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Assa Yohannes  04-18-20


1.      “When something bad happens, you have three choices. You can either let it define you, let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you.” — Dr. Seuss 

2.      “I kill my enemy by making him/her my best friend!” (lotto Ado-Ummar My grandmother through my father).

3.      "ፍቕሪ እንተደሊኻን ገዳዲፍካ፡ጽልኢ እንተደሊኻን ገፋጊፍካ!"


I have never been a member of any political party or group in my life. Neither do I plan to join one after this. However, I like to follow up or watch politics, political leaders, and politics-loaded posts and articles.

In the past few years, sitting idly giving deaf ears and blind eyes to the situation in Ethiopia has not been an option for us Ethiopians. Undeniably, the degree of strain and stress of these years has been critical for us Tegaru. Even though the degree of strength of the stress was more or less the same for every Tigraway but of different sort.  Definitely, those years have been much more stressful for TPLF and its extended members and supporters.

As a Tigrayaway, it reasonable to share those concerns and stress with equal degree. Thus, I have been involved in some way or another. Hence, reading some posts and articles on and has become my routine for those stressful years. I have sometimes tried to participate by posting my opinions under an alias name. There were times when my articles were being rejected if they contain even implied criticism to TPLF claiming hate politics.

Lately, some of the web socialization sites of Tegaru have become storages of vulgar words and terms which are mostly referred to as “street language”. Consequently, I have reduced my contribution because, these posts are allowed while they are extremely offensive to everybody and explicitly reveal hate politics. These types of posts and comments have been on the run for almost five years now and, as we can see, they are not getting any better. In any regard though, I want to pose some questions to all Tegaru and especially, to those Tegaru who write those cheap languages and those Tegaru who allow these cheap posts on their web socialization site. Is that really how we want to manifest ourselves to Tegaru, Ethiopians and the world? Is that really how we want to show other Ethiopians and the world how free, civilized and advanced we are? Is that really how we define Tegaru, Tigray and its history and civilization which the whole world admires? Personally, some posts which I read on some of our Tegaru mass socialization webs more explicitly and literally exemplify more backwardness than civility.

I want to change my gear to more professional and prideful articles. I do not usually read all the articles posted on and but I read those which interest me. For example, I read “ህወሓት፡- “አዎ! የቤተሰብ ስብስብ ነው” by ሓዱሽንጉሰ (አግረሲቭ); “Appeal to Counter Separation of Tigray” by Girmay T. Giorgis  and  “In Response to Girmay T. Giorgis’s Article, Entitled, ‘Appeal to Counter Separation of Tigray’” by G. Amare.

The reason why I was interested in the article of ሓዱሽ ንጉሰ (አግረሲቭ) so much was because I found the topic “አዎ! የቤተሰብ ስብስብ ነው” very interesting which indeed it is. As I personally think, even though the title አዎ! የቤተሰብ ስብስብ ነው” sounds interesting and seemingly sarcastic, and it in fact is. Ato Haddush’s article of አዎ! የቤተሰብ ስብስብ ነው” is very fascinating.It tries to list the dead and the living members of TPLF starting from the beginningof the years of struggle. However, I was less than convinced that Ato Haddush’s article has explained about all martyrs of Tigray in an equally detailed manner. I found it quite systematically biased indicating that TPLF is truly a family assembly. Personally, I thought Ato Haddush was so blatant; if not naïve at this time. The message of the article is, as I personally believe, so confusing and specially, not very helpfulat this time.

I read Ato Grimay T. Giorgis’s “Appeal to Counter Separation of Tigray”Iit was fascinating too. I might have my own stand about Ato Grimay T. Giorgis and his “Appeal to Counter Separation of Tigray” but I stand by him at this time. My standing by Ato Girmay T. Giorgis at this time is not in a sense to support his “Appeal to Counter Separation of Tigray” because I never dream that subject of separation Tigray is such an emergency at this critical time.But I believe that Ato Girmay T. Giorgis and I share the same concern and pain. In other words, Ato Girmay T. Giorgis might be alluding some concerns and pain but he seems to be unwilling to disclosed as explicitly as necessary. Neither has Ato Girmay T. Giorgis expressed those concerns, doubts and distrust as emphatically as required.

