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The Cost Benefit Analysis of Independence of Tigrai from Ethiopia

The Cost Benefit Analysis of Independence of Tigrai from Ethiopia


Gebre Selema April 27, 2020


I am writing this as a rejoinder to Mr.G.Amare’s article dated 26/04/2020 and to his previous article. I am not a man in the middle like Mr. G.Amare on the issue of independent Tigrai from Ethiopia. I have made up my mind about it already and I believe independent Tigrai is not an option, but a must because it is about survival, continuity, and the existence of the people of Tigrai with dignity and integrity.  It must not be negotiated even due to the fact doing so will mean endangering the existence of Tegarus as a society. I will say something why I am saying all these. I will discuss more on the cause and effect with more boots on it and briefly on the cost benefit of an independent Tigrai.


As a background, since I have known myself until recently, I had identified myself as Ethiopian regardless whatever circumstances I have been through. I never entertained the idea of independent Tigrai apart from thinking uniting Tigrai and Eritrea. I have never also supported TPLF and Shabia in my entire life because I did not like their bloody and costly war and their agenda of dividing Tegarus into Eritrea and Tigrai by following Menelick’s foot step. I know why Menelick divided Tigrai into two.  But I do not know why Woyanes and Shabia decided to recycle the crime of Menelick.  However, despite I have never been TPLF supporter even for one second, I did not escape the persecution as TPLF and Shabia supporter throughout my life and wherever I go. The time I speak Tigrignea, I have been always attacked mercilessly accused of being Woyane.  But again, it is my God given right, my human and democratic right even to support Woyanes. No man or woman under the sun has right to choose for me whom to support. I have the right to decide whom to support.  The brains in Ethiopia works in weirdly way and difficult even to understand. I have been Ethiopianist with all the persecution for no apparent reason except persecution based on bias, prejudice, hate and backwardness.


I have lived now for 27 outside Ethiopia. Living outside has given me more opportunity to learn about Ethiopia and the great Axumite civilisation.  I have to admit I had little knowledge about Ethiopia 20 years ago when I was hard-core Ethiopian.  Reading the whole Axumite and prexumite civilisation which goes to about 6000 years opened my eyes wide open.  I had also little memory of the Ethiopian famine in 1984-5 because I was a kid then.  My family did not have any problem. We never starved or  never had shortage of food.  There was no TV, media. I had no idea what happened across Ethiopia and even across Tigrai and Eritrea. But one British man whom I do not want to mention him here gave me access to vital information about famine supported with pictures of dying people, mothers, and children dying in Tigrai. I was dumb-founded and speechless this happened in my country. He was amazed; I had no idea about it.  To make it worse, it was heart breaking to read all that man made mass famine was hidden from the world by Haileslassie regime. It was only BBC Journalist who exposed it.  I also met a former Italian soldier who was my Fourier Analysis Professor in a University who is still my friend. He knows Tigrai and Eritrea and he knows the streets in Asmara. He also opened for me Pandora box of the crimes done by Menelick selling half Tigrai and Tegarus to Italy.  On top of this I have read Axumite history and civilisation up-to the 3000 years back until ancient Egypt was under Axumite. My reading of Axumite and the saga of Tigrai in Ethiopia is filled with fascination and melancholy.

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I did learn a crime against humanity was done on the people of Tigrai by Amhara rulers. It was systematic man made genocide by systematic starvation. However, I never blame the whole Amhara for that.  Now we have grown up and we have learnt so much about who we are and where we came from and what happened to our people and who did what and what not. So many crimes done our people for no apparent reason except pure savagery. Our people denied their language, culture, custom, history, civilisation, land, farm produces. The people in Tigrai who are born entrepreneurs and who have father to son inherited Axumite civilisation skills were banned even not   to use technology such as metallurgy.  People denied using their skills to make things. They had to do their metallurgy work only during night time. All these and others reduced our people to never seen poverty and destitution and beggary.  Tigreans were officially reduced to beggary status in Ethiopia. They have been denied education, land, healthy care, technology, government, and their local Tigrean institutions. Extreme black apartheid, extreme black colonisation destroyed Tegarus and almost become an endangered species in Ethiopia until 1991.  It was these extreme repression, suppression, discrimination, dehumanisation, marginalisation, segregation, blackmailing, deprivation, systematic man made mass famine induced genocide, and systematic assimilation that has given birth to TPLF.  TPLF, OLF, ONLF, EPRP, DERG, EPLF, and others did not come from vacuum. It is the Amhara apartheid which created them.  TPLF and others were not created by Tigreans.  There is similarity between the Ethiopian Amhara apartheid and the South African white Apartheid.


