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The Next “Berlin Conference” for the Scramble for Ethiopia


The Next “Berlin Conference” for the Scramble for Ethiopia


Hailemariam Abebe



At the infamous Berlin Conference of 1884-1885, European powers, both large and small, sat at a round table and sliced and diced Africa for their colonial crimes.  And the crimes involved not only ransacking Africa’s natural resources but worst, it included rendering the African people not only slaves but also foreigners in their own home.  But although the European powers were responsible for the overwhelming tragedy on the African continent, the Africans themselves have a role in their own slavery, subjugation, exploitation and destruction too.  That, the African/native’s political infighting, was instrumental for the colonization, incalculable loss and humiliation at the hands of the colonial masters, can never be minimized.

In the history books, the “Scramble for Africa” is dated roughly from the 1870s to 1914. But although all the African countries are now “Free and Independent,” that historic native infighting embossed and strengthened with the stealth of the colonial mindset, continues to ravage the continent to this day.

We, Ethiopians, are of course very proud of the fact that there was a reason why the Europeans left us alone.  Italy, which was at the time considered as the sickest country of Europe, tried a run for us multiple times. Turkey, under the Ottoman Empire, tried to add us to its Caliphate too.  But our response to these two had been, in the tradition of the Ethiopian character, victory so rare on the planet! Haggai Erlich, professor emeritus at Tel Aviv University, ones wrote, when the yellow, brown, black and yes, even white people, acceptedEuropean colonial domination, Ethiopia, thanks to the Yohannes’s and Alula’s of Ethiopia, was the only country which met the colonial fire with Ethiopian fire, and guaranteed its independence!

Oh yes, little Egypt tried against our country, too!  But you would be surprised by whom in Egypt. Oh, no, not by the black and brown brothers and sisters who built the Pyramids.  The ones who dared against our country was the Egyptian elite so conceived, born, reared, molded and baked in the ovens of the colonial inferno.  Remember, that, Egypt has been a playground for every power in history, and as such it has been colonized by the Nubians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Persians, Arabs, Mamelukes, Ottoman Turks, French and British. In fact, Egypt has never won a single war in its history so much so that it is referred to as the brothel for those which colonized and enslaved it! A brothel for the manufacture of the Caucasian-like genetic freaks that have dared against our country in the past and continued to torture us too, to this day!

And there is something about these freaks Ethiopians must know. If you notice these freaks in the public square, they are not only dying from an epidemic in diabetes but also, they are seen always trying their darnedest to pass as non-African whites!  There is something else they do too.  They never show the original black/brown Egyptians who are the owners of the pyramids (and there are in the tens of millions in Egypt), on Egyptian TVs or their history,in the Egyptian museums!  The have also made sure that the Nubian civilization to their south became invisible, never made it to the world stage, and out of tourist destinations!

As mentioned elsewhere, Ethiopia was not subjected to the scissors of the original Berlin Conference.  There were reasons for that.  In addition to what has been stated elsewhere, well known to Europeans at the time, was the fact that Ethiopia has not only beena country of great history and scholarship but also a great country inhabited by a people of faith who would never not only negotiate over even an inch of their country (in fact, some of our heroes did have the feet of our guests washed off so that the sacred soil of ours never left our country!) but also inhabited by a proud people who put a premium on liberty!  And to those who did not know better, or the sickest of Europe, religious fanatics or the genetic freaks, not only we know what we did to them, but they also know it, too! Since then, at least the Italians and the Turks remember the lessons and have moved on into a new and constructive chapter.  But the genetic freaks have not learned anything. No surprise there, for they are not only designed as human robots and programmed with colonial genes but also, condemned to mindless servitude as human time bombs to bring about infinite obituaries, in perpetuity!