In his “In Response to Girmay T. Giorgis’s Article, Entitled, ‘Appeal to Counter Separation of Tigray’”, Ato G. Amare is much more inclined towards emphasizing the separation of Tigray from Ethiopia. Ato G. Amare tries to discredit Ato Girmay’s “Appeal to Counter Separation of Tigray”claiming that his arguments fail to be convincing enough. Ato G. Amare forwards some ongoing psychological and physical threats which Tigray and Tegaru have been facing for the last few years. I am aware of that, I agree, and I do really believe that every Tigraway is aware of that, and agrees too. Likewise, I do never doubt that Ato Girmay T. Girogis too would be aware of thatvery well.

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Another point of Ato G. Amare that interests me very much is the concept of the poverty of Tigray. I remember Mengistu Hailemariam saying on Miazia 13, 1983 E.C (April 21, 1991), “Tigray is a region which cannot afford for its yearly school chalk and Ethiopia will be better off if Tigray is gone.” I never forget that! However, I could have never ever been any prouder to see how Tegaru have pridefully shown the significance to the bloody Mengistu and his Military Junta.It was such a relief. Tegaru have driven out bloody Mengistu and his Military Junta for ever and have re-opened Ethiopia’s doors to the other world. Yes, as Ato G. Amare has indicated, it is unfortunate that Tigaray is a symbol of poverty for the leaders of Ethiopia. Nevertheless, it is even much more unfortunate that their Ethiopia is also the symbol of poverty for the world. Logically therefore, Tigray is poor because it is fed by a poor mother, and I think that is a relevant and logical conclusion, as it is said, “No student is better than his teacher!”

Amazingly enough, only those who know Tigray well understand how important and great Tigray is. They know that how rich or how poor Tigray isvery well. Those who do not know Tigray could know at least Tegaru and those who do not want to know Tigray and Tegaru, they should know history which tells them that they will know Tigray and Tegaru grudgingly.Yes, that is the reason why those who do not know Tigray and what Tigray has done for them have blocked all the roads to Mekelle for more than two years. They thought that survival of Tigray will be short without the roads that run from southern or western Ethiopia to Mekelle or Shire.

It is said, “you reap what you sow!”, the sowers have it all back unto them exactly as they have calculated it for Tigray. We also say in Irob, "ኡምነ እንኪር ከድመ ዐርከለ፡ኣበዋና ህጋሕታርከ"! (ኢሮብ)፡፤ክፋእ ጽብቕቲ ሓንቲ ነገር ኣላታ፡ናብ ዋናኣ ምምላሳ! (ትግራይ)።ክፋት አንድ ደግ ነገር አለው፡ወደ ባልቤቱ መመለሱ (አማርኛ)(Evil has one thing good! It goes back to its initiator”). It is again so prideful of Tigraru to show that it is not Tigray which fails to exist without Ethiopia but it is Ethiopia which cannot exist or survive without Tigray. Tegaru have shown that their Tigray is the safest ever region in the whole of Ethiopia and that is the fact we Tegaru can say loudly sticking out our chests! No shame at all!

On the other hand, if we are to be honest and truthful to ourselves, there is a leeside of the mountain. In fact,no region in Ethiopia has been affected by corrupted governance of EPRDF as severely as Tigray.It is said in Amharic, ‘ጩኸት ለቁራ መብል ላሞራ"(አማርኛ)።ዋዕዋዕን ኳኽ ብልዒ ንኣሞራ (ትግራይ)።ደሮ  (ደዖ) ካኮይታህ በቶጉ ማይቶህ (ኢሮብ)(Crying is for crow and meal, for an eagle or a vulture).Consequently, it was Tegru who paid most and got the least, if any at all. Moreover, it is Tegru who have gone through the real hardships. We all know that Tegaru have been victims of verbal, psychological and physical abuses and aggressions in Tigray, and targets of aggression in the name of “Woyane” elsewhere in Ethiopia. I am one of those victims of aggression in the name of “Woyane”.

I could write thousands of pages about, for example, what Irob has been and still is through under EPRDF. Irob is one of those minority groups which have been brought to the brink of death under TPLF. Irobs were the first martyrs during the Red Terror of Derg. Dr. Tesfay Debessay was shot in his hand by Derg and threw himself down from the seventh floor of a building in Addis Ababa. He never gave up his hands to the Derg. Negusse Awala was pushed off a brink of a canyon (cliff) in a running car in Amhara region. These were among the first Tegaru martyrs but it had been a political sin to raise even the names of those martyrs.