The South African apartheid was evil. The evil was not the white people. The evil was the cause. The cause of Apartheid was the people who created the apartheid system.  All the whites were not evil. It was the few elite whites who created the evil system and the rest of the majority whites were brainwashed by the system and it was called white Apartheid because all whites operated based on that system.  By analogue the Ethiopian apartheid was Amhara apartheid. The Amahra apartheid was created by few Amahra ruling elites. The Amhara apartheid is the effect and the Amhara elites who created Amhara apartheid like the South African apartheid are the cause of the problem.  What happened in South Africa and in Ethiopia is the same. Except the South African was created and run by whites and the Ethiopian was created and run by Amhara who are blacks.  What they did is the same. South African Apartheid denied all non white South Africans their culture, language, history, land and forced them to use only Apartheid language called Afkaans which is Dutch like language. This language was forced on them by force. The people were denied   education, development and progress and movement. This is what the Amharas exactly did. They imposed their language by force on every Ethiopians and they denied everything people call theirs.  The Amharas robbed people their farm produces from the threshing floor.  This is still the problem we have now. South Africa has exited from Apartheid but Ethiopia remains in apartheid as I speak now.


In South Africa, when ANC took power,  it dismantled the Apartheid institutions including the apartheid language was removed once and for all.  Since then South Africans are free and they use their language. Now South Africa has nine of official languages. But in Ethiopia, TPLF betrayed itself and did not touch the apartheid system and the apartheid language. Right now Apartheid is back in Ethiopia.


What do we get from Apartheid Ethiopia?  It is a permanent hostage of darkness. You live in apartheid Ethiopia; you will be denied again your dignity, humanity, integrity, culture, history, civilisation, education, technology and language.  You can see this coming back from what they have done since 2018-2020. The fake rally done on June 16, 2018 and the assassination of Eng. S.Bekele were designed to do genocide on Tigreeans. The documentary of accusing Tigreans of nail and hair pulling was designed to do genocide on Tigreans.  The open season persecution, killing, stoning, expulsion of Tigreans to Sudan and the killing of Tigreans General Saere and Gezaee by ridding them with 15 bullets, the blocking of roads for almost three years, the burning of Tigrean garages, business, hotels is the whole  mark of coming of red terrorism and Amhara apartheid and barring  diplomats from going to Tigrai. This is the objective reality on the ground. The Amahra apartheid agents are telling us TPFL is genesis of all the problems. The fact and the objective reality are different.


First and foremost, TPLF is created by Amhara apartheid. TPLF is not the cause of any problem in Ethiopia because TPLF is a product of the Amhara apartheid system.  Actually TPLF is a  victim of Amhara apartheid not only once but twice. The teenagers went to the bushes because they were victims of Amhara apartheid. That is what created TPLF.  And when TPLF took over power, it did not dismantle the Amhara apartheid. But it did clean 700 years dirty mess. Ethiopia had only one university with no dormitory and had only one hospital with no single electron microscope. There was no road, no telecom, no education, no Technology, no healthy care, no modern farming.  Ethiopia was dirty poor and starving to death which the whole world knows.  TPLF is not an angel, but it did more than its share.


TPLF did a Hercules job in lifting Ethiopia from 0 GDP to $ 80 billion GDP.  TPLF built about 45 universities, about 300 hospitals, connected Ethiopia by roads, railways, airlines and telecom. TPLF provided primary health care across Ethiopia, universal coverage more than USA primary healthy care.  I can not list everything. Rome was not built in 27 years.  This was done in 27 years and this was done by working in an apartheid background where people like Abiy and Demeke were collecting free salary and collaborating with Arabs and Americans against their own country and people.  Now instead of building more upon what is being built. The Amhara apartheid is back destroying everything to take us back to live in darkness. If there is problem, you have to fix problem. You do not create many more problems.


This is more than enough background for any Tigreans to say enough is enough and no more Ethiopia.


If we examine the cost versus benefit of getting an independent Tigrai, I personally do not see any cost except benefit and a bright future. There is nothing to lose by getting independent Tigrai from Ethiopia. There is much to gain.  Being free is something worthy than anything. Freedom is much worthy than gold and silver. You can give me a house of full of gold and silver without freedom. I will not take it.  But Ethiopia does not give to Tegarus gold and silver or milk and honey. Ethiopia gives to Tegarus repression, suppression, oppression, subjugation, discrimination, dehumanisation, blackmailing, blasphemy, slandering, segregating, chronic famine, open persecution, deprivation of education, Technology and forced assimilation.