Incidentally, let’s remember too, that Egypt now is an Israeli colony! Let us not forget too, what the Israelis did to it.  Although armed to the teeth and many hands equally armed to the nose on its side, in the 1967 war with the Israeli, that mouse which roared was cut to size and obliterated in a matter of hours!  It roared again in 1973, but its armed forces were vaporized in just about a week.  Ever since, there is no such a thing called real independent Egypt. It has negotiated its public façade at a great cost and shame, but its private reality is quiet something else! It was not by coincidence that it sold out the Palestinians, and serves as a hired killer to destroy, be it the Syrians, Iraqis, Libyans, or the great Yemenis but by design! 

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Speaking of the Yemenis, Egypt once not only threatened the Yemenis but also sent thousands of troops to “teach” the Yemenis the lesson of their life. But like everything Egypt, the lesson went the other way around!  But as robotic losers, that elite has no conscious and as programmed souls without soul, they have gone back to Yemen for more lessons now. But despite the advanced lessons courtesy of the Yemenis, the loosing champions, along with the other fountain of evil in the neighborhood, are still in there dying by the tens of thousands! Why don’t they leave? They cannot, for Egypt is run by the programmed losers condemned to serve as hired killers for several billions a year! And there is no doubt that some of that billion has financed the Diaspora “Berlin Conference” designed for the “Scramble for Ethiopiain the past, and continues to do so from our country’s capital now!”

As mentioned elsewhere, Africans have been complicit not only in their own slavery, exploitation, and humiliation in the past but worst; they have become best emulators of that system of inhumanity.  As a result, Africans are, in fact, still colonized.  Not by the former colonial powers, mind you, but by the mindless rouge “leaders” all over the continent!

Just look at what is happening in the continent! Except for South Africa (even South Africa is decomposing into the abyss nowadays), see if you can pick any country that has a leader who truly governs with the consent of the people!   You will never find one!  African is in fact ruled by rogue leaders not only with contempt for the citizens but mindless thugs who kill their own people dead by the millions!  No needs to give examples, for all countries are run by thugs with incredible appetite for wealth, power and for extinguishing human lives! In fact, because of the unbelievable thuggery and barbarity of the African leaders, Africa is now being called a continent of “Shitholes!” 

But it is not just robbery, civil wars and genocides.  There are those modern-day shithole “Berlin Conferences”organizers, too. Elsewhere in the continent, it is the raw materials auctioned at the table by war lords but in Ethiopia, it is the country itself on the auction block! Yes, the country which proved impregnable in the 19th century, is now undergoing, if not already a done deal, a 21-century version of the “Berlin Conference” with the scramble for Ethiopia in mind! Until about two years ago, it was held in Cairo, Asmara, and elsewhere wherever the treasonous and diseased Diaspora currently causing havoc in Ethiopia, lived.  But now, you guessed it, not only Ethiopia’s Berlin Conference but also the Scramble for Ethiopia, is being held not at Wichale, but at the Menelik Palace recently remodeled for the event at great cost, and complete not with the official portrait of Etege Taitu (if she could see history repeating itself, she would, once again, shed red tears!) but with Menelik’s official portrait overseeing everything! But not just at the Palace but also at the “Shithole” parliament and at every institution’s head office historically built for the defense of the Motherland!

Let us not kid ourselves!  In a short two years, Ethiopia has fractured into fragments!  So much has been auctioned and destroyed in the past two years, that each Ethiopian must know that time is running out before all is irretrievably lost and that mother of humanity has given way to oblivion!  We must stop, think, open our eyes and save our country! There is, not only an incompetent, lawless (has willfully violated the Constitution) and rogue government but one bank-rolled by our historic enemies the likes of  Egypt and Saudi Arabia! We are losing sovereignty over the Nile, and the GERD is on death row! We have become Isayas’s playground! Over three million of our people have become homeless, many tens of thousands killed!  Others ethnic cleansed, mass executions and imprisonment in Oromia and in the Quimat regions, Somali Kilil and elsewhere in the south and west! Government sanctioned deliberate inter-ethnic violence is rising, people are disappearing including University students! The economy has collapsed and unemployment going through the roof! Our security apparatus has been compromised, and our defense forces reduced into roles of police command posts!  Fellow Africans have become ashamed of us!  We are heading to the “misery Index”of the world status if we are not in the middle of it already! You must know that the entire top echelon of the Ethiopian government including everyone in the so called “Prosperity Party” is in the pay roll of our worst enemies in the Middle East! What are we waiting for? Insist on elections on time!