Irobs were the first to give their lives during the hubris war undercover of border with Eritrea for nothing but to see their land being rewarded to Eritrea with their fellow Irobs.  Irobs have lost their culture, tradition and the future hope of continuation as Irob. It was only in Irob where International Law and Geneva Convention was violated. Thus,looking at all what Irobs have been through since the Ethiopian New Year of 1971 E. C and,not getting better if not worse for them under TPLF, it is impossible to detect a glimmer or gleam of hope to foresee or predict that  it will be better for Irobs when Tigray stands by itself as a nation. I believe that there will be others who have been through the same or similar situations and I am sure they will have similar attitudes. However, it is their choice to have their say or remain numb.

To get back to the “Appeal to Counter Separation of Tigray” of Ato Girmay T. Giorgis, I stand by Ato Girmay T. Giorgis not blindly but for my own sound reason. When I read between the lines of “Appeal to Counter Separation of Tigray”of Ato Girmay T. Giorgis, I either wrongly or correctly smell the scent of these concerns, distrust and doubts. I believe that these we will not be the only Tegaru who have the aroma of that same scent. I am not saying that there should or should not be separation. I am rather saying that I share those doubts,concerns and distrust of Ato Girmay T. Giorgis that a free nation of Tigray as it is now and as it has been for years will bring about a relief for Irob; rather, as I believe, it will realize the end of Irobs as it has already been strategized.

Ato G. Amare argues reasonably by bringing forth what is currently “on the ground” as an evidence. Even so, Ato G. Amare’s points of argument seem to be excellent for those who have had TPLF on their side all the time. He goes further and points out that the argument of Ato Girmay T. Giorgis was not convincing. However, as I pointed out above, the argument of Ato G. Amare is more convincing to those who have had TPLF by their side every minute than for those who have been through terrible hardships under TPLF like, for example, Irobs. Hence, arguments of Ato Grimay T. Giorgis are much more convincing to me than Ato G. Amare’s.

As I have already stated earlier, Ato G. Amare’s argument does not seem to have taken some key points into account. These points are mainly around the trustworthiness of TPLF even as it has been and still is as ህወሓት፡- “አዎ! የቤተሰብ ስብስብ ነው”.

A very significant point Ato G. Amare’s article does not take into account is the history of TPLF itself right from the beginning. We do not need to dig very dip down because it could be a waste of time. Moreover, it can be as we say in Irob, "ሓብታ ማይዳ ማፋክን ዱደለክ!" (ኢሮብ) "ግደፍ ንሱ (ነዙ) እምኒ አይትክፈቶ ፃፀ ኣሎዎ" (ትግራይ)፡፡ "ተው ያድንጋይ አትክፈተው ጉንዳን አለው" (አማርኛ). It is also said in English, “A can-full of worms”. We can look at the current situation of some beginners of TPLF in 1967 E.C (1974 G. C) and the very first heads of the Regional Government of Tigray. Personally, all what I can learn from the words of those individuals is not love of Tigray and proud Tegaru but thirst for power, rage, retaliation and revenge.  Some of them have gone as far as betraying Tigray in hope of retaliation. They do never seem to be mindful at all about their contribution to see Tigray and Tegaru as they are today. The problem is not that this has happened in TPLF once or twice. It has been an ongoing friction. 

Let’s see some examples in the form of questions. What happened among Tegaru fighters and fronts around 1968 and 1969 E. C. (1976 and 1978 G. C)?  How many times has TPLF been in internal trouble as TPLF? How have the members of TPLF been dismissed from TPLF? Why are some of those former TPLF members chose to betray Tigray and Tegaru AT THIS TIME while others are showing their emotional support? What happened to ardent and strong TPLF members and Tegaru when “KINIJIT” won the election in some parts of Ethiopia? What happened in 2003 E. C (2010) when the heroes of TPLF were forced to walk out and leave?What happened to, not only TPLF, but also EPRDF after that?What happened to, not only Tigray, but alsoto Ethiopia? And why? Who are ARENA and its founders? Who are BAITONA and its founders? Who destroyed EPRDF? What happened after the renowned leader Ato Melles Zenawi has passed away? Where was TPLF after the death of Ato Melles Zenawi and why did it turn so weak to the stage of dying? Who are those Tegaru who are standing by the unconstitutional self-nominated government of the “Prosperity Party” and why are they choosing that position? We can go on and on!  

I hope we all remember the words of an anti-TPLF/EPRDF individual in 2003 E. C (2010). "ትግሬ ከተጣላ አይመለስምና አሁን ነው ጊዜው!" (If Tegaru fall out or start quarrelling, they never get back (reconcile) and this is the time.)And, this is being realized if not almost realized. If we look back and assess the history of TPLF, its members kept fighting even while ህወሓት፡- “አዎ! የቤተሰብ ስብስብ ነው”. And the result is all here and it has called upon all those curses, cast outsands condemnations over Tegaru and Tigray.

