whatever other form it takes, let it be,one that gets the job done once and for all, no matter what the cost!


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