Currently, the conference for the final “Scramble for Ethiopia,”is underway in Addis Ababa. And in the audience and cheerleading this “shithole conference” are, invited guests who have sold their country for Arab petrodollar and include the entire membership of Prosperity Party, Parliament, Amhara Democratic Party (ADP), National Movement of Amhara (NAMA), Ginbot 7, MahibereKidusan, Oromo Democratic Party (ODP), and all Ethiopian ambassadors bought to defend the auction of their country to the historic enemies of Ethiopia!  But sitting at the table positioned at the center of the conference hall, are Italy, represented by Isayas Afeworki, and representing Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and every other mortal enemy of Ethiopia including Al-Shabaab, were Prime Minister Abiye, Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonen, Foreign Affairs Minister, Gedu Andargachew, President Sahle-Work Zewde, Ginbot 7’s Birhnu Nega, General Adem Mohammed, and the Honorable guest “Professor” Mesfin Woldemariam known as the epitope of evil and a poster child for life long failure.

You may wonder about entertainment for the conference.  No worry, on standby are such flame throwers as Teddy Afro, Fukera by the likes of Colonel Demeke Zewdu and various veteran Derg “Tigre Gueday” Mafiosos, and Eskista by the world-famous Ethnic Cleansers, specially flown in for the occasion from Gondar.  The religious gigolos are in there too, for the conference was ordained opened by luminaries such as the master of ceremony, Mahibere Kudisan’s best and star extraordinaire, Deacon Daniel Kibret (or is it Daniel Wirdet?), and blessed Amen with Seyfihin Ansa’s“Professor”Mesfin Woldemariam!

You may wonder too about how the conference is unfurling. The first to speak for colonial interests was Isayas, and what he wanted to know was what had been accomplished thus far.  That was when Prime Minister Abiye called on Birtukan Mideksa (Ringleader of the National Election Board of Ethiopia) to read the minutes from the previous secret meetings.  Her list included many of the Prime Minister’smajor accomplishments during his tenure/reign thus far and included:


v  Spying for Isayas, Ginbot 7 and by extension for Egypt and its likes in the Arab world for the last 15 years;

v  Opened-up Ethiopia to not only to Isayas’s secret services but also to that of Egypt’s, too;

v  Ethiopian secret services totally compromised;

v  Ethiopian Defense Force built with the power and expertise to teach Egypt a lesson, reduced into a police force against its own citizens;

v  Paid official visit to Egypt, and swore over our sovereignty gone with “welah le-azib” on Jun 10, 2018;

v  Travelled to Washington and declared mosques in Axum;

v  Met with lecturers and assured them GERD was a political ploy, needed some ten years before it saw a light of day and may be never, on 3rd week of July 2018);

v  Engineer Shimengnew Bekele, gun down on a broad day light but with the CCTV turned off on July 26,2018;

v  Built Republican Guard to kill Ethiopians and ensure foreign interests;

v  Put Ethiopian public property on the chopping block;

v  Purchased in full Parliament, Amhara Democratic Party (ADP), National Movement of Amhara (NAMA), Ginbot 7, Mahibere Kidusan, Oromo Democratic Party (ODP), Amhara TV, and representatives of social media, ESAT, 360, Ze-Habesha and many Social Media personalities;

v  Abandoned IGAD, AU, Africa and headed for the UAE, World bank and the Treasury