If we get back to our minds and be honest to ourselves, it was the end of TPLF and Tigray if Dr. Abiy could have been a little wiser. Fortunately, Dr. Abiy lacked prudence and wisdom and his naivety gave a chance to TPLF to re-gain its leverage as TPLF and again, not without a fight over power, money and wealth which Ato Melles has called “little sugars”. However, all those shortcomings and quarrels of TPLF have faded by the prompt manifesto of support and unity which Tegaru have shown lastly and made them look inexistent.

TPLF had destroyed itself and disbanded its members for power, money and greediness. Consequently, since it is as we say, “If the head is sick, the whole body is sick.”, when TPLF, the head, got sick, the body too got sick. That is what has happened to EPRDF. Its founder has destroyed itself first and the fall of EPRDF has been a default consequence. Dr. Abiy has been clever enough for now and completed, certified and sealed it all. As it is said that history repeats itself, the history of TPLF thus far predicts that TPLF will continue to behave as TPLF. The current TPLF preaches that it has learnt from its terrible mistakes of the past. However, nothing like that has yet been predictable from current TPLF so far. It is a typical human character to forget about everything outside their campus once power and money is secured. We even forget that we are going to die! Who knows what comes in the aftermath of the separation of Tigray?

Again, Ato G. Amare states that Ato Girmay T. Giorgis has failed to present any suggestions that could be possible solutions.  However, I think that Ato G. Amare’s article is missing much more significant issues than Ato Girmay’s. I want to point out those points.

We have seen that it has been historically true for TPLF, even as ህወሓት፡- “አዎ! የቤተሰብ ስብስብ ነው”, has continued to quarrel over power, benefits, money, and dismember its body. This story has been there when TPLF has an upper hand in EPRDF, with power over the whole of Ethiopia and with its renowned leader Ato Melles.If anyone denies these facts, then, it is impossible for such a reader to get the points of this article.  It is a waste of time.

As a matter fact, if TPLF has been quarrelling over “little sugars” even as ህወሓት፡- “አዎ! የቤተሰብ ስብስብ ነው”, what is then the guarantee that TPLF will behave better when the power is much, much narrower? TPLF has been quarrelling over “little sugars” when Tigray as a whole was forgotten; and especially some parts of Tigray were severely damaged, if not destroyed, under its Governance.  What is the guarantee that those damaged areas are going to recover from their wounds when Tigray stands by itself under TPLF as it is now? As I said earlier, it is not the first time for TPLF to announce, the so-called, "ያንጉሊ ኑዛዘ" (ኢሮብ) "ኑዛዜ ዝብኢ" (ትግራይ)።የጅብ ኑዛዜ" (ኣማርኛ) (Hyena’s penance or contrition). This has been there since TPLF has been on earth. What is alarming is not making mistakes but making that hyena’s contrition and repeating exactly the same mistakes in a manner worse than earlier every time. Then, where is the guarantee that TPLF’s contrition and penance will be better this time when Tigray stands as nation, when it has a much, much smaller power and manageable Tigray?

So far, we have practically seen that TPLF has succeeded, not only in winning its rivals and enemies, but also in destroying them completely. There is no doubt about that. However, TPLF has made so many big, big mistakes that are very difficult to re-fix, if even possible re-fix them at all. Let’s see some of them.

One of TPLF’s biggest mistakes accumulated over years is standing against any Tegaru and destroying them. This has been there since 1967 E.C (1974 G. C).The other biggest mistake of TPLF is disbanding or decimating the party which was like dismembering a body. The third biggest mistake of TPLF is using the government power and public office to harass, intimidate and to be psychologically and physically abusive to Tegaru. The fourth biggest mistake of TPLF is being absolutely blind, deaf and numb about the concept of “inclusiveness” which still is there. Neither does it seem that TPLF will stop being,ህወሓት፡- “አዎ! የቤተሰብ ስብስብ ነው”. For example, the famous “"ግምገማ" (evaluation) has been a typical instrument of TPLF to remove its likely unfavorites from their offices and replace them by it cadres and extended supporters. The fifth big mistake of TPLF is that its members and leaders have forgotten Tigray, the mother of the martyrs who let TPLF stand firm in the position it has been for years. Sadly enough though, the “ziban suwuat”; which should have been a symbol of unity of the body of TPLF and Tegaru, has been used by TPLF to dismember the body of TPLF (2003 E. C).  There are so many more very significant points which make the majority of Tegaru nervous and be concerned about what would probably happen when Tigray becomes a nation by itself under the TPLF we hve seen and known for years.