The benefits, Tegarus will be free from Amhara apartheid once and for all. This is a cardinal problem that must be solved. Independent Tigrai is two step forward for Tegarius because they can spend  their time  solving domestic problems than  keeping haggling and fighting to survive in Ethiopia.  If Tigeans are free, they can study, work, invest, develop, progress  freely without a Amhara  auditing their activities and their achievements. The benefit is freedom and human dignity and the rest will be an effect of the freedom.


If there are Tigreans who still wanted to be Ethiopian, then it is understandable because people have been brainwashed and assimilated for 700 years. It is victimhood. They may not understand it  , but they are victims of assimilation. This reminds South African blacks who supported Apartheid. Some blacks accepted apartheid. The Dutch Church in South Africa used to teach blacks that they are condemned by God to be slaves to whites. The church had its version of the Christian Bible that says blacks are descents of Cain who murdered his brother Abel in genesis. They twisted and used that verse to convince blacks that they are cursed by God because of Cain. Some of them they accepted it. The Amhara use Orthodox to assimilate and colonise Tegarus. They distribute Amharic Bible in Tigrai. They send Amharic speaking Bishop to Tigrai. The people do not know Amharic and they have to learn Amharic for the sake the Bishop. In other healthy countries the Bishop has to learn the local language, not the opposite. The Amhara apartheid also paints the church of God with political green, yellow, red flag and mixing religion and politics to assimilate people. I will not be surprised if there will be Tigreans who are against Tigreans freedom. It is because they have internalised the yoke of slavery.  If you live for a long time in abnormal situation, the abnormal situation becomes normal and you get used it. Even the bad things become okay. Ethiopia is okay from inside for example. When you see it from outside, Ethiopia is not okay.  It is a country suffers from chronic illness and a country that can feed itself.  If you are inside, you have no the opportunity to see it. That is why some are making useless noises.


I personally from now on, the urgency must be how fast to help the people who are living in Stone Age in Tigrai.  I do not see the point of wasting time on unimportant issues. The separation of Tigrai is bright not only for Tigrignea speakers but also for the rest of Ethiopia and the whole of Afirca. Reason Tigrai will be a shining star in the darkness and it will shine on others. Tigrai will not lose anything from Ethiopia.  People talk about market, market is now global. If you have product in Africa, you can sell it to people in Japan if you updated yourselves the current level of Technology. Everything is online now. Sitting in North America, I buy many things from China now. Market is now global. If Tigreans work hard and catch up with the world and if they produce products that can be marketed globally, they can sell it on world market. The business with the rest of Ethiopia will be even better than now. Tigreans will able to invest anywhere in Ethiopia after independence with their life and property secured. Reason, their Tigrai government will protect them and when they invest in Amhara country, the government Amhara will sign contract and live with that contract.  Any damage will pay back in kind.  There will never be any more abuse in the name of one Ethiopia. The war, red terror, road blocking, persecution, 24/7 blackmailing will end.


In conclusion, Tigreans must not waste time talking about the non-existing cost of independence. Independence must not be negotiated after now because it is choice between slavery and freedom. I have heard this before that the referendum about Eritrea was freedom vs slavery.  The independence of Tigrai is a choice between slavery vs freedom. The choice given to Eritrean was perfect.  It is the real picture of staying with Ethiopia.  It is slavery and savagery.  Killing one person with 15 bullets because he speaks different language? That must be the last bell of freedom for everyone.  You can not marry two incompatibles because it will not work. We have seen it and it has not worked. Let us try something new.  But independence only will not be the panacea. The Tegarus need to resurrect the Axumite civilisation because if you go in Axum now, you will find the old Technology still struggling to survive. There is no much new Technology in the west. The basic is the same with what you see in Axum even today. The gold and silver plating Technology that you find in Axum even today is what is used now in American high Tech thin film coating. The difference is automation. Time to wake up and move forward and restore our culture, our history, our language, and our customs and our civilisation and we have to remove the diseases called nepotism and corruption. The future is bright if we only grab the opportunity today.  If we need other Ethiopians, they will be there and will not go anywhere. But living together in darkness, fighting and killing for no purpose is vanity or fruitless and pointless. 



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