v  On the Tigray front:  Called Tegaru “yekegn jibotch,”; created Border commission to set inter-ethnic fires, trained paramilitary and sent commandos to Mekelle, blockaded roads leading to Tigray, imprisoned Tegaru, intimidated Tegaru business men; eliminated General SeArre and General Gezai and promoted General Adem Mohammed to Etamajorshum, produced ethnic cleansing documentary, Blocked Chinese Development officials from travelling to Tigray and stopped Federalist members from going to a meeting in Mekelle, Currency manipulation to hurt Tegaru, too many to count;

v  Outlaw Eritrean refugees;

v  Declared Extrajudicial killings and imprisonment in Quimat, Oromia, Amhara Kilil, and Somali state, Beni Shangul Gomuz, Debub hizbotch etc.

v  Received a Nobel Prize and gave speech at the Nobel ceremony in English written in Amharigna;

v  Violated the Constitution and postponed election;

v  Over three million made homeless and blood everywhere, and not even safety in Addis Ababa;

v  Ethiopian economic collapse;

v  Imposed command post administration everywhere except Tigray;

v  Saber rattling and disinformation campaign against Tigray.

She was not finished reading the meeting minute, when President Isayas yelled “I have had it!” The audience agreed with him too, and that it did so, was obvious from the thunderous applause, whistles and cheers!  He was seen visibly angry toward the PM Abiye! And without mincing words, he let the Prime Minister know that he not only wanted the Obelisk in Axum returned to Rome but he was outwardly angry that the PM had not erased TPLF from the history books, Tegaru in Tigray sent to Sefera, Eritrean refugees hunted down and sold for body parts but also he was really beyond himself demanding to know why the border was so leaky that Eritreans are joining their brethren in Tigray by  the tens of thousands! And then after some pause, he asked the PM why he called him a rabid mad dog at one the EPRDF meetings?

Next on the agenda was, the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).  And for the latter, Isayas did not ask the Prime Minister but asked Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonen, Foreign Affairs Minister, Gedu Andargachew, President Sahle-Work Zewde, and Sileshi Bekele, Minister of Water, Irrigation, and Energy. With a trembling voice, Geduwith his face hiding behind his glasses, to the delight of the Prime Minister, told Isayas that the “Ethiopian delegation has been successful in making effective discourse and the meeting realized a breakthrough! "  That was when Isayas even got more ballistic, calling Gedu as the “Desgraciado! Vaffanculo! Kaffir! You no good raw meat eating Yekegn Jibcarnivore, you jumbo-mumbo brute Neftegna,wedel Keleb son of bitch,” and demanded to know what the heck “...effective discourse and the meeting realized a breakthrough…” jumbo-mumbo meant? And to the delight of Isayas Afeworki, the audience, once again, roared with a deafening hysteria, chanting “death to Ethiopia!” And that was when, as the Prime Minister froze like a deer in the headlights, the Deputy Prime Minister, Demeke Mekonen, stepped in and tried to assure Isayas with “tedemirenal!” But Isayas shut the hell out of him with “Mamma mia! Cera la bocca! You spineless, no good, life-long Ashker!” And, once again, turned to the PM for answers.

That was when the Prime Minster, with the sweat washing off not only his hair coloring but also his make-up, tried to say something but gripped with fear, he was so incoherent that Isayas wondered out loud if the PM had a Master and PhD degrees, and if he, in fact, wrote the books he claimed to have written?  But when Isayas puffed up even more like a neck frill with rage, Prime Minister Abiye, with shivering and quivering voice, said he wanted to start with the easier and what he called “good news!”  And when Isayas commanded him to go on, the Prime minister made it plain that he had made sure that the Ethiopian Defense Forces have been decimated as to never again will be in“a position to defend Ethiopia and should Egypt attack the GERD, he had made sure the Ethiopian Air Force is without the pilots and fighter jets to go after the Aswan Dam, and no ‘Mutual Assured Destruction’ possibility!”