However, let me limit myself to these points for now and go back to Ato G. Amare’s article. If I have understood Ato G. Amare’s In Response to Girmay T. Giorgis’s Article, Entitled, ‘Appeal to Counter Separation of Tigray’” correctly, I do not find it to be concerned about these and other serious concerns of Tegaru and possible risks of Tigray. I doubt even if Ato G. Amare has any idea about such important issues and concerns of Tegaru. Or else, if Ato G. Amare does not know or does not see them as risks, issues and concerns of Tegaru, or even, he does not want to raise them at all, I really respect that as his personal stand. In that token though, I would be concerned even more. Therefore, I feel I share more with the “Appeal to Counter Separation of Tigray” of Ato Girmay T. Giorgis than Ato G. Amare’s In Response to GirmayT. Giorgis’s Article, Entitled, ‘Appeal to Counter Separation of Tigray’”. I do never doubt either that there will so many other Tegaru who share my concerns. For the years in the past, most people have preferred to follow the following examples.


Here is one example from an Irob gentle man.

"ሓቀኖ ዋራባየከ፡ድራብኖ ዋጋ ሃናምየከ" (ኢሮብ): "ሓቂ ከይንዛረብ ሞት ኮይኑ፤ሓሶት ከይንዛረብ ገሃነም ኮይኑ!" (ትግራይ) "እውነት እንዳንናገር ሞት ሆነ፡ውሸት እንዳንናገር ገሃነም ሆነ" (አማርኛ). (It has been death to tell truth and hell to tell lies).

Here is another example from another Irob gentle man.

"ካፋ ሳብሳባ ልአይም ቲሚሂሪኒ? ኣፋክሃን ጋባ ከኣፋ ድሃን ጋባ"(ኢሮብ) ሎሚ ኣብኣኼባ እንታይ ተማሂርኩም? ኣብኣፍ ዝግበር እድንና ብኣፍ ዝኣቱ እድን (ትግራይ) ዛሬ ስብሰባ ላይ ምንተማራችሁ? በአፍ ላይ የሚደረግ እጅና ወደአፍ የሚገባ እጅ (አማርኛ) (What did you learn at the meeting today? Hand on the mouth and hand in the mouth. That means, eat and shut up!)

I guess I have been critical enough so far. Now, I want to offer next part of this article to the key point I am planning to target. To do so, I go back to the words of the anti-EPRDF/TPLF in 2003 E. C.: "ትግሬ ከተጣላ አይመለስምና አሁን ነው ጊዜው!" (If Tegaru fall out or start quarrelling, they never get back (reconcile) and this is the time”).It is also worth quoting the slogan of Ato Isayas and Shaebiya during the hubris war under cover of border."ወያነን ለማጥፋት፡ኦሮሞን ለሥልጣን ለማብቃት፡አማራን ነፃ ለማውጣት" (to destroy Woyane (TPLF); to bring Oromo to power and to liberate Amahara)”. After seeing the situation of TPLF in the past few years and now, and how systematically Dr. Abiy Ahmed Ali has come to power, I can see everything fulfilled as predicted by and stated in the words of Anti-TPLFs above.  Personally, I really admire the messages, instructions and warnings which the words of both anti-TPLFshave conveyed to us.  An enemy cannot be any clearer than this. TPLF and Tegaru could not get any better instructions and warnings than this. It is unfortunate though that TPLF and we all Tegaru have missed it all. It looks that TPLF has been inexistent for all those years. These are some of the points which make Tegaru be hesitant and concerned.

On the other hand, even though a little late, Tegarus have shown their ardor, fervor, devotion and zeal as usual. We Tegaru have trashed OUR internal dirt and problems as if they were not there and united; and stood firm by each other with what we have and as we are. Thus, let’s forget about those dirt, issues and concerns for now. Let every Tigraway contribute his/her part. Let’s unite as Tegaru to defend our Tigray and make that a duty, responsibility and urgent appeal of each and every Tigraway. Let’s keep OUR dirt, concerns and issues in mind for now for we can look for their resolutions prudently and professionally when the emergent danger hoovering over Tegaru and Tigray disappears as a fog as usual.

We will resolve them as Tegru taking the same kinds of chairs and walking in each other’s shoes; not one as a head or leader or a boss or commander or dictator and others as you-like-or-not followers, or with those types of ideas like "ፎቲንኺዶ ንጉሥ ትምርቓ?"(Do you bless the king willingly?”). Otherwise, if we keep fighting on words, that might be like what we say in Irob, "ሓብታ ማይዳዪ ማፋክን ዱደለክ!" (ኢሮብ) "ግደፍ ንሱ (ነዙ) እምኒ አይትክፈቶ ፃፀ ኣሎዎ" (ትግራይ)፡፡ "ተው ያድንጋይ አትክፈተው ጉንዳን አለው" (አማርኛ). Also, the same idea is expressed in English language in a slightly different way: “A can-full of worms”. Those ants or warms are going to be very, very bothering now, and post Emperor Yohannes IV history may repeat or it may result in a more dangerous Tigray. 

I do not know whether every Tigarway sees it in that way. However, I find it very hurting when I see some of the old leaders and members of TPLF standing by those who block roads to Tigray. It is very hurting and heart breaking to listen to some ardent and zealous members of TPLF who have contributed at least equal as other members of TPLF so that TPLF may stand where it is standing now, giving interview as externals. It is very hurting to see some of those who were key actors and members of TPLF and the government of Tigray in their time standing by those who want to destroy Tegray and pointing their fingers at the current Regional Government of Tigray. It is very disappointing to see some of those who were key actors and members of TPLF and the government of Tigray in their time standing by those who want to destroy Tegray and trying to wash their hands as if nothing has happened during their time. It is very disappointing to read, watch and hear how some Tegaru are being marginalized, harassed and insulted as traitors and messengers of Anti-Tegaru. And so on!

Have we ever been benefitted from such divisions, harassments and intimidations of Tegaru by Tegaru in the past? Never! Rather, all these brought about the threat we are facing right now. Thus, my personal advice to every Tigraway is to sweep all the dirt under the mat now. It is not because they are not necessary or they do not need to be addressed and resolved. It is simply because, as I believe, Tegaru are out of options during these external threats for except uniting around what they have, as it is and as they have it to defend Tigray. I believe that we have all seen in our lifetime, in such a short history, how many lives of Tigray have been paid and how much Tigray and Tegaru have been paid back. This is not a secret.

I want to address what I have heard from a British Catholic Monk on the day of Eritrean Referendum in June 1985 E. C (1993 G. C). I heard this monk saying, “Today, Eritrea is doing what it should have done ten or more years from now. This is a big mistake which will make Eritreans regret for ever and curse this day.”  I never forget these words and I see an undeniable truth in them. Likewise, there is a very long, tedious, tiresome and extremely painful road which we still need to build up before we even think of the Separation of Tigray. As the monk has stated, it might otherwise be a day when we vote for a disaster of Tigray and our TPLF. We might get what we are wishing and calling for. However, as I think, it may not be as easy as we think. Unlike the past, whether we go for a complete secession or full autonomy, all Tegaru have to be granted unbiased shares and chances to contribute to build up and establish that road. There are so many internal issues, concerns, doubts and distrust that TPLF has kept under the rag for years, if it has not completely trashed them.

As we can see, the current TPLF and its extended members and supporters are doing exactly the samething which they have used to do.They have used this campaign of harassment, intimidation, blackmailing, name-sticking and charcoal-painting against their rivals and opponents and they are doing it again now against Tegaru and old members of TPLF exactly in the same way.The recent video post about the Tigraway representative of the Prosperity Party can be a typical example of the kind. However, we know well that this system has not worked; rather, it has pushed TPLF to the brink and Tegaru have arrived for its salvation. We have to remember that TPLF started as a group of seven men or so. It smashed one of the largest military junta in the world and became the government of Ethiopia.  Shouldn’t we imagine that the same thing can happen? As I think, TPLF and its extended members and supporters should stop their old and failed method of harassment, intimidation and blackmailing of Tegaru regardless of their stands. Rather, they have to try to make their opponents friends and convince them that they build up Tigray together as Tegaru. All Tegaru must be considered valuable. We are too few to lose any!

Finally, I want to invite every Tigraway for the following:

1.      “I kill my enemy by making him/her my best friend!”(my grandmother through my father). Let’s kill ourTegaru opponents/enemies by making themfriends!       

2.      I found this quotation on the internet as used by Amazon (AMZN) CEO and billionaire Jeff Bezos. It is a quotation from Dr. Seuss, a German American. I really liked it. I also think it is perfect for this time.Let’s find out which one of the following we have chose.

“When something bad happens, you have three choices. You can either let it define you, let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you.” — Dr. Seuss 




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