But, although the Prime Minster expected a pat in the back, Isayas was in fact fuming with rage and instead of a pat on the back, what the PM got was the mother of all questions “are you really an Oromo?” He added too, why the PM had taken too long to have the GERD washed away before the two of them got washed away too?  That when, once again,the PM undergoing a state of mental decomposition, said that he was doing it in steps, listing the fact that first to go was the Chief Engineer, then the secret agreement which not only abandoned the initial objective of the GERD but relinquished Ethiopian sovereignty over the Nile, and the final blow, he will be returning Ethiopia not only to the “Misery Index of the world” status of the Derg years but also, like Egypt, reduce Ethiopia into an Arab brothel! Still smoldering with a Vesuvius volcano, Isayas shifted gears.

“Where are we with Chifra Weyane?” was in fact how put it.  The PM, still shivering, his teeth chattering and looking absolutely ridiculous, managed to say, “Do you remember what DR. Merera Gudinaoncesaid about Weyane, “wedi afom?”  That no one, not a doctor or even God knows what Weyane is thinking!”And that was not the worst of his tale.  The PM had another bombshell explode on Isayas’s face when he said that he was so sorry but that “the game is not over,” and that in fact “Our game is over!” and put Isayas on notice that there is an existential tsunami not only heading for Addis Ababa and Asmara, but that, the much feared special and invisible commando with code name of “Yekegn Jibotch” was already positioned not only at every window in Addis Ababa at large but at every window of Parliament, defense including those all over the Palace too!  That was when Isayas got up to his feet, and yelled “What?” and demanded to know where the hell he got that information, to which the PM responded “ from the Tigray Defense Forces bulletin of April 2, 2012 posted on our Ethio-Eritrea top secret communication digital network!”Upon hearing the latter, Isayas underwent a psychiatric meltdown and threatened the poor PM not only with unspecified existential consequences but also called him with every slur and epithets in the Italian and Arab dictionaries! But things even got worse for the PM.

Isayas himself now gripped with his own existential outcome looming in the horizon, demanded of the PM, to tell him of what action plans he had to stop Chifra Weyane?  That was when the PM, completely in a state of discombobulation and out of ideas, resorted to “talking in tongues” forgetting that Isayas not only hated the Orthodox and Catholic church establishments but far worst, he hated even more Pentecostalism worse than the Jehovah Witness!

Absolutely stunned by the glossolalia, incoherent jumbo-mumbo, incomprehensible and gibberish psychobabble, babbling out of the PM, Isayas turned to Lemma Meguersa and General Adem Mohammed for translation.They did comply but they had no good news but obituaries when they made it plain, that it is not only Chifra Weyane alone but the Federalist forces backed by the Ethiopian people, and even the former OPDO and ANDM members who never sold out along with patriots in the Ethiopian defense forces, are into too!And then came from everyone in the audience, the screams, tears and wailings knowing of the inevitable that the next “Berlin Conference” for the “Scramble for Ethiopia” will be held at Kartchele and unfortunately for some, possibly, in the Hall of Shame cemetery!

No doubt to save his skin from the Bandas in the conference hall, Daniel Bekele, Abiy’sChief Commissioner of the Ethiopian Human Right Commission, tried to assure the truly Banda Yekegn Jibotchthat they could at least get political asylum in Europe and in North America. But that idea was quickly shot down by President Sahle-Work Zewde, when she made it plain that not only every diplomatic mission accredited to Ethiopia has written the PM off as a liability, the Noble Committee embarrassed to the core but also that Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, know “we” have blood in our hands, and that many families and ethnic groups whose loved ones were liquidated or ethnic cleansed, are gearing up to file law suits for crimes against humanity in European and North American courts! Fearing the worst from the rabid colonial freak and that of the wrath of the audience too, the PM tried, one more time, to peddle therecent saber rattling and fake documentary as last-minute salvation, but Daniel /Kibret better known as deacon Daniel Wirdet, had the last word when he said,“so did Mengistu say, Yetewodrosin Tsiwa enitetalen” but all ended up “Musho!